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SRK2001ATR STMicroelectronics Adaptive synchronous rectification controller for LLC resonant converter
ULQ2001A STMicroelectronics Seven darlington array
ULN2001A STMicroelectronics Seven Darlington Arrays

uln relay driver ic 2001a

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Abstract: Replacement for Sprague Types ULN-2001A, ULN-2002A, ULN-2003A, and ULN2004A -w- II SUPPRESSIO N , collector current rat ing is 500mA for each driver, the outputs may be paral leled to achieve higher load , APPLICATIONS Relay Drivers Solenoid Drivers High Current Inverters SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The XR-2201 is , (Each Driver) 500mA Continuous Base Current, lg (Each Driver) 25mA Power Dissipation, Pp (Each Driver , connected be tween the driver output and + Vq c For protection from transient voltage spikes, Pin 9 should -
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XR-2202 XR-2203 XR-2204 XR-2202CP XR-2203CP XR-2204CP XR2203CP XR2204CP 2203CP XR-220172/3/4 ULN-2002A ULN-2003A
Abstract: of Logic Relay Driver Applications Designed to Be Interchangeable W ith Sprague U L N 2 0 0 1 A , 65 50 65 0 .8 2 1.25 v c e = 50 v, ic * 500 ^ a , U LN 2001A MIN TYP M AX 50 100 U LN 2002A MIN TYP M , lith ic high -volta ge, highcu rre n t D arlington tra n s is to r arrays. Each con sists o f seven , . A p p lic a tio n s include relay drivers, ham m er drivers, lam p drive rs, display drivers (LED , = 1 MHz T A = 70 °C 1.7 15 Ic * 350 m A 1000 lC = 3 0 0 mA Ic * 100 mA lC * 2 0 0 mA Ic ~ 3 5 0 mA 0 -
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LN2004A IC LN2004 LN2004A LN 2003a LN2003A ULN2001A ULN2005A ULN200SA ULN2003A
Abstract: largest electronic publisher in the world. Contents Quick Guide to IC Master . 2 Part Number Index , has been expended to make IC MASTER accurate and complete, but IC MASTER cannot assume responsibility , may be reproduced without express written permission of the publishers. Copyright IC MASTER, 1977. IC , Corp., 643 Stewart Ave., Garden City, N.Y. 11530. TWX: 510-222-1673. @ IC MASTER 1977 1 1 II quick guide to your IC fflASTER APPLICATION To prepare this directory each IC NOTE manufacturer reviewed his -
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A5 GNC mosfet AO201 philips displacement transducer 9404 motorola shl 7008 SL1626 ic LM3911 pin configuration AMI6800H AMI6800 VMI6800
Abstract: PROMs? IC MASTER provides the most complete listing of application notes available in print. It is easy to find the right application notes by looking in IC MASTER because the application note directory is , PROMs. If he knows the device number, he can look it up in the part number index at the front of IC , IC MASTER has a Master Selection Guide which provides initial selection information and data on PROMs , provided by IC manufacturers and pick the most appropriate device. Literally hundreds of pages of -
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M5L8042 induction cooker fault finding diagrams 955 100 12 LAO zilog 2089 SN29764 NEC 78m12 J26487 S-17103 54070Z CH-5404
Abstract: Memory Driver I 8 © IC MASTER 1981 MASTER SELECTION GUIDE-INDEX Function Section Function Section , Function Driver 2070 Bubble Memory Coil Driver 2072 Bubble Memory Sense Amplifier 2074 Bubble Memory Function Driver 2076 Octal Latched Peripheral Driver 2078 Bi-Phase ~ransnitter/Encoder 2080 Bi-Phase , Offset Op Amp 2560 JFET Dual Op Amp 2560 OpAmp BI-FET,W Select. Chart 2565 I.C, Master Data Index , Peripheral 8C\ V F Display Driver 80 -
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billion transformer e 3103 308 30631 SL1620 74ls219 MINI DX3 READER HEAD WIRING DIAGRAM MN9106 ULN2242 S2000 J24616 K25582
