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TPIC6273DWG4 Texas Instruments Octal D-type Latch 20-SOIC visit Texas Instruments
SN54HC273VTDG2 Texas Instruments Octal D-Type Flip Flops With - Clear, SN54HC273-DIE 0- visit Texas Instruments
TPIC6273DWRG4 Texas Instruments Octal D-type Latch 20-SOIC visit Texas Instruments
SN74BCT373NSRE4 Texas Instruments Octal D-Type Transparent Latches 20-SO 0 to 70 visit Texas Instruments
CD40175BW Texas Instruments CMOS Quad D-Type Flip-Flop 0-WAFERSALE visit Texas Instruments
SN74HCT273ANSRG4 Texas Instruments Octal D-Type Flip-Flops With Clear 20-SO visit Texas Instruments

sumitomo g700 type

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Abstract: sumitomo G700 for the Sumitomo G700 Series Mold Compound Material Properties Epoxy Hardener Filler Type Filler , Change Description: Altera is adopting the Sumitomo G700 series mold compound as the standard mold , . Reason for Change: Altera is standardizing on the Sumitomo G700 series mold compound for all of its , Aug 2006 timeframe. Beginning with the top-mark date code of 0631, products molded with Sumitomo G700 , Qualification Data for the Sumitomo G700 Series Mold Compound Representative Package Read Out Results


Abstract: Hitachi Datecode Compound Die Attach Epoxy Au Bondwire Diameter PQFP 100 Sumitomo G700 Ablestik 2288A 1.2 mils Altera Corporation Additional Source ATK (Korea) 3 Sumitomo G700 Ablestik 3230 1.0 mils 11 , Appendix 1. Table 1: Affected Product Lines Product Line Pin Count Package Type Sample , 11/09/2009 PCN0903 Figure 2. Date-Code traceability for the Country of Origin Package Type , ) Package Type Mold Compound Die Attach Epoxy Kyocera G1270 Ablestik 2025D & QMI 536 UBGA 88
EPC16UI88AA EPC8QI100N Hitachi Datecode SUMITOMO G700 Nitto GE100LFCS GE100LFCS Hitachi FH920 Ablestik 2025D EPC16QC100 EPC16QC100DM EPC16QC100II EPC16QC100N EPC16QI100 EPC16QI100N


Abstract: SUMITOMO G631 Hitachi EN4900 Mold Compound: Sumitomo G700 Lead Frame: Copper Alloy Plating: Matte 100% Sn Page 2 of 4 Sumitomo G631 Copper Alloy Matte 100% Sn Integrated Device Technology, Inc. 6024 , 95138 PRODUCT/PROCESS CHANGE NOTICE (PCN) ATTACHMENT I - PCN # : A1007-01 PCN Type
Integrated Device Technology
92HD80B1X5NLGXTAX 92HD80B1X5 SUMITOMO G631 92HD79B1a5 92hd80 92hd80b1x5nlg 92HD80B1 VFQFPN-48 92HD80B1X5NLGXTA88 92HD80B1X5NLGXTAX8 92HD80B1X5NLGXYD1 92HD80B1X5NLGXYD18


Abstract: SUMITOMO G631H Compound: Sumitomo G770HC, G770HCD, Sumitomo G700LY G770 series, CEL9220, G700 series, G631H Lead , ) ATTACHMENT I - PCN # : A1004-01 PCN Type: Manufacturing Site - Alternate Assembly Location Data Sheet
Integrated Device Technology
JESD22-A118 SUMITOMO G631H Ablebond 8600 sumitomo g770hcd SUMITOMO CRM1076 sumitomo g770 VFQFP-N-32 9LRS4105BKLF 9LRS4105BKLFT 9LRS4107AKLF 9LRS4107AKLFT 9LRS4110BKLF

