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PL-PLCC68-S-01 Ironwood Electronics PLCC Plug-in Adapters; Part Description: PLCC Plug Surface Mount; Top Pin Count: 68; Bottom Pin Count: 68; ri Buy
PL-PLCC52-S-01 Ironwood Electronics PLCC Plug-in Adapters; Part Description: PLCC Plug Surface Mount; Top Pin Count: 52; Bottom Pin Count: 52; ri Buy
PC-SOIC/DIP8-01 Ironwood Electronics SOIC8-DIP8, IC SOCKET, ROHS COMPLIANT ri Buy

smd code marking NEC g

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Abstract: on a label Add "G" to the end Lead (Pb)-Free of full code Terminal finish with Lead (used Lead , ) Product Code SMD SMD SMD THD SMD THD THD THD THD THD THD THD SMD SMD SMD SMD SMD SMD , Industry 2004/3/31 Product Name after Change (G/Q/(F)/(Q) Product Code THD THD THD THD THD , after Change (G/Q/(F)/(Q) Produce Name before Change Product Code 401A7405 401A7405 401A2444 401A2444 401A7797 401A7797 , SMD SBU P K G Type LQFP48-P-0707-0 LQFP48-P-0707-0.50 SSOP24-P-300-1 SSOP24-P-300-1.00 HSOP20-P-450-1 HSOP20-P-450-1.00 ... Original

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ta8637bfg smd code marking NEC g PM2007A TB62503 TA8116F TA7358F How to read marking code of smd IC marking code smd toshiba TA8804FG TA7267P PA2028A TA8690ANG TB9248N KT404-006 KT404-006 abstract
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Abstract: Function 1 Series 12: Positive Volt SC-99 SC-99 (MP-3) Package Outline Signal SMD NEC Electronics , NEC Electronics provides best-in-class solutions for various power management requirements with a , mounting requirement · High reliability based on long-term experience in the automotive industry NEC Electronics America 3 4 NEC Electronics America Polarity N -12 P 30 N P N , 6-pin SSP NEC Electronics Package SC-59 SC-59 SC-95/SOT-6 SC-95/SOT-6 SC-70 SC-70 SC-59 SC-59 SC-70 SC-70 Package ... Original

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SMD TRANSISTOR MARKING 9f TRANSISTOR SMD MARKING CODE 3f sot-89 Marking 8D smd transistor 5d sot-23 smd TRANSISTOR code marking 2F p-ch mosfet smd MARKING code Ct TRANSISTOR SMD MARKING CODE 1d SMD transistor Marking 13w mosfet SMD CODE PACKAGE SOT89 52 10A smd code marking NEC g TRANSISTOR SMD MARKING CODE MP datasheet abstract
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Abstract: contact to IFT) SFZ450HL3/JL3/KL3 SFZ450HL3/JL3/KL3 (for contact to IFT) 7.0T0.3 MARKING EIAJ CODE 1.1T0.1 0.8T0.1 (3) (2) (1) 2.5T0.2 2.5T0.2 MARKING EIAJ CODE 0.25 0.1 Connection (1) Input , CFWS450HT CFWS450HT MARKING EIAJ CODE 0.8T0.1 0.15 0.6T0.1 2.9T0.3 2.9T0.3 2.6T0.3 1.2T0.5 , CFWS450GY/FY/DY CFWS450GY/FY/DY 8.0T0.3 EIAJ CODE 7.0T0.3 EIAJ CODE 7.0T0.3 MARKING MARKING , ). BFU450K3/C/C4N BFU450K3/C/C4N !DIMENSIONS 7.0T0.3 100K MARKING 10K EIAJ CODE 3.5T0.5 50K ... Original

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sfz450 SMD MARKING CODE KL3 sfu455b datasheet 460 Khz Murata Filter SFU 455 B smd code marking NEC cf SFU 465 y uPC1216V2 SFU 468 70t03 sfz455 SFU455A sfz 468 A P10E-4 P10E4 P10E-4 abstract
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Abstract: 0.92 0.92 Package Chip1) Pin2) Family Code Conf. trr @ IF = 10mA IR = 6/3mA [V] [ns] 1 120 1 1600 10 , 700 80 3 500 500 800 750 750 750 750 Chip1) Pin2) Code Conf. BAR50-02L3 BAR50-02L3) BAR50-02V BAR50-02V NEW BAR50-03W BAR50-03W , Family IR [nA] < 20 < 20 < 20 < 20 VR [V] 16 16 16 16 Chip1) Pin2) Code Conf. BB804 BB804 BB814 BB814 BB844 BB844 BB914 BB914 , 12.7 1 0.52 28 12.7 Package Family IR [nA] < 20 < 20 < 20 < 10 VR [V] 30 30 30 30 Chip1) Pin2) Code , Chip1) Pin2) Code Conf. BB439 BB439 BB535 BB535 BB545 BB545 BB555 BB555 BB555-02V BB555-02V BB565 BB565 BB565-02V BB565-02V BB639 BB639 BB639C BB639C BB640 BB640 BB644 BB644 ... Original

