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ISL73096RHVX Intersil Corporation RF POWER TRANSISTOR visit Intersil
ISL73096RHVF Intersil Corporation RF POWER TRANSISTOR visit Intersil
ISL73127RHVF Intersil Corporation RF POWER TRANSISTOR visit Intersil
ISL73128RHVF Intersil Corporation RF POWER TRANSISTOR visit Intersil
TIL604HR2 Texas Instruments Photo Transistor, PHOTO TRANSISTOR DETECTOR visit Texas Instruments
HFA3102B96 Intersil Corporation C BAND, Si, NPN, RF SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR, MS-012AB, MS-012AB, 14 PIN visit Intersil

transistor A1024

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Abstract: AD9023 0.57 0.57 LSB, rms ANALOG INPUT Input Voltage Range ±1.024 ±1.024 ±1.024 V , .â'"Vs Transistor Count.4,080 Passivation , duty cycle is held at 55%. Analog Input The analog input (Pin 12) voltage range is nominally ±1.024 , . Voltage Range ±1.024 V CLOCK Impedance 51 Q. Frequency 20 MSPS RC OUTPUT Impedance 51 Q
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Abstract: transistor is required for varicap line driving. 7 8 CHARGE PUMP SP5070 DP14 FEATURES s , DIVIDER ÷8192 8 FDIV PHASE COMP REFERENCE DIVIDER ÷1024 CHARGE PUMP 7 OUTPUT , of External Varicap Drive transistor V pin 7 = 0.7V pin 7 current 100µa Oscillator temperature , achieved by using the appropriate reference or crystal frequency. A single external transistor, driven Zarlink Semiconductor
DS3966-2 SP5060 SP5062 SP5070F DS3966

A614 transistor

Abstract: A1427 +125°C Thermal Characteristics1 θJC Active Transistor Power Dissipation Junction Temperature Above , .785 .806 â'"178.4 â'"159.9 â'"113.2 â'"98.1 â'"102.4 â'"110.3 â'"120.9 â'"129.0 â
Teledyne Cougar
A614 transistor A1427 MIL-HDBK-217E
Abstract: type with NPN and PNP transistor outputs all in one sensor. Its BGS / FGS function controls any , NPN open-collector transistor EQ-511T 12 to 24 V DC ±10 % EQ-512 0 #7; .1 to 1.0 m 0.328 , transistor Equipped with 2 outputs â'" ON-delay / OFF-delay timer (Timer period: 0.1 to 5 sec , PHOTOELECTRIC SENSORS PRESSURE / FLOW SENSORS NPN open-collector transistor â'¢ Maximum sink current , less (at 100 mA sink current)#8; 1 0.4 V or less (at 16 mA sink current) PNP open-collector transistor Panasonic
EQ-500 EQ-501 EQ-502 EQ-511 CX-400 EX-10
Abstract: PRELIMINARY DATA SHEET SILICON TRANSISTOR µPA804T NPN SILICON EPITAXIAL TRANSISTOR (WITH BUILT-IN 2 ELEMENTS) MINI MOLD The 2SC4571 has built-in 2 transistors which were developed for UHF. PACKAGE DRAWINGS (Unit: mm) FEATURES 2.1±0.1 â'¢ High fT 1.25±0.1 6 3 µPA804T Loose products (50 PCS) Embossed tape 8 mm wide. Pin 6 (Q1 Base), Pin 5 (Q2 Base), Pin 4 (Q2 , '"72.4 â'"75.3 â'"78.9 â'"82.9 â'"87.1 â'"91.0 â'"94.8 â'"98.9 â'"102.4 ANG â'"19.2 â'"39.4 â -

a1024 transistor

Abstract: A1513 Active Transistor Power Dissipation Junction Temperature Above Case Temperature MTBF (MIL-HDBK , .542 .584 .618 .646 .681 .717 .756 .785 .806 â'"178.4 â'"159.9 â'"113.2 â'"98.1 â'"102.4
Agilent Technologies
a1024 transistor A1513 400MH 5963-2562E
Abstract: amplifier. Only one external transistor is required for varactor line driving. The device can be , mode) SRF : Scaling factor of reference divider ( -7 256 â'"512/ â'"1024 in I2C bus mode, â'"25/ 50 , reference divider division ratio is selectable to â'"256/ -7-512/ â'"1024 in the I2C bus mode and - 2 5 Cypress Semiconductor
Abstract: of an external Pch power MOS FET or PNP transistor, a coil, capacitors, and a diode connected , components that can be used with this IC are a Pch power MOS FET or PNP transistor, a coil, a diode, and capacitors (If a PNP transistor is used, a base resistance and a capacitor will also be required). â , VSS VOUT EXT VIN GND pin Output voltage monitoring pin Connection pin for external transistor , Min. Typ. Max. Unit circuit VOUT(S) VOUT(S) VOUT(S) 3 ×0.976 ×1.024 V 2.5  10.0 2.5 Cypress Semiconductor
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