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10 Segment Displays 1394 Firewire 16-Bit Microcomputers 16-Bit Microcontrollers 16-Bit Microprocessors 32-Bit Microcomputers 32-Bit Microcontrollers 32-Bit Microprocessors 3-Terminal Positive Voltage Regulators 4-Bit Microcomputers 4-Bit Microcontrollers 64-Bit Microcontrollers 64-Bit Microprocessors 7 Segment Displays 8051 Microprocessor 8-Bit Microcomputers 8-Bit Microcontrollers 8-Bit Microprocessors A/D Converters AC Motors AC/DC Converters AC/DC Switching Acceleration Sensors Accelerometers AC-DC Controllers AC-DC Converters AC-DC Switching Active Filters Adders ADSL Integrated Circuits AGC Amplifiers Aluminum Capacitors Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Amber Leds AMD Processors Amplifiers Amplifier Modules Analog & Mixed-Signal Analog Converters Analog Demultiplexers Analog Front-End Analog Multiplexers Analog Multipliers Analog Switches Analog to Digital Converters AND Flash AND Gate Angle Sensors Antennas AppleTalk ARM Arresters ASIC Athlon Processors Attenuators Audio A/D Converters Audio Amplifiers Audio CODECs Audio D/A Converters Audio Filters Audio Interfaces Audio Power Amplifiers Audio Processors Audio Transmitters Audio Volume Control Automotive Controllers Automotive Drivers Backlight Drivers Band Pass Filters Bandpass Filters Band-Pass Filters Base Station Drivers Based LEDs Batteries Battery Monitors Battery Chargers Battery Holders Battery Managements Battery Protectors Binary Multipliers Bipolar Transistors BJT Transistors Blue Leds Bluetooth Boundary Scan (JTAG) Logic Boundary Scan Logic Bridges Bridge Rectifiers Brushless DC Motors Brushless Motors Buffers Buffer Amplifiers Bus Arbiters Bus Buffers Bus Drivers Bus Exchanger Bus Interfaces Bus Switches Bus Transceivers Buzzers Camera processors Capacitive Touch Sensors Capacitors CATVs CCDs,Charge Coupled Devices CCFL Controllers CDMA Ceramic Discriminators Ceramic Filters Ceramic Resonators Cermet Trimmers Character Displays Charge Pumps Chipsets Chokes Circuit Breakers Circuit Diagrams Circuit Protectors Circulators & Isolators CISC Microcontrollers Class AB Speaker Amplifiers Clock and Data Recovery Clock Buffers Clock Distribution Clock Drivers Clock Generators Clock Synthesizers CMOS Single Chip 8-Bit Microcontrollers CODECs Communication Processors Comparators Connectors Content Addressable Memory Control Area Network Controllers Controller Area Network Cool White Diffused Leds Cool White Leds Co-Processors Counters Couplers CPLD,Complex Programmable Logic Devices CPUs,Processors Crosspoint Switches CRT Drivers Crystals,Oscillators Crystal Filters Current Feedback Amplifiers Current Limit Switches Current Loop Converters Current Monitors Current References Current Sensors Current-Sense Amplifiers Cyan Leds D Flip Flops D/A Converters DACs DAC Combo Darlington Transistors Data Acquisition Data Conversion Daylight White Leds DC Motors DC Power Connectors DC/DC Converters DC-DC Controllers DC-DC Converters DDR SDRAM DDR2 SDRAM DDR3 SDRAM Decoders Decoder ICs Deep Red Leds Delay Lines Delay Modules Demodulators Demultiplexers Detectors Detector ICs Development Kits DIACs Dielectric Filters Differential Amplifiers Digital Audio Receivers Digital Audio Transceivers Digital Audio Transmitters Digital Comparators Digital Converters Digital Delay Lines Digital Displays Digital Potentiometers Digital Signal Processors Digital Subscriber Lines Digital to Analog Converters Digital Visual Interfaces Diodes Diode Sensors Diplexers Direct Digital Synthesis Discrete Semiconductors Displays Display Controllers Display Drivers Display Power Dividers Dot Matrix Displays Down Converters DRAMs Drivers DSLs DSPs D-Subminiature Connectors DTLs DTMF Dual Analog Switches Dual Digit Numeric Displays Dual Schottky Rectifiers Dual-Port RAM DVI E2PROM ECL EEPROMs EIA-232 Embedded Processing Embedded Processors Encoders Encoder ICs Energy Measurement ICs EPROM Error Correction Error Detection ESD Diodes ESD Protection Ethernet Controllers Ethernet Transceivers Evaluation Boards Expanders Fast Cycle RAM Fast Recovery Diodes Fast Recovery Rectifiers Fast Silicon Rectifiers FCRAM Ferroelectric RAM FETs,Field Effect Transistors FET Drivers FET Input Amplifiers Fiber Optic Connectors Fiber Optic Transmitters Field Effect Transistors Field Programmable Gate Arrays Field-Effect Transistors Field-Programmable Gate Arrays FIFOs,FIFO