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POWEREST Texas Instruments Power Estimation Tool (PET)
POE-PD-POWER-REF Texas Instruments LM5072 5V out 25W IEEE 802.3at Compliant POE+ PD Power Reference Design
SOLARMAGIC-SOLARPOWEROPTIMIZER-REF Texas Instruments SolarMagic SM3320-RF-EV Solar Power Optimizer with RF Communications Reference Design
MSP430-3P-PCC-LIFETIMEPOWEREVALDEVKT Texas Instruments Lifetime Power? Evaluation and Development Kit
JNW350R41-18TZ GE Critical Power JNW350R Series Power Modules; DC-DC Converter
ATS025A0X3 GE Critical Power Austin MegaLynx: Non-Isolated DC-DC Power Module

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Part : SILICON PAD FOR WTHA1 Supplier : Weller Hand Tools Manufacturer : Newark element14 Stock : 13 Best Price : $21.50 Price Each : $21.50
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silicon power 1GB

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Abstract: SILICON POWER SD Hello Kitty 128 128-01-002 SILICON POWER SD 80X ULTIMAII 128 128-01-003 SILICON POWER SD 133X 128 128-01-004 Panasonic SD HIGH SPEED 128 128-01-005 KINGMAX SD Secure Digital 128 128-01-006 SILICON POWER SD ULTIMA 128 , POWER SD 80X ULTIMAII 256 256-01-002 SILICON POWER SD 150X 256 256-01-003 , POWER 256-01-015 SILICON POWER SD ULTIMA 256 SD ULTIMAII 133X 256 256-02-016 -
sandisk micro SD Card 2GB sandisk micro sd SanDisk SDHC kingston sd 2GB kingston micro sd sd card 4gb sandisk SDC-16M SDC-32M 128MB 256MB 01G-84-021 02G-81-021
Abstract: SiS Newest AMD K7 Solution ~ With FSB333 and DDR400 ~ for AMD AthlonTM Platforms Silicon , /DDR266 3 DIMMs Unbuffered DDR Max. 1GB per DIMM AGP MuTIOL 1GB/s, Bi-directional bus, 16-bit @ , Interface Controller Support AGP 8X/4X interface MuTIOL Interface 1GB/s Bandwidth MuTIOL , Power Controller Interface Management 6 channels of AC97 speaker outputs Support V.90 HSP , Interface 1GB/s Bandwidth Bi-Directional 16-bit Data Bus MuTIOL Technology MuTIOL 1G® Delivering Silicon Integrated Systems
SIS963L maxtor kt400 sis 963l SiS746 nForce2 746FX/963L 333MH DDR400/DDR333/DDR266 533MH 10/100M PC2001
Abstract: Support · PC2001 Compliance · SiS MuTIOL Technology Delivering 1GB/sec Bandwidth SiS963 Power , SiS Flexible Design Solutions SiSM661FX/648FX/648/963 Pentium 4 Architecture Chipset Silicon , DIMM Unbuffered DDR333 Support Max. 1GB per DIMM Dual View Dual View TV SiS302LV 2 x 12-bit Or 1 x 24-bit 1GB/sec Bi-directional 16 bit data bus MuTIOL ® 1G V.90 Modem IEEE 1394a , DDR333/266 Up to 1GB per DIMM with 512Mb tech. Dynamic Clock Enable (CKE) control placing the Memory Silicon Integrated Systems
M661FX SIS651 SIS650 SIS963 SiS 961 SIS 648FX SiS648FX SM661FX/648FX/648/963 648FX SM661FX/S S648FX 133MH
Abstract: (1/1) TDK Silicon Disk GBDisk Series Conformity to RoHS Directive Silicon Disks for Industrial Applications/Embedded Systems 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB With the increased capacity and price reductions now seen in the NAND-type flash memory, the silicon disk is a rapidly rising contender in the market. Silicon disks have no spindle and compared to hard disk drives (HDDs) they are lighter, have very good power consumption and startup times, and excellent resistance to vibration and shock. They are -
