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AS3931 DB ams BOARD DEMO FOR AS3931 visit Digikey Buy
AS3931-ZTST ams AS3931-ZTST visit Digikey Buy
IPS-3931 BUD Industries Inc BOX ALUM 7.95X5.59X3.15 NAT visit Digikey Buy
934043060215 NXP Semiconductors TRANSISTOR UHF BAND, Si, NPN, RF SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR, PLASTIC, SST, 3 PIN, BIP RF Small Signal visit Digikey Buy
OM11005 NXP Semiconductors DISPLAY QVGA TFT FOR OM10100 visit Digikey Buy

st s3931

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st s3931

Abstract: 10sp thermistor Voltage Vscg 0 0 V Saturation Control Drain Voltage Vscd Vb Vb V Start Pulse Voltage ( 0 st)d -High -Low , > st) tr0 s, tf 0 s 500 500 ns Start Pulsewidth (¿st) tpw0s 200 200 ns Clock Pulse Rise / Fall Times , ns Stari Pulse ( 0 st) and Clock Pulse ( 2) Overlap t 0 ov 200 200 ns Clock Pulse Space X1, X2 , "S5930-256S", "S3931 -512S" for thermoelectric cooling Parameter Value Internal Resistant (at 25"C) 0.983 O , synchronized with the rise of 2, the video data rate is equal to the clock pulse frequency. /St Input
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S5930 S5931 S5931-1024S st s3931 10sp thermistor Peltier element thermoelectric peltier Silicon Photodiode DT 25 S5930- 50X2500 S5931- 25X2500

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Abstract: st s3931 -05 S5629 760 to 1100 760 to 1100 50 S5629-01 1´6 6 300 S5629-02 S3931 320 to , Warsaw, 8 St. A. Boboli Str., Poland Telephone: (48)22-646-0016, Fax: (48)22-646-0018 E-mail , Telephone: (46)8-509-031-00, Fax: (46)8-509-031-01 E-mail: info@hamamatsu.se Russian Office: Vyatskaya St
Hamamatsu Photonics
Sensors PSD position sensitive device S5990-01 position sensitive diode S5991-01 S3274 led optical communication RU-127015 KPSD0001E05

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Abstract: United Detector Technology PSD series, S3931 S3932 S8543 S3270 105 H M L 106 105 104 105 - *2: Signal conversion , packages S3931*5 S3932*5 S8543 S3270*5 AC 100 to 240 V 50/60 Hz AC adapter*6 C9068 RS
Selection guide United Detector Technology PSD KACC0001E02