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ULN2001AD Texas Instruments 500mA, 50V, 7 CHANNEL, NPN, Si, SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR, MS-012AC, PLASTIC, SOIC-16 ri Buy
ULN2001ADR Texas Instruments TRANSISTOR 500 mA, 50 V, 7 CHANNEL, NPN, Si, SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR, MS-012AC, PLASTIC, SOIC-16, BIP General Purpose Small Signal ri Buy
JM38510/32401BRA Texas Instruments IC DRIVER, Bus Driver/Transceiver ri Buy

uln relay driver ic 2001a

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Abstract: Replacement for Sprague Types ULN-2001A, ULN-2002A, ULN-2003A, and ULN2004A ULN2004A -w- II SUPPRESSIO N , collector current rat ing is 500mA for each driver, the outputs may be paral leled to achieve higher load , APPLICATIONS Relay Drivers Solenoid Drivers High Current Inverters SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The XR-2201 XR-2201 is , (Each Driver) 500mA Continuous Base Current, lg (Each Driver) 25mA Power Dissipation, Pp (Each Driver , connected be tween the driver output and + Vq c For protection from transient voltage spikes, Pin 9 should ... OCR Scan

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xr2202 XR-2202CP xr2202cp xr 2204 XR-2201 2202CP xr2201 XR-2204CP ULN 2203 a xr 2204 cp XR2204CP XR2203 XR2204 2204cp XR-2202 XR-220172/3/4 XR-2201 XR-220172/3/4 abstract
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Abstract: of Logic Relay Driver Applications Designed to Be Interchangeable W ith Sprague U L N 2 0 0 1 A , 65 50 65 0 .8 2 1.25 v c e = 50 v, ic * 500 ^ a , U LN 2001A MIN TYP M AX 50 100 U LN 2002A MIN TYP M , lith ic high -volta ge, highcu rre n t D arlington tra n s is to r arrays. Each con sists o f seven , ability. A p p lic a tio n s include relay drivers, ham m er drivers, lam p drive rs, display drivers (LED , = 1 MHz T A = 70 °C 1.7 15 Ic * 350 m A 1000 lC = 3 0 0 mA Ic * 100 mA lC * 2 0 0 mA Ic ~ 3 5 0 mA 0 ... OCR Scan

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LN 2003a LN2004A LN2004 LN2004A IC ULN2001A ULN2005A ULN2001A abstract
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