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CS4221-KSR Cirrus Logic 24-Bit Stereo CODECs with 3 V Interface ri Buy
CS5360-BSR Cirrus Logic 24-Bit, 48 kHz Stereo A/D Converter ri Buy
CS5351-BZZR Cirrus Logic 108 dB, 192 kHz Stereo A/D Converter ri Buy

stereo slide pot

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Abstract: - Pot, 50 k, Slide, Audio Taper R3,5,8,12,14 - Resistor, 10 k Carbon R16,17,18,19 - Resistor, 10 k , slide pot is logarithmic (audio Taper) which compensates for the nonlinear response of the ear , pot. An isolation resistor is required due to the capacitive nature of the slide pots resulting in a , Carbon R9 - Resistor, 47 k Carbon R7 - Resistor, 2.2 k Carbon R10 - Pot, 200 k, 3/4 turn JP1,2 -0.1" header, 2-pin, 3-pin J2 - 1/8" Stereo Jack Operating the Mic Mixer Evaluation Module (SLOP107 SLOP107) 7 ... Original

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SLOU009 50k slide stereo Potentiometer 47k ohm potentiometer TLC2274CD volume 20K resistor C3216Y5V1C105Z Y5V 1206 capacitor 47 k pot Potentiometer 10k slide 200k ohm pot electret mic RESISTOR CF SLOP107 SLOU009 abstract
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Abstract: ROTARY CONTROLS & SENSORS Type E MECHATRONICS SLIDE PCR NPL Thick-film resistive elements printed on a wide range of non conductive substrates. 7mm 12mm travel slide , 16mm square single turn 15mm SMD sensor/pot. 16mm round single turn 0.15 (50癈) E-15 , (50癈) T-18 T-21 Dust proof plastic General purpose & miniature control pot. 0.1 (50癈 , ) -40癈 +120癈 Optional actuating knob Stereo matching Optional SPST switch Various ... Original

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rotary potentiometer dual 12mm potentiometer 10k pcb single turn PTC 1K sensor Piher slide potentiometer stereo endless rotary potentiometer dual 12mm piher 1k Piher 100k 6mm POTENTIOMETER 100K LOG piher spain PT-10 piher spain 1M panel mount UL rotary potentiometer datasheet abstract
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Abstract: .3-4 Evaluation Platform for Stereo Audio Control X9460 X9460 Log Taper Pot Demonstrating digital audio , .3-4 Evaluation Platform Using Digital Potentiometer for PWM Applications X9259 X9259 Digital Pot to , Hardware and Software.3-12 XDCP Selector Tool Slide Rule" style Digital Potentiometer Selector / Slide and choose the Right potentiometer for your System Management Product Selector Tool Slide Rule" style System Management Selector / Slide and choose ... Original

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X9530 "programmable capacitor" design ideas MRF9080 SFP EVAL BOARD stereo slide pot X1227 X40421 X40431 X9259 X9460 X9470 "Digital Potentiometer" datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Si484x internal default bands by using the slide switch and resistor ladder. Another method is to use , property. This section describes how to select the Si484x-A Si484x-A default frequency band by using the slide , two LED stereo separation threshold selections, which results in a total 41 combinations to choose , combination of frequency range, de-emphasis, and LED stereo separation threshold. Customers should choose the band according to not only frequency range, but also deemphasis setting and LED stereo separation ... Original

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Si4844-B SL3X25MW100T TG-UTB Si484x-A 2sc9018 equivalent SL3X30MW105T transistor 2SC9018 SL5X7X100MW70T BLM18BD252SN1D AM antenna ferrite loop antenna sw7 357 TG-UTB01526 UMEC TG-UTB01526 SW9 357 AN602 Si484x-A AN602 abstract
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Abstract: slide pots for the right- and left-channel volume control, a slide pot for controlling the bass response of both channels, a slide pot for adjusting the treble response of both channels, a , channel independently, while a single slide pot adjusts the bass response of both channels simultaneously and another slide pot adjusts the treble response of both channels. The module provides a gain of , slide pots for bass and treble - the bass control adjusts both channels simultaneously and the treble ... Original

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TLC2274 TLV2231 SLVP097 R10B 15-V Stereo Tone Control Potentiometer 10k slide baxandall volume control s1022 baxandall tone control 2.1 BEST BASS TREBLE CIRCUIT active tone control circuit stereo amplifiers with tone controls datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Figure 1. Tone Control Block Diagram One dual-element slide pot adjusts the bass response from , Another dual-element slide pot adjusts the treble response of both channels through the same range. , function of a stereo high-fidelity tone control using a single TLC074 TLC074 quad operational amplifier. A , simultaneously and a single treble control adjusts both channels. A pair of slide pots adjusts the volume of , Two channels (for stereo) can be implemented using only two very small IC packages and a few small ... Original

