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HPA00614DRCR Texas Instruments 750mA SINGLE-CHIP Li-Ion/Li-Pol CHARGE MANAGEMENT IC with Thermal Regulation 10-SON 0 to 125
DM388AAARD21F Texas Instruments DaVinci Digital Media Processor 609-FCBGA -40 to 95
OPA191IDGKT Texas Instruments Low-Power, Precision, 36-V, e-trim CMOS Amplifier 8-VSSOP -40 to 125
TPD1E0B04DPLT Texas Instruments 1-Channel ESD Protection Diode for USB Type-C and Antenna Protection 2-X2SON -40 to 125
MSP430FR59891IPMR Texas Instruments MSP430FR59891 16 MHz ULP Microcontroller featuring 128 KB FRAM, 2 KB SRAM, 48 IO, ADC12, ScanIF, AE 64-LQFP -40 to 85
MSP430F67621AIPZ Texas Instruments MSP430F676x1A Polyphase Metering SoCs 100-LQFP -40 to 85

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voice recorder player ic

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Abstract: -lead Leadless Array Package (LAP). AT72AV010 Pin Configuration Pin Name Voice Recorder/Player IC , Features · Voice Recorder/Player on a Chip · On-board Flash Memory · Low Voltage and Low Power , AT72AV010 is a single-chip voice recorder/player with on-board nonvolatile memory. Output from a microphone , SPK2 outputs, operation of the voice recorder is controlled by the PLAY and RECORD inputs. With both , enters a Direct Memory Access (DMA) mode; therefore this condition should be avoided in voice recorder Atmel
Atmel 318 VOICE RECORDER VOICE RECORDER IC atmel 034 IC. AT72AV010 ic VOICE RECORDER playback system D-74025 10/01/0M
Abstract: MP3 audio playback, the STA015 decoder adds voice recorder function without adding external software , audio playback, the STA015 decoder adds voice recorder function without adding external software or , audio playback, the STA015 decoder adds voice recorder function without adding external software or , IC Solutions for Digital Music Decoding A leading developer of both audio and digital signal , voice record/playback. Though partnerships with leading audio companies ST maintains a continually STMicroelectronics
TQFP44 tda7474 TO 48 A IC MP3 PROCESSOR mp3 player one chip mp3 decoder chip programmable music chip mp3 decoder circuit STA01 BRMP3/0201
Abstract: BL0305 Digital Echo (Digital Delay) Description The BL0305 is a CMOS IC for generating echo to be added to the voice through a "karaoke" microphone. It is designed for the lowest price of models in the same series,and is suitable for application to the echo generator of a radio cassette player , , enabling the IC to be used for digital surround ( Compatible with M65844P). LPF1 IN LPF1 OUT OP1 OUT , Echo (Digital Delay) Application KARAOKE, TV, VCR. Radio-Cassette Tape Recorder etc. C1 1u + Shanghai Belling
ALL DIGITAL ECHO IC karaoke CIRCUIT 14 pin ic recorder voice echo digital ic DIGITAL ECHO IC 14PDIP
Abstract: disk player (CDP) V ideo disk player (VDP) Tape recorder (ATR) Disk player (ADP) Cassette tape recorder , devices. Equipm ent F unction Controller Spindle IC used Mechanism controller Single chip Servo HaU m o to r Stepping m o to r Voice coil m otor Mechanism controller Sinele chip Servo HaU m o to r S tepping m o to r V o ic e c o il m o t o r Stepping m o to r Stepping m otor Stepping m otor Servo Hall m , HaU m otor Stepping m otor R ecom m endable IC 's T A 8600F - T C 8608F (4-bit CPU) T A 8434F TC -
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7715P 8406P 8407P 62803P TA8101N 8428K TA8101 76494P 7291P 9142P 9203F 7259P 8424F 7774P
Abstract: million Nexperia Sy.Sol systems already deployed · High-performance multimedia features - Video recorder MPEG4/H263, 15 fps QCIF with high quality mode (128 kbps) - Media player for video, MP3, AAC, and AAC , circuitry, for previewing, capturing, storing, and manipulating still images and video clips. This IC , and a resolution of up to QCIF+ (176 x 220 pixels).There is also a built-in low-power FM radio IC , , voice, and security applications. Design teams can also add their own software or software supplied by Philips Semiconductors
PCF5213 Handsfree full duplex TEA5767 BGB204 sim 300 processor gsm modem RD16023
Abstract: cassette recorder system with radio and CD player High frequency signal processor Front end IF system , IC BU16S Family 4 Switching regulator General purpose D C/D C converter Purpose A C /D C converter (Hybrid (Hybrid IC) IC) 16 16 16 CMOS Gate Arrays- s Selection Guide 0.6 ß m CM OS Gate Array BU 16K Family 0.8 CM OS Gate Array BU 12K Family 5 6 7 Power IC (Motor drivers) - 17 DC motor driver Reversible DC motor driver Voice coil -
