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IPS-3931 BUD Industries Inc BOX ALUM 7.95X5.59X3.15 NAT visit Digikey Buy
AS3931-ZTST ams AS3931-ZTST visit Digikey Buy
AS3931 DB ams BOARD DEMO FOR AS3931 visit Digikey Buy
SSL5031CDB1210UL NXP Semiconductors SSL5031CDB1210 visit Digikey Buy
ON5447,518 NXP Semiconductors MOFFET RF 64QFP visit Digikey Buy

st s3931

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st s3931

Abstract: 10sp thermistor Voltage Vscg 0 0 V Saturation Control Drain Voltage Vscd Vb Vb V Start Pulse Voltage ( 0 st)d -High -Low , > st) tr0 s, tf 0 s 500 500 ns Start Pulsewidth (¿st) tpw0s 200 200 ns Clock Pulse Rise / Fall Times , ns Stari Pulse ( 0 st) and Clock Pulse ( 2) Overlap t 0 ov 200 200 ns Clock Pulse Space X1, X2 , "S5930-256S", "S3931 -512S" for thermoelectric cooling Parameter Value Internal Resistant (at 25"C) 0.983 O , synchronized with the rise of 2, the video data rate is equal to the clock pulse frequency. /St Input
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S5930 S5931 S5931-1024S st s3931 10sp thermistor Peltier element thermoelectric peltier Silicon Photodiode DT 25 S5930- 50X2500 S5931- 25X2500

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Abstract: st s3931 -05 S5629 760 to 1100 760 to 1100 50 S5629-01 1´6 6 300 S5629-02 S3931 320 to , Warsaw, 8 St. A. Boboli Str., Poland Telephone: (48)22-646-0016, Fax: (48)22-646-0018 E-mail , Telephone: (46)8-509-031-00, Fax: (46)8-509-031-01 E-mail: info@hamamatsu.se Russian Office: Vyatskaya St
Hamamatsu Photonics
Sensors PSD position sensitive device S5990-01 position sensitive diode S5991-01 S3274 led optical communication RU-127015 KPSD0001E05

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Abstract: United Detector Technology PSD series, S3931 S3932 S8543 S3270 105 H M L 106 105 104 105 - *2: Signal conversion , packages S3931*5 S3932*5 S8543 S3270*5 AC 100 to 240 V 50/60 Hz AC adapter*6 C9068 RS
Selection guide United Detector Technology PSD KACC0001E02