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tone control circuit bass mid treble ic audio volume tone control baxandall 10K R10B operational amplifiers circuit diagram stereo slide pot dc volume tone control circuit tone control BASS mid TREBLE CIRCUIT SLOA042 bass mid treble control circuit SLOA042 abstract
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Abstract: scalability. The IRAUDAMP7S offers selectable half-bridge (stereo) and full-bridge (bridged) modes. This , Procedures Test Setup: 1. On the unit under test (UUT), set switch S1 to OFF and S300 to Stereo positions. , this condition, IRS2092 IRS2092 is in shutdown mode. 9. Slide S1 to ON position; after one second delay, the , Supply = ±25V, 4 Resistive Load Fig 2 IRAUDAMP7S-55 IRAUDAMP7S-55, THD+N versus Power, Stereo, 4 . , Fig 3 IRAUDAMP7S-100 IRAUDAMP7S-100, THD+N versus Power, Stereo, 4 . 10 5 2 1 0.5 0.2 % 0.1 0.05 0.02 0.01 0.005 ... Original

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irs2092s AMP7S-150 diodes Z103 diode u2J 715 schematic diagram PWM inverter 500w schematic PWM inverter 500w IRFI4020 diode z104 IRS2092SPBF 250w audio amplifier circuit diagram 500w power amplifier pcb diagram IRS2092 audio amplifier circuit diagram IRS2092 IRS2092 IRS2092 abstract
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Abstract: IRAUDAMP7S offers selectable half-bridge (stereo) and full-bridge (bridged) modes. This reference design , and S300 to Stereo positions. 2. Connect 4 -200 W dummy loads to output connectors, SPKR1A and SPKR1B , , while S1 is in OFF position. Under this condition, IRS2092 IRS2092 is in shutdown mode. 9. Slide S1 to ON , Resistive Load Fig 2 IRAUDAMP7S-55 IRAUDAMP7S-55, THD+N versus Power, Stereo, 4 . IRAUDAMP7S REV , ±35V, 4 Resistive Load Fig 3 IRAUDAMP7S-100 IRAUDAMP7S-100, THD+N versus Power, Stereo, 4 . 10 5 2 1 0.5 ... Original

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Self-Oscillating Full-Bridge Drive schematic PWM inverter 500w IRFI4020 500W TRANSISTOR AUDIO AMPLIFIER h bridge 500w inverter circuit IRAUDAMP7-200 IRAUDAMP7-150 irs2092s 500w inverter pcb board circuit diagram 7G17A-220M-R 500w power amplifier stereo IRAUDAMP7S IRS2092S IRS2092S abstract
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Abstract: Signal flow is indicated by arrows to show the flow from the source to the destination. 3.5mm Stereo Receptacle w/ switches R8 1:1 600 ohm Audio Transformer 3.5mm Stereo Receptacle 1:1 600 ohm , Primary .0047uF 2 1 3.5mm Stereo Receptacle SW1 - PTT Control Up Auto Ctr PTT Off Down - PTT On , Sleeve All diodes 1N4148 1N4148 J1 DTR * D1 RTS * D2 2.5mm Stereo Receptacle 4N33 Opto Isolator * R3 1 5 2.2 k 2 U1 Ret 1 4 X1 J5 6 Tx Drive 5 1k pot 1 R5 2 3 ... Original

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audio CAT-5 audio jack 3.5mm surface mounted multi turn potentiometer with knob pin diagram of 7428 Radio Shack circuit RJ45 CONNECTOR jack kenwood DIN JACK to stereo volume control 50 watt kenwood speaker diagram Top Drive for jack up rig 4 CONDUCTOR 3.5mm jack schematic diagram AC electric drill datasheet abstract
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Abstract: three 2.5mm mono jack connectors to connect the microphones and one 2.5 mm stereo jack to connect the , Microphone 2.5 mm Stereo Jack Headphone Figure 5. Stethoscope Front-End Block Diagram The front-end , , low-power, low-voltage stereo audio codec with programmable inputs and outputs. The voltage supply range , digitally controlled stereo microphone preamplifier and an integrated microphone bias. Programmable filter , · USB cable · Stethoscope diaphragm coupled with condenser microphone · Stereo headphone · VC5505 VC5505 ... Original

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2.5mm stereo jack plug SPO2 cable SPRAB38 TLV320AIC3254 WM-64C spo2 algorithm heart pulse ear condensor mic MJI-25 digital stethoscope heart pulse rate sensor mic condensor oximeter schematic SPRAB38 abstract
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Xicor 29/01/2003 3043.5 Kb PPT 9460_customer_pres.ppt
Basic Stamp Freezer Alarm ># 182 X-10 Command Expander # 183 Slide Projector Timer # 184 rudder to let you get full control. This one uses a digital pot from Xicor (X9104 X9104 X9104 X9104) and 10 other is a trim pot to set the desired step rate from slow to very fast and the Xicor pot has 99 steps
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