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Abstract: integrated photodiode, a high-speed transimpedance amplifier and a voltage comparator with an output driver. ... Original

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optocoupler Mini-Flat Package J-STD-020B IEC60747-5-2 IEC60747-5 FODM8071R2 FODM8071 comba 217c FOD8001 FODM8071 abstract
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Abstract: 19-3181; Rev 1; 11/05 3.2Gbps SFP Transimpedance Amplifiers with RSSI The MAX3724/MAX3725 MAX3724/MAX3725 transimpedance amplifiers provide a compact, low-power solution for communication up to 3.2Gbps. They feature , MAX3724/MAX3725 MAX3724/MAX3725 3.2Gbps SFP Transimpedance Amplifiers with RSSI ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS , ) Differential Transimpedance V mAP-P CIN = 0.85pF, BW = 2.1GHz (Note 3) Deterministic Jitter (Notes 3 , ) 3.2Gbps SFP Transimpedance Amplifiers with RSSI (VCC = +2.97V to +3.63V and TA = -40°C to ... Original

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MAX3748A MAX374 MAX3724 InGaAs pin photodiode 1Ghz HFAN-3 DS1859 DS1858 490 transistor MAX3724/MAX3725 DS1858/DS1859 SFF-8472 MAX3724/MAX3725 abstract
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Abstract: Trip Tracking Error Transimpedance Amplifier Receiver Optical Subassembly Shadowed EEPROM Small ... Original

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SFF-8431 SFF-8079 MAX3945 64h6 MAX3946 DS1878 ltxp SFF-8472 DS1878 abstract
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Abstract: Transimpedance Amplifier Achieves Near-Theoretical Noise Performance, 2.4GHz Gain Bandwidth, with Large-Area ... Original

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proportional on off circuit diagram MUR1560 mur15 MBR3035 LTC1422CS8 LTC1422 3.3V 20A voltage regulators design ideas IRL8103 LTC1728-2 LTC1728-2 abstract
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Abstract: 19-5159; Rev 0; 8/10 16-Bit, Data-Acquisition System with ADC, DACs, UPIOs, RTC, Voltage Monitors, and Temp Sensor Features The MAX1358B MAX1358B smart data-acquisition system (DAS) is based on a 16-bit, sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and system-support functionality for a microprocessor (礟)-based system. This device integrates an ADC, DACs, operational amplifiers, internal selectable-voltage reference, temperature sensors, analog switches, a 32kHz oscillator, a real-time clock ... Original

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UPF2 UPF1 MAX1358BETL MAX1358BCTL 1468 rtc MAX1358B MAX1358B abstract
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Abstract: the slight noise penalty and use both outputs. A Single-Ended Transimpedance Amplifier Figure 3 shows the LTC6406 LTC6406 connected as a single-ended transimpedance amplifier with 20k of transimpedance , measurements shows 0.8mVRMS on VOUT+ and 1.1mVRMS on VOUT­. Taken differentially, the transimpedance gain is ... Original

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70MHz transistor JESD20 JESD204 design ideas LTC2274CUJ LTC640 BF862 AH31 PE4306 PEREGRIN JESD-20 LINEARCO MABA-007159 matched pair JFET datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Table NV Nonvolatile QT Quick Trip TIA Transimpedance Amplifier ROSA Receiver ... Original

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Photodiode apd RSSI inxs by my side ds1877 diode B2H DS1877 SFF-8472 DS1877 abstract
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Abstract: shunts and changing a few components to support multiple op-amp configurations: transimpedance , - INN) where: GAIN = R9 R6 = R7 R8 Transimpedance Application To configure op-amp U1-A as a transimpedance amplifier (TIA), replace R2 with a 0I resistor and install a shunt on jumper ... Original

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type off opamp OP AMP replace guide murata sar 1 murata sar GRM32ER71H475 GRM21BR71H104K MAX9633 GRM32ER71 C2012X7R1H104 MAX9633 abstract
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Abstract: In some applications, such as transimpedance amplifiers, R1 is the only resistor in the circuit ... Original

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1M resistor datasheet design ideas Low Noise Op Amps Low Noise Op Amps equivalent LT1022 LT1055 LT1122 LT1169 LT1490 LT1494 LTC6241 LTC2054 LTC2050 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: , PARASITIC LAYOUT CAPACITANCE AND LT1797 LT1797 INPUT CAPACITANCE 10pF. 3V R1 100k CP* TRANSIMPEDANCE , rights. 13 LT1797 LT1797 TYPICAL APPLICATION 1MHz Photodiode Transimpedance Amplifier Response of ... Original

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LT1797IS5 LT1797CS5 LT1797 FMMT493 BZX84C6V8 1000v, NPN SFH213FA lt1797cs5trpbf TRANSISTOR MARKING 1797 LT1797 abstract
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* * COPYRIGHT (C) 1991 HARRIS CORPORATION * ALL RIGHTS RESERVED * * HA-5004 HA-5004 HA-5004 HA-5004 MACROMODEL * * REV: 8/8/91 * V. Hibner & S. Jost * * Pinout: +In=1 -In=7 Vcc=15 Vee=14 Vout=13 * .SUBCKT HA5004 HA5004 HA5004 HA5004 1 7 15 14 13 * * Input stage * CP 1 0 1E-12 1E-12 1E-12 1E-12 LP 1 2 5E-9 RP 2 3 20 RP1 3 0 3E6 IBP 3 0 3E-6 VIO 0 4 3E-3 EN 5 4 3 0 .9905 IBN 5 0 12E-6 12E-6 12E-6 12E-6 RN1 5 0 12E6 RN 5 6 13 LN 6 7 5E-9 CN 7 0 1E-12 1E-12 1E-12 1E-12 * * Transimpedance gain stage * FZ 0 8 VIO 1 RZ 8 0 120E3 120E3 120E3 120E3 CZ 8 0 6.4E-12 4E-12 4E-12 4E-12 * * General Pole * EP2 9 0 8 0 1 RP2 9 10 1.35E3
Harris 15/08/1997 0.64 Kb MDL ha-5004.mdl
designed to operate on 5 V supplies. The AD8001 AD8001 AD8001 AD8001 features unique transimpedance linearization circuitry.
Analog Devices 24/03/2005 2.56 Kb HTML 749.html