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stereo to 5.1 converter circuit diagram RADIO CONTROL SERVO MOTOR CONTROLLER IC servo motor control for radio control detector video compression amplifier processor cross reference Pager motor
Abstract: digital recorder. with all bit rates. It features a 8-bit MCU and a high performance MP3 decoding , system, high quality ADC for voice recording and provision of interface to LCD, function key input , applications. It is perfect for MP3 player application, learning machine and E-dictionary applications. It also supports application for seamless data exchange between USB host with out additional bridge IC , level detection - MP3 player control panel key matrix scan - Microsoft Windows 98 Multiple LUN DAVICOM Semiconductor
DM3101 8051 music player usb host mp3 decoder ic 8051 mp3 player circuit diagram 8051 microphone interface 8051 speaker block diagram of MP3 player block diagram of energy saving system ISO11172-3 DM3101-DS-P05
Abstract: ) E-GPRS class 12 WAP 2.1 MMS Rel 1.4 SyncML JAVA MIDP 2.0 PIM E-Mail Voice Recorder Voice , , Video player ­ Built-in polyphonic ringer (up to 40 voices at up to 32 kHz sampling rate w/o , NiMH/LiIon Battery 2 IC Interface Power Bus Peripherals I2C VDD Charger Amp , Multimedia IC IF Camera IF Display IF FCDP DA EN CLK LF Control Logic MMC SDC DCXO Infineon Technologies
B134-H8543-X-X-7600 mp3 fm modulator sd mmc usb FM MODULATOR mp3 with usb mp3 player fm modulator VOICE RECORDER circuits VOICE RECORDER ARM mp4 player
Abstract: are Voice Recorder, Game Cartridge and Data Storage.etc. LCD IC GPR IC Static RAM PDA , ) Speech & Music Speech&Music ICs are used in Music Keyboard, Vocal Toys/Cards, Voice Recorder , ) ICs are used in Pager, Voice Recognition Application, Story Teller, Religious Speech Player , Dictionary, Text To IC(GPTC ) Speech, Multi-Channel Music Synthesizer etc. IC Recorder ICs are used in Recording Toy/Gift, Digital Voice Recorder White Light LED Driver GPWL series are Generalplus Technology
GPR25L GPR25L080B GPLB5X GPR25 27mhz car toys remote control GPL162006A GPY0200A GPY0201A GPY0202A LDO33C GPBA01B GPBA02A
Abstract: IK Products Per Each Applications 1. DVD Player, DVD Recorder, Combo, VCR IK item , , UTC IL34118 Voice switched Speak Melody IC (Wireless) (1) Transmission (Wireless) (1) NXP, UTC IL5767QN FM receiver (Wireless) (1) NXP IL34118 Voice switch , interface (1) IL1117-xx 1A LDO 1 STM $0.07~ IL1232 Reset IC 1 IMP $0.2 , Rice-jar IK item IL33153N Parts Melody IC (1) IL358/324 OP-amp (1) BCD, AUK, KEC IK Semicon
IN1307D 2822D 4580d KL7496LN htc 34063a 4560d ILX232D IK2102D 28SOP PT6961 LD1207D PT6955 IL1117-1
Abstract: . Combining the functions of a personal computer (PC), mobile phone, personal media player and recorder in a , smartphones. Speakers, headphones, and headsets pump out voice data from the phone and compressed audio files from the built-in music player. Many smartphones have voice recorders to take notes, and some have , music, play games, take and view still photos and videos, handle voice calls, and even navigate their , subsystem can In addition to handling traditional voice telephony communication and its offer improved Cirrus Logic
CS35L00 CS35L01 CS35L03 CS42L73 CS35L0
Abstract: Virtual driver file Driver file Firmware file SAM9777.PDF 9777PC1.PDF SAM9777 IC data sheet This , can use the Microsoft multimedia applications: mixer and media player. · To install the professional , Line in to an external audio stereo line source (CD player, Windows sound system audio card line , Strings 1 Synth Strings 2 Choir Aahs Voice Oohs Synth Voice Orchestra Hit Trumpet Trombone Tuba , Clarinet Piccolo Flute Recorder Pan Flute Blown Bottle Shakuhachi Whistle Ocarina Lead 1 (square Dream
bd 9777 echo delay guitar echo reverb ic guitar MIDI Dream DREAM synth musical bell WIN95 WIN98 WIN95/98
Abstract: , two-port voice board in a 2/3 length ISA form factor that is ideal for the small/medium business (SMB , online and offline recording and playback of system voice prompts. Features and Benefits Two independent voice processing ports in a single, 2/3-size ISA slot supporting low- to medium-density voice , and playback of system voice prompts Electret microphone input jack allows convenient online recording of system voice prompts Intel in Communications Caller ID capability for "screen pop Intel
