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PMP3672 Texas Instruments 6 series Driver for T8 Tube (720mA @ 21) ri Buy
PMP8449 Texas Instruments LED driver for T8 tube, 15 watt 277Vac input ri Buy
PMP6306 Texas Instruments 12 Series Driver (430mA@42) for T8 LED Lighting Tube ri Buy

tube el500

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Abstract: EL500 UNE OUTPUT PENTODE Beam pentode intended for use as line output tube in television receivers. HEATING: Indirect by A.C. or D.C.; parallel supply Heater voltage Heater current Vf 6.3 V 1.38 A LIMITING VALUES (Design centre rating system) Cathode to heater voltage DC + peak, k positive k , limits for Wa and Wg^ should not be exceeded with a nominal tube operating in a normal line deflection , materials EL500 page sheet date 1 1 1969.01 2 FP 1999.03.19 ... OCR Scan

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pl 504 PENTODE pl 504 EL500 tube el500 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: receivers. The tube features a large anode to screen-grid current ratio and has a magnoval hase. TUBE A , déviation horizontale des récepteurs de télévision. Le tube a un rapport élevé de courant anodique-courant , métallique autour du culot pour le blindage ou pour.maintenir le tube en place, cet anneau doit être mis a la , into account to cover 10% mains voltage fluctuations and a decrease of Va with 15 V resulting from tube , fluctuations de la tension secteur de 10$ et une diminution de Va de 15 V par suite des tolérances du tube et ... OCR Scan

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PL500 equivalente beam Tube PL500 EL500 tube el500 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: High-reliability tube Vibration and shock proofed Exacting tolerances Stabilized V V Q mA mA mA/V k Q k Q kß gì W03 , Capacitances 1 Ca/ffl 4,5 pF 2,8 pF , , 6CN6 UM N709 CV2975 CV2975 SP15, 6BQ5.6U0 EL86 6CW5 EL500 6GB5A EM4n ~CV1434 CV1434 EM80 CV1352 CV1352 65ME. 6BR5, 6Ein EM81 ... OCR Scan

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Ecc91 beam Tube PL500 ef861 ECC802S EF89 tube ECH81 ECL86 ECH84 tube 6DJ8 tube 1T4T ECF82 6CC41 ecc189 beam Tube 6L50 em80 tube datasheet abstract
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