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BFP182W marking code onsemi smd diode BF1009S BFR92p application note BFP720 kdv214 cross BGM732N16 marking code onsemi Diode diagram radar JRC ALPHA&OMEGA DATE CODE BAR86-02LRH BFR181W BGT24MTR11 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: date code Rated voltage (g: 4 V, j: 6.3 V, A: 10 V, C: 16 V) Polarity stripe(+) Capacitance , Y Z 1999 a b c d e f g h j k l m Year Note Date code , selfheating and heat radiation. NEC defines permissible ripple current as the amount of ripple current which , ceramic capacitor, is available in NEOCAPACITOR with SMD, and NEOCAPACITOR is applicable to larger extent , W2 W2 ­ (Unit: mm) Dimension Case code L W1 W2 H Z Y A 3.2 ± 0.2 ... Original

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PSNA1A335M PSNA0J106M PSNA0J685M PSNA1A475M PSNA1C335M PSNB20G226M smd code marking NEC Polymer Aluminum Capacitor smd code marking NEC g PSNA0G106M PSMD1A107M NeoCapacitor 104 TANTALUM capacitor nec EC0305EJ1V0UM00 EC0305EJ1V0UM00 abstract
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Abstract: The SMD Code Book 1st character of code 0123456789 ABCDEFGHI JKLMNOPQ R STUVWXYZ The SMD , The SMD Code Book back to Wormhole back to marsport Marsport , GM4PMK's SMD Codebook Codes beginning with '1' be sure to check the 'I' (letter i) table as well Code , SMD Codebook Codes beginning with '3' Code 3 (white) Device BAT60A BAT60A BAT62-02W BAT62-02W PZM30NB1 PZM30NB1 BZV49-C30 BZV49-C30 , Page 4 GM4PMK's SMD Codebook Codes beginning with '4' Code 4 (white) Device BAS140W BAS140W BB644 BB644 ... Original

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smd transistor WW1 kvp 81A DIODE smd transistor 1fp TRANSISTOR SMD MARKING CODE 1AM 6Bs smd transistor smd transistor marking a4p smd TRANSISTOR code marking T04 diode Marking code L4W SMD Transistor rkm smd transistor A6a DIODE SMD L4W SMD Transistor t06 94 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE (5) PACKAGING SPECIFICATION FOR "SMD PACKING INFORMATION . _ 2 /3 PIN , mounting machine is actively being introduced into the assembly line. NEC has supplied subminiature , related practices for NEC subminiature electrordevice "2PJN ULTRA SUPER M IN I MOLD. 2PIN SUPER MINI MOLD , 2. PURPOSE This document intends to establish NEC standard practices fo r tape packaging of , SYMBOL A B KO F J' J H E G D W C SIZE 1 .0 ± 0 1 2 .4 5 ± 0 .1 0 .7 6 i: 0 1 4 .0 ± 0 .1 4 0 .6 ± 0 .1 ... OCR Scan

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smd code marking NEC g P3Z smd code datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 2 Absolute Maximum Ratings Param eters lFjAV) M ax.AverageForw ardC urrent lFSM M ax.PeakO neC , 12111 rev. B 07/97 In te rn a tio n a l I ö R R e ctifie r Ordering Information Table Device Code , ecovery V oltage code : C ode x 100 = V RRM S = D2Pak (SM D-220 D-220) Version Tape and Reel Option: T R L = , rn a tio n a l I ö R R e ctifie r Marking Information EXAMPLE: TH IS IS AN 20ETF06S 20ETF06S 20ETF 20ETF.S QUIETIR Series Bulletin 12111 rev. B 07/97 (K ) IN T E R N A T IO N A L R E C T IF IE R LO G O ... OCR Scan