Date Code Formats intel TR-TSY-000031 TR-TSY-000030 EBZUSA-65588-VM-E DIALOGIC intel Dynamic RAM Memory
Abstract: MSM6679 Voice Recognition Processor SI/SD Voice Recognizer, Recorder/Player, and Speech , . 35 Semiconductor MSM6679 Voice Recognition Processor SI/SD Voice Recognizer, Recorder/Player , recognition capabilities, the MSM6679 integrates a solid-state recorder/player, speech synthesis functions , .14 Voice Recognition , . 17 External Voice Synthesis Control OKI Electric Industry
74H373 74H373 IC Latch VOICE RECORDER IC 9600 voice recognition processor F73B f701 weighing controller MSM665 MSM6654
Abstract: Preliminary Data Sheet 1. Introduction YMPC-3001 is a single chip MP3 encoder/decoder with voice recorder , . Interface lines between YMPC-3001 and host controller In order to make a MP3 Recorder/Player , YMPC , -3001 ·Voice: 24 bit ,16 kHz sampled data input 16kbps ,mono MP3 data output. ·Parallel host interface , uA(stop mode) ·144 pin TQFP Host interface parallel data(byte) ·Voice: 24 bit ,16kbps , . - Sampling frequency :16Khz , 44.1Khz(fs) 16Khz sampling is used for voice recording , and 44.1khz Yountel
mp3 RECORDER USB 1000bs mp3 decoder TTL IC data sheet jaz bass adc ENCODER/DECODER YDOC-3001 00BSC 50BSC 25BSC AN-2001
Abstract: media player/recorder system, claimed to be the first of its kind with both playback and record functions. The platform, which is targeted at portable MP3-type player/recorder systems, hybrid systems , sabbatical at LLNL developing electronics on plastics and direct printing of silicon for IC applications , and baseband functions on a single IC. Adding custom IP can be accomplished quickly, allowing , multimedia services (voice, data, video, and location) to mobile personal Internet devices in campus -
power amplifier ic ta2040 Nokia 6100 LCD TA2040 Transceiver Broadcom 3G RF interfacing 8051 with bluetooth modem Tripath TA2040 AMPLIFIER
Abstract: /play-off suppression over a wide variety of telephone line conditions. The voice player and recorder , Multifunction Series provides two or four T-1 or E-1 digital network interfaces combined with rich voice , significantly reduced costs Intel in Communications Supports TrueSpeech* voice coder which is a default coder with Microsoft* Windows* and is supported by Windows Media Player, letting developers play , expand to include including voice processing, speech recognition, and other technologies, such as Intel
Abstract: Oki Semiconductor MSM6679A-110VRP_ SI/SD Voice Recognizer, Recorder/Player, and Speech Synthesizer DESCRIPTION The MSM6679A-110 Voice Recognition Processor (VRP) is a slave-mode device that performs five functions: speaker-independent (SI) voice recognition, speaker-dependent (SD) voice , words each, with each word using approximately 50 bytes. In addition to providing voice recognition capabilities, the MSM6679A-110 integrates a solid-state recorder/player, speech synthesis functions, and a tone -
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F501 MOS VOICE RECOGNITION ALGORITHM circuit diagram of speech recognition block diagram of speech recognition TQFP100-P-1414-0 MSM66P54MSM66P56 MSM6679A
Abstract: . 10 3.4 CD player functionality , the CD player; witch retrieves musical data through the IDE interface. Audio stream from either the CD player or the ADC is routed to the output by the multiplexer. The ADC and DAC is The Wolfson , processor. The scope of this sub part of the project is to provide CD player functionality and sending , the CD player. Additional PIO ports were added for sending audio data. These PIO ports include two Innovate Nordic
VERILOG CODE FOR MONTGOMERY MULTIPLIER voice control robot circuits diagram voice control robot dsp ssb hilbert modulation demodulation RF CONTROLLED ROBOT oximeter circuit diagram
Abstract: /SD Voice Recognizer, Recorder/Player, and Speech Synthesizer DESCRIPTION The MSM6679A-110 Voice , solidstate recorder/player, speech synthesis functions, and a tone generator. ADPCM recording/ playback , MSM6679A-110 Voice Recognition Processor MSM6679A-110 Voice Recognition Processor ¡ , . Voice Recognition , . External Voice Synthesis Control OKI Electric Industry
F300 embedded micro speech recognition MSM66P54
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