Abstract: , products, Development Systems, CMOS Memory and Peripheral Circuits. S IG N E T IC S - 8 Bit Bipolar MPU , r p o r a t i o n SCHWEBER E L E C T R O N IC S VOLUmEII CONTENTS VOLUME 1 Publisher PAUL C. MAZZACANO Editorâ'" IC Master DAVE HOWELL ' Editorâ'" IC Update MILT LEONARD , ic M e m orie s and American Microsystems IMPORTANT NOTICE Considerable e ffort has been , )248-8044.7W X:910-338-0272. 4 ©IC MASTER 1981 2 4 6 . 18 120 137 Abbreviations 138 Logo'Guide -
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TCA965 equivalent ULN2283 transistor GDV 65A cm2716 pbd352303 UAF771 DG211 DG300 DG308
Abstract: 1985 0 / 0 / CONTENTS VOLUME I Introduction to IC MASTER 3 Advertisersâ'™ Index 8 , ' Product Index Alternate Source Directory 2326 260I 2801 VOLUME II Introduction to IC MASTER , 198S 3101 18 95 $slC M A S T E R VOLUME II Engineering design begins w ith the IC MASTER Publisher, Frank Egan Editor Dave Howell Technical Director, IC Division, Jerry Metzger Assistant Editors , Telex 11 910-338-0272 IM PO RTANT NOTICE Considerable effort has been expended to make IC MASTER -
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triac tag 8518 70146 X2864AD vtl 3829 A-C4 philips ecg master replacement guide 8377 motorola
Analog-Digital Conversion Handbook Analog-DigitalConversionHandbook S4 diode 6cA MT-228 DIST/10 THD/10 HAR/20 MT10539
Abstract: C 7539 S N 5 51 0 7 A MC1411 U LN 2001A MC 55107 M C 1412 ULN 2002A M C 55108 , m - The Line Driver and Line Receiver Data Book for Design Engineers 1977 T exas In , supersedes previously published data on Line Driver and Line Receiver Interface Circuits, including data , - .143 SN75159 Dual Differential Line Driver with 3-State O u tp u ts , . 199 â'¢ F u t u r e p ro d u c t, to be a n n o u n c e d 3 ALPH A N U M ER IC IN D EX -
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75327C 75S208 transistor bf 175 CC-415 I6-8B9-7373 S-104
Abstract: .29 Peripheral Driver Selection G u i d e . 36 Peripheral Driver Data S h e e t s . 39 Peripheral Driver A p p lic a tio n s . 117 Line Driver and Line Receiver Selection G u id e . 130 Line Driver and Line Receiver D a t a s h e e t s -
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sn55470 SN75270 SN75426 sn75493 SN75363 SN75327 C931610 C932410
Abstract: .75 Analog Gate Switches and Multiplexes.76 Linear IC , MIL-qualified Jan ICâ'™s. 81F380S.47.00 MEMORY IC'S Over 7,200 types from 60 , for over 13,900 IC's and modular types from 100 manufacturers in categorized functions. Includes , .47.00 MICROPROCESSOR IC'S References over 5,400 chip level productsâ'"RAM, ROM and interface support , .76.00 CONSUMER IC'S Mass market items. Unique cross-reference, parameter-sequenced format. Details -
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PWA 521 turbo oil Tamura HBL - 0220 HE421A Transistor B28D z1p SMD MARKING CODE IN5305
Abstract: P ro g ra m s S e le c to r G u id e 3 M e m o ry /M ic ro p ro c e s s o r S u p p o rt D riv e rs /R e c e iv e rs C o m m u n ic a tio n In te rfa c e (T e le p h o n y ) V o lta g e C o m , ) . CH A PTE R 4 - M E M O R Y /M IC R O P R O C E S S O R S U P P O R T , . Data Sheets (See Page 9 -2 for page num bers.) C H A P TE R 1 0 â'" LIN E A R IC S E LEC TO R G , . C H A P TE R 1 2 â'" A P P L IC A T IO N N O TES A N D E N G IN E E R IN G B U LLE TIN S -
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MC1709CL MC1741L TRANSISTOR 7808a mc1709cp2 delta inverter dac 08N MC1539L EB-51 EB-87 EB-52 MC3380 EB-88 EB-20
Abstract: U G , M ini-T, M O K E P , M O S A IC I, M O S A IC II, M O T EST, M O Z O R B , MTTL, M ulti-Pak , TABLE OF CO N TEN TS M IC R O C O M P U T E R D E V E LO P M E N T S Y S T E M S BO ARD LEVEL PR O D U C T S M O S IN T E G R A T E D C IR C U IT S M ic ro c o m p u te r C o m p o n e n ts M e m o ry C ir c u its C M O S L o g ic C ir c u its B I P O L A R IN T E G R A T E D C IR C U IT S , o rie s 9 L o g ic C ir c u it s 10 T E L E C O M M U N I C A T I O N C IR C U IT S -
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UAA2001 74ALS643 1NB21 pn3402 R2004S TRA2500 2U6545 24P2U 28R2U 30R2U 32R2RU 32R2U