Memory Fingerprint Sensors Firewire Firewire Connectors Fixed Gain Amplifiers Flash Memory FlatLink Flip Flops Flip-Flops Floppy Disk Controllers Flow Sensors Four Digit Numeric Displays FREDFETs Freescale Microcontrollers Frequency Converters Frequency Dividers Frequency Doublers Frequency Filters Frequency Generators Frequency Multipliers Frequency Synthesizers Frequency To Voltage Frequency Triplers Front-End Processors Functions Generators Fuses Futurebus GaAs FETs,Fets Gain Blocks GAL,Gate Array Logic General Purpose Plastic Rectifiers General Purpose Transistors Gigabit Ethernet GPS Integrated Circuits Graphic Displays Green LEDs Hall Effect Sensors HC49 Crystals HC-49 Crystals HDMI,HDMI Connectors Headphone Amplifiers Heat Sinks HEXFETs,FETs High Current Chokes High Efficiency Rectifiers High Efficient Rectifiers High Output Current Amplifiers High Speed Amplifiers High Speed Switches High Voltage Regulators High-Voltage Amplifiers Humidity Sensors Hyper Red Leds I/O Modules IEEE 1284 IEEE 1394 IEEE-488 GPIB IF Amplifiers IGBTs,Transistors IGBT Drivers,Transistors Ignition ICs Image Sensors Indicator Lamps Inductors Infrared Data Access Infrared LEDs Infrared Preamplifiers Instrumentation Amplifiers Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors Integrated Circuits Intel Processors Intelligent Power Devices Interface Isolators Inter-ICs Inverters Inverter Gates Inverting Switching Regulators IR Emitters IrDA,Infra Red Integrated Circuits ISDN Connectors Isolation Amplifiers Isolation Timing Circuits Isolators J1850 JFETs,Junction FETs J-K Flip flops JTAG Junction FETs, JFETs Keyboard Controllers LAN Switches Lasers,Laser Diodes Latches LCD Applications LCD Drivers LCD Gamma Buffers LCD Power Supply LCDs LEDs LED Arrays LED Bar Graphs LED Drivers LED Power Level Shifters Level Translators Light Bars Light Dependant Resistors Lighting Controllers Limiters Line Drivers Line Interfaces Line Protection Line Receivers Linear Position Sensors Linear Voltage Regulators Linearizers Link Layer Controllers Lip Sync Delay ICs Liquid Sensors Logarithmic Amplifiers Logic Gates Logic MOS Loss Filters Low Bias Current Amplifiers Low Distortion Amplifiers Low Drop Out Regulators Low Noise Amplifiers Low Power Amplifiers Low Voltage Differential Signaling Low-Loss Filters Lowpass Filters Magnetic Field Sensors Magnetic Sensors Medium Power Amplifiers Memory Interfaces Message Displays Microcomputers Microcontrollers Microphone Preamplifiers Micropower Amplifiers Microprocessors Microprocessor Supervisors MiniMOS Mixers Modem Chips Modulators Monostable Multivibrators Mosfets MOSFET Drivers MOSFET Modules Motor Controllers Motor Drivers Mouse Controllers MSP430 Multi Chip Memory Multiplexers Multiplexer Switches Multipliers Multiplying Data Converters Multivibrators NAND Flash NAND Gates N-Channel JFET,FETs N-Channel MOSFETs Negative Voltage Regulators Network Switches No Turnaround RAM Noise Filters Non-Volatile RAM NOR Flash NOR Gates NPN Transistors NtRAM NTSC Decoders NTSC Encoders NVRAM NVSRAM OCXO,Crystals Operational Amplifiers Operational Amplifiers Optical Couplers Optical Switches Optocouplers Optoelectronics Optoisolators OR Gates Orange Leds Oscillators PAL Decoders PAL Encoders Parallel Interfaces Parity Checkers Parity Generators P-Channel JFETs P-Channel MOSFETs PCI Bridges PCI CardBus Controllers PCI Express PCIe Bridge PCIe Endpoint PCIe PHY PCIe Switches PCMCIA Pentium Processors Phase Anglers Phase Discriminators Phase locked loops Phase Shifters Photo Detectors Photo Diodes Photo Flash Rectifiers Photo Interrupters Photo Relays Photodiodes Photoresistors Photosensors Phototransistors Photovoltaic Physical Layer Controllers Piezo Audio Indicators Piezo Audio Transducers Piezo Buzzers Piezo Switchs Piezo Transducers Piezoelectric Sensors Plastic Encapsulate Diodes Plastic Encapsulate Transistors Plastic-Encapsulate Diodes Plastic-Encapsulate Transistors PNP Transistors Position Sensors Positive Voltage Regulators Potentiometers Power Combiners Power Diodes Power Drivers Power Factor Controllers Power Inductors Power Management ICs Power Modules Power Monitoring Power MOSFETs Power Relays Power Splitters Power Supplies Power Supply Controllers Power Switches Power Transistors Power Tubes Precision Amplifiers Precision Voltage Regulators Prescalers Pressure Sensors Pressure Switches Pressure Transducers Programmable Clocks