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TIP121 Texas Instruments NPN Darlington - Connected Silicon Power Transistors 3-TO-220 ri Buy
SN75424N Texas Instruments TRANSISTOR 0.5 A, 100 V, 8 CHANNEL, NPN, Si, POWER TRANSISTOR, PLASTIC, DIP-18, BIP General Purpose Power ri Buy
LP395Z/LFT1 Texas Instruments Ultra Reliable Power Transistor 3-TO-92 ri Buy

sl100 npn transistor

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Abstract: ph 4148 zener diode detail D2 HSDL4220 HSDL4220 1µF C1 Q3 Photo NPN R11 20k 1µF C5 8 11 - + 100k R2 , VCC_3V 10 1µF C3 VCC_3V Q2 Photo NPN R4 20k VCC_3V Q1 Photo NPN R1 20k , must be chosen for the application, in addition to the values of the transistor TR1 and base resistor ... Original

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baby monitor circuit pin diagram of sl100 transistor automatic solar 12v charger with lm324 lm339 solar charge controller schematic schematic diagram offline UPS sonar block diagram schematic diagram UPS SL100 TRANSISTOR SL100 npn transistor characteristics SK100 transistor SL100 pin configuration AN004901-0900 AN004901-0900 abstract
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