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8449070000 Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG OVP 115VAC/DC 1.25A visit Digikey Buy
68449-079HLF Amphenol FCi Board Connector, 16 Contact(s), 2 Row(s), Male, Straight, Solder Terminal, LEAD FREE visit Digikey Buy
68449-079 Amphenol FCi Board Connector, 15 Contact(s), 2 Row(s), Male, Straight, Solder Terminal visit Digikey Buy
5449076 Phoenix Contact TERM BLOCK PLUG 11POS 3.5MM visit Digikey Buy
0387244907 Molex CONN BARRIER STRIP 7CIRC 0.375 visit Digikey Buy
5044490707 Molex Board Connector, visit Digikey Buy

ysi 44907

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44907 thermistor

Abstract: YSI 44907 thermistor -#20; ! Thermistor YSI 44907 #25; UrÂ'ƒrÂh‡ÂÂrà ‡ryrÂ'r‡ÂÂ' UrÂ'ƒrÂh‡ÂÂr
International Rectifier

ysi 44908

Abstract: ysi 44907 NASA Space-Qualified Thermistors 1 â'¢ YSI 44900 Series â'¢ Goddard Space Flight Center GSFC S-311-P-18 NASA has qualified YSI epoxy-encapsulated thermistors for use in extended space flight , '¢ High-frequency vibration â'¢ Medium-impact shock â'¢ Immersion We screen every YSI 44900 Series Thermistor , leads 7.6 cm long. Please contact YSI Customer Service when ordering other lead styles or lengths , drawings. All YSI thermistors and probes can be custom built and tested to meet the most stringent
Victory Engineering
ysi 44908 ysi 44907 YSI 44902 YSI 44030 YSI 44907 thermistor YSI 44007 R-23648 GSFC311-P-18

YSI 400 thermistor

Abstract: ysi 44907 YSI PrecisionTM Thermistors and Probes The Temperature Standard, PlanetwideTM Y S I P r e c i s i o n TM T e m p e r a t u r e P r o d u c t s C O N T E N T S YSI PrecisionTM Temperature , .32 SPRTs .34 YSI , See the YSI PrecisionTM Temperature Handbook for , partnership started at Ohio's Antioch College in 1948, YSI has become an international organization with the
YSI Precision Temperature
YSI 400 thermistor YSI 400 Victory Engineering Thermistor YSI 44006 thermistor ysi 44031 yellow springs thermistors T3-01

ysi 44031

Abstract: YSI 44018 YSI Precision Thermistors & Probes Introduction Thermistor Components Special Test Services Configure to Order Probes YSI 400 and 700 Series Reusable Probes YSI 4600 Precision Thermometers Technical Information Thermistors at YSI YSI developed the first interchangeable thermistor probes in , coefficient. YSI manufactures NTC thermistors, which exhibit a steep drop in resistance as temperature , extended temperature range, the material constant beta must be tightly controlled. YSI maintains
Yellow Springs Instrument
YSI 44018 mt 1389 de yellow springs thermistor 44907 YSI 44006 YSI 4600 Precision Thermometer 44907 thermistor