Programmable Gain Amplifiers Programmable Interrupt Controllers Protection Timing Circuits Proximity Sensors Pushbutton Switches PWM Controllers PWM Power Supplies Pyroelectric Detectors Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers Random Access Memory,RAM Readout Tubes Real Time Clocks Receivers Receiving Tubes Receptacles Rectangular Solid Lamps Rectifiers Rectifier Tubes Red Leds Reed Switches Regulators Relays Repeaters Resistors Resonators RF & Microwave RF Amplifiers RF Connectors RF Demodulators Rf Detectors RF diodes RF Filters Rf Front-End RF ICs,RFID RF Identification Devices,RFID RF Mixers RF MOSFETs RF Power RF Power Amplifiers RF Power Modules RF Power Transistors RF Receivers RF Switches RF Transceivers Rf Transmitters RFIC,RF Identification Devices RFID,RF Identification Devices RISC Microprocessors RJ11 RJ45 Rocker Switches Rotary Sensors Rotary Switches RS232 RS-232 RS422 RS-422 RS423 RS-423 RS485 RS-485 RS562 RS-562 RTC,Real Time Clocks Sample and Hold Amplifiers Sample Rate Converters SAW Filters Schematic Diagrams Schmitt Triggers Schottky Barrier Diodes Schottky Barrier Rectifiers Schottky Diodes Schottky Rectifiers SCSI Parallel Interfaces SCSI Terminators SDRAM SECAM Decoders SECAM Encoders Security Cards Semiconductors Sensor Circuitry Sensor Conditioning Sensor Interfaces Sequencers Sequencer ICs Serial Interfaces Serial to Parallel Converters Seven Segment Displays SGRAM Shift Registers Shunt Regulators SIDAC SIDACtor Signal Conditioners Signal Conditioning Signal Conditioning Amplifiers Signal Converters Signal Generators Signal Line Filters Signal Processing Silicon Controlled Rectifiers Silicon Power Transistors Single Chip Microcomputers Single-Chip Microcomputers Slide Switches Small Signal Amplifiers Small Signal Diodes Small Signal MOSFETs Smart Cards SMBus SMD Codes Smoke Detector ICs Smoke Sensor ICs SMPS Controllers Solenoid Drivers Solid Lamps Solid State Lamps Solid State Relays Solid State Switches SRAM Static Random Access Memory,SRAM Stepper Drivers Stepper Motors Stepping Motors Super Bright Leds Super Bright Orange Leds Super Bright Yellow Leds Super Fast Rectifiers Supervisory Circuits Supervisory ICs Surge Arresters Switches Switching Controllers Switching Diodes Switching Regulators System On Chip TCXO,Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators Telecom Relays Telefilters Telephone Jacks Television ICs,Television Integrated Circuits Temperature Sensors Temperature Switches Thermistors Three Digit Numeric Displays Thyratron Thyristors Timers Toggle Switches TOPFETs,FETs Touch Screens Transceivers Transformers Transient Voltage Suppressors Transistors Transistor Arrays Transmitters Transponders Triacs Trimmers TTL ICs,TTL Integrated Circuits Tuners Tuning Varactors TV-IF Filters TVS,Transient Voltage Suppressors UART UHF,UHF Transistors Ultra Fast Rectifiers Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers Ultrasonic Sensors Universal Transceivers UP Converters Up/Down Converters USB Connectors USB Controllers USB Hub Controllers USB Microcontrollers USB On-the-Go USB Periphirals USB Streaming Controllers USB Switches USB Transceivers USB Transient Voltage Suppressors Vacuum Fluorescent Displays Varactor Diodes Variable Capacitance Diodes Varicaps,Capacitors Varistors VCO,Oscillators,Crystals VCTCXO,Oscillators,Crystals VCXO,Oscillators,Crystals Velocity Sensors Versatile Interface Adapters VFD,Vacuum Fluorescent Display VHF,VHF Transistors Vibration Sensors Video Amplifiers Video D/A Converters Video Decoders Video Encoders Video Filters Video Format Converters Video Processors Video RAM Video Switches Video-Decoders Video-Encoders VMEbus Voice Playback Integrated Circuits Voice Record Integrated Circuits Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators Voltage Controlled Oscillators Voltage Converters Voltage Detectors Voltage Feedback Amplifiers Voltage References Voltage Regulators Voltage Regulator Diodes Voltage Supervisors Voltage to Current Converters Voltage to Frequency Voltage-to-Frequency Converters Voltage-to-Frequency Interconnect Voltage-to-Frequency Interface Volume Control Integrated Circuits VRAM Warm White Leds Watchdog Timers Waveform Generators White LED Drivers Wide Bandwidth Amplifiers Wireless Integrated Circuits Xeon Processors XO Oscillators XOR Gates XTAL,Crystals,Oscillators Yellow LEDs Zener Diodes Zero Drift Amplifiers ZigBee