sumitomo G700

Abstract: sumitomo epoxy 1076 Sensitivity (JEDEC J-STD20A) Date Code Range: ASE 28 TSOP 8x13.4x0.965 Sumitomo G700 Stamped Alloy 42 Sn Plate 100% Matte Sumitomo 1076 DS Au / 1.0 mil UL 94-V0 Level 3 0429 to 0429 , Maximum Operating Voltage (e.g. 5.5 volts) B = Constant related to failure mechanism type (e.g. 1.0, 2.4 , available. Assembly Information: Assembly Site: Pin Count: Package Type: Body Size: Mold Compound , Type: Body Size: Mold Compound: Lead Frame: Lead Finsh: Die Attach: Bond Wire / Size
Maxim Integrated Products
sumitomo epoxy 1076 0038 tsop ablebond Sumitomo 1076 8361J g700 mold compound 30C/60


Abstract: sumitomo g770hcd ) ATTACHMENT I - PCN # : A1004-01R1 PCN Type: Manufacturing Site - Alternate Assembly Location Data , 0.9 mil, 0.8 mil Assembly Materials Mold Compound: Sumitomo G770HC, G770HCD, Sumitomo G700LY G770 series, CEL9220, G700 series, G631H Lead Frame: Copper Alloy Copper Alloy Plating: Sn/Pb
Integrated Device Technology
JESD22-A113 JESD22-A103 G770* sumitomo 9LvS3199aklft sumitomo G700ly en4900f 9LRS4110BKLFT 9LRS4111BKLF 9LRS4111BKLFT 9LRS4112BKLF 9LRS4112BKLFT 9LRS4114AKLF


Abstract: SUMITOMO EME G700 using 1 mil gold ball bonds. The part is encapsulated using Sumitomo EME G700 or equivalent epoxy , CHANGED www.analog.com www.hittite.com Report Title: Qualification Test Report Report Type: See Attached Date: See Attached Package Type: 6L LP2, 16L LP3 Package Style: 16L 3x3mm QFN , HMC976LP3 HMC981LP3 HMC712LP3C HMC1090LP3 HMC1060LP3 QTR: 11003 Rev: 02 Package Type: 6L LP2, 16L , to DC. Figure 1: Typical 16L 3x3mm QFN Package Package Type: 6L LP2, 16L LP3 Package Style: 16L
Analog Devices
HMC905LP3 HMC916LP3 SUMITOMO EME G700 hmc424lp3e HMC424LP3E HMC536LP2 HMC546LP2 HMC646LP2 HMC652LP2 HMC653LP2

STMicroelectronics marking code date

Abstract: CHN G4 bonding Mold Compound Type KE 3300 D G700 Toshiba Sumitomo Lead Finish Sn/Pb, 85/15 , Product: M50FWxxx, M50LPWxxx, and M50FLWxxx Customer(s): ALL Type of Change: Assembly , Type Manufacturer Mould Compound Manufacturer Note: (*) "RoHS*" The AMKOR TSOP40 package is
STMicroelectronics marking code date CHN G4 chn 509 marking code stmicroelectronics Date Code Marking STMicroelectronics CHN 450 MPG-EEP/04/578 M50FW M50LPW M50FLW MPG/EE/0086 MPG/EEP/04/450


Abstract: STMicroelectronics TRACEABILITY code -600 Sumitomo CRM1076E Sumitomo G-600 Ablestik 3230 AA Sumitomo G-700 Package PC20 PC44 SO20 VQ44 Products , IDCODE is a fixed, vendor-assigned value that is used to electrically identify the manufacturer and type , XC18V512 Package Type VQ44 = 44-pin Plastic Quad Flat Package PC44 = 44-pin Plastic Chip Carrier(1) SO20 = , Device Number XC18V04 XC18V02 XC18V01 XC18V512 Package Type VQ44 = 44-pin Plastic Quad Flat Package PC44 , 18V01 18V512 Package Type S = 20-pin Small-Outline Package J = 20-pin Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier Notes
STMicroelectronics TRACEABILITY code XC18V02VQ44C part marking stmicroelectronics traceability XC18V04VQ44C0901 sumitomo g700 type datecode format stmicroelectronics XC18V00 DS026 JESD46B 5PM5A0233 5BM5A0233 SCD0901