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Abstract: challenge for the antenna design. In the end of this note these problems are addressed. SWRA088 Page , : Q = antenna reactance / antenna resistance. SWRA088 Page 2 of 18 Application Note AN003 AN003 , polarisation loss. SWRA088 Page 3 of 18 Application Note AN003 AN003 Resonant antennas and small , given by: SWRA088 Page 4 of 18 Application Note AN003 AN003 Rr ,loop = 20 6 Rr ,dipole = 20 d4 , Qdipole = Qmonopole = 7.9 d 3 3 SWRA088 Page 5 of 18 Application Note AN003 AN003 The ... Chipcon

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antenna and wave propagation chipcon application note 012 chipcon application note 014 chipcon application note 016 antenna 434 PCB short stub CHIPCON APPLICATION NOTE an003 helical antenna 433 small loop antenna antenna balun SWRA088 monopole pcb antenna AN003 AN003 differential feed loop antenna AN003 AN003 loop antenna AN003 AN003 antenna 434 PCB -dipole AN003 AN003 AN003 srd antenna AN003 AN003 quarterwave dipole antenna design AN003 AN003 AN003 AN003 AN003 helical antenna 434 RF pcb antenna 434 Antenna design magnetic loop antennas TEXT
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Abstract: (SWRA088) Application Report ISM-Band and Short Range Device Antennas (SWRA046A SWRA046A) 2.4 GHz · · · · ... Texas Instruments

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433 MHz oscilator cc2500 balun 50 ohm CC2500EMK CC1101 MSP430 CC2540 8051 interfacing with zigbee swra092b swra096 JESD46C swra093 swrU121 AN043 cc1101 RF interface with 8051 CC1101 433 mhz matching balun RF pcb antenna for cc430 cc2500 2.4 ghz RF interface with 8051 cc2500 RF interface with 8051 RF pcb antenna for cc430 433 MHz TEXT
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Abstract: swrr034.zip swru122.zip Guide AN003 AN003 SRD Antennas Application Report ISM-Band and SRD Antennas (SWRA161 SWRA161) (SWRA088 ... Texas Instruments

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meander hf antenna balun INVERTED F PCB ANTENNA planar inverted f antenna AN043 1 gHz spiral antenna ferrite antenna printed antenna 868 CC2510 balun matching circuit 2.4 GHz spiral antenna monopole folded pcb antenna CC2500 RF pcb antenna AN058 RF pcb antenna AN058 meandering Monopole PCB Antenna DN024 AN058 meander folded antenna AN058 monopole pcb antenna AN058 MIFA Meandered Inverted F Antenna AN058 AN058 AN058 TEXT
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