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smd marking code d220 Diode smd code sm 97 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: : IEU-754 IEU-754 Remark xxx: ROM code number Q U A L IT Y G RADE Standard Please refer to Quality Grades on NEC , , marking, screening, and verification. O R D E R IN G IN F O R M A T IO N Part number ¿UPD78P238GC-3B9 UPD78P238GC-3B9 , © NEC Corporation 1991 I ro D IA G R A M OF 7 8 K /II PRODUCT D E V E L O P M E N T , instruction to the register does not influence their operations. 19 NEC 3. P R O G R A M M IN G IN TH , Note When n = 0 33 NEC tcYx-dependent bus tim in g d efin itio n (2/2) /IPD78P238 /IPD78P238 ... OCR Scan

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uPD78P238 uPD78P238GJ-5BG OP44 OP62 K5P13 pd78238 nec k 813 DIODE smd marking CODE OZ 2TC TRANSISTOR smd smd diode code A4E smd diode marking code T03 smd code marking NEC polygon motor ic803 PD78P238 PD78P238 abstract
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Abstract: pin configuration on page 23 8 [] Chip1) Pin2) Code Conf. , 1000 1 120 1 120 Package Chip1) Pin2) Family Code Conf. SOD323 SOD323 SOT23 SCD80 SCD80 SC79 , 12.7 1 0.52 28 12.7 Package Family Chip1) Pin2) Code Conf. SOD323 SOD323 SOD323 SCD80 SCD80 V16 V5 V17 V17 Package Family [V] 16 16 16 16 V4 V11 V18 V12 Chip1) Pin2) Code , Family IR Chip1) Pin2) Code Conf. C04 C04 C04 C04 SAT Tuner Type D = Dual BB831 BB831 ... Original

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BGF100 ESD5V3U4RRS BF998-GS08 SOT23-5 marking code C12 mrf901 MA399 BFP410 XM0860SH smd code marking NEC rf transistor smd marking D3 SOT363 smd code marking rf ft sot23 RF Transistor Selection MARKING V14 SOT23-5 datasheet abstract
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Assistant (PDA) Digital camera Third-generation (3-G) phone Set-Top Box (STB Processor 2003-01-07 Interfacing ISP1161x to NEC V832 Processor 2003-01-07 Interfacing packages Typenumber North American Typenumber Order Code (12nc) Leadfree Status Marking Packing Specific Package Device Status Chemical Content ISP1161ABD ISP1161ABD ISP1161ABD ISP1161ABD ISP1161ABD-T ISP1161ABD-T ISP1161ABD-T ISP1161ABD-T 9352 701 34118 week 17, 2004 Standard Marking Reel Pack
Philips 15/06/2005 16.76 Kb HTML isp1161a-03.html
No abstract text available (00104f.pdf)
Microchip 01/06/2002 87251.33 Kb ZIP
#674 : PROMs/XC1700: Ordering ID (part number) and PROM Marking ID are different for the same part : Defining pin attributes/locations for a VHDL code using Viewsynthesis Xilinx Answer #973 : How to
Xilinx 16/02/1999 433.95 Kb HTM wcd00072-v1.htm
on Sun version Xilinx Answer #294 : SDT2XNF, INF2XNF ERROR 1, internal program error, code 0, return code 3 Xilinx Answer #297 : PPR 5.0: Information for users upgrading from APR for 3000A Xilinx Answer #674 : PROMs/XC1700: Ordering ID (part number) and PROM Marking ID are different for the
Xilinx 17/07/1998 357.17 Kb HTM wcd0005b.htm
Xilinx Answer #294 : Obsolete - Orcad SDT2XNF, INF2XNF ERROR 1, internal program error, code 0, return code 3 Xilinx Answer #295 : Global Index: Errors On HBLKNM, H_SET, HU_SET index listings expiration override code Xilinx Answer #522 : VST/386 VST/386 VST/386 VST/386+ Gives "Terminal Error - Incompatible Version of MODEL Files." Xilinx Answer #523 : * OBSOLETE * XEPLD PROGRAMMER HW-120 HW-120 HW-120 HW-120: reports Product code Marking ID are different for the same part Xilinx Answer #675 : XABEL 5.1 (BLIFOPTX) fails on Truth
Xilinx 29/02/2000 662.64 Kb HTM rp00254.htm
No abstract text available (DBOOKOLD.PDF)
Xilinx 07/09/1996 10340.01 Kb ZIP