silicon power 8GB silicon power 2GB silicon power 4GB TDK GBDriver 8GB Nand flash hard disk spindle 1500G 2002/95/EC
Abstract: Compliance SiS MuTIOL Technology Delivering 1GB/sec Bandwidth SiS963L Power Management · Support , SiS Flexible Design Solutions SiS661FX/648FX/648/963L Pentium 4 Architecture Chipset Silicon , Support 3 DIMM Unbuffered DDR333 Support Max. 1GB per DIMM AGP 8X OR VB LCD 1GB/sec , /266 Up to 1GB per DIMM with 512Mb tech. Dynamic Clock Enable (CKE) control placing the Memory into , Support 1.5V interface only · SiS MuTIOL Technology Delivering 1GB/sec Bandwidth SiS661FX VGA Key Silicon Integrated Systems
661FX SiS 661FX sis 6326 agp sis 962 sis 650 sis 735 S661FX/648FX/648/963L S661FX/S S963L 125MH S630S
Abstract: mounting technology, Elpida Memory has developed Mobile Low power consumption RAM, which simultaneously realizes high-speed data transfer, a high-density of 1Gb, and low-voltage Low power voltage , operation Ultra-low power consumption Ultra-low power voltage of 1.8V Synchronous operation , also available in 1Gb, 512Mb, 256Mb 128Mb and 64Mb densities. SDRAM Standard products , high-speed with the same power consumption of DDR Mobile RAM. DDR2 Mobile RAM is JEDEC LPDDR2-compliant and Elpida Memory
Elpida LPDDR2 Memory lpddr2 datasheet elpida lpddr2 lpddr2 ELPIDA mobile dram LPDDR2 ddr2 ram E0566E80
Abstract: Delivering 1GB/sec Bandwidth SiS963 Power Management · Support Intel CPU Speed Step Technology · Advanced Power Management ACPI 1.0b Compliance · Sleeping States ­ S0: Normal Run ­ S1: Internal CPU , SiS Flexible Design Solutions SiSM661MX/648MX/963 Pentium M Architecture Chipset Silicon , DDR400 Support Up to 3 un-buffered DIMMs DDR333/266 Up to 1GB per DIMM with 512Mb tech. Dynamic Clock , Delivering 1GB/sec Bandwidth SiSM661MX VGA Key Feature · DX9 S/W Compliant · High performance 256Bit 3D Silicon Integrated Systems
M661MX SiS 651 chipset SiS chipset 962 sis 6326 SiS 963 chipset SiS 661MX SIS 651 SM661MX/648MX/963 648MX SM661MX/S S648MX 661MX
Abstract: SiS Newest AMD K7 Solution ~ With FSB400 and DDR400 ~ ~ With FSB400 and DDR400 ~ Silicon , DDR400/DDR333/DDR266 3 DIMMs Unbuffered DDR Max. 1GB per DIMM AC'97 Codec Dual IDE ATA133/100/66 , Interface · 1GB/s Bandwidth · Bi-Directional 16-bit Data Bus MuTIOL® 1G Interface SiS963L South , USB2.0 for up to 6 ports IDE AC97 Power Controller Interface Management 6 channels , Ethernet PCI Controller Controller USB 2.0 · 1GB/s Bandwidth · Bi-Directional 16-bit Data Silicon Integrated Systems
SiS 671 sis 962 southbridge diagram maxtor kt400a SIS 740 athlon pin configuration 746FX DDR266 S748/963L 400/333/266MH ATA133/100/66/33 PATA133
Abstract: , and a USB Low Speed keyboard and mouse. The problem exhibited appears to be power related. The , helpful to use a self-powered hub for any USB device that needs power from the VBUS. Those devices cannot , no current workaround. Complete resolution appears to require a silicon modification that is , Sandisk Cruizer Micro 512MB SDCZ4-512-A10 OK OK Sandisk Cruzer Micro 1GB SDCZ4-1024-AB10 OK OK Sandisk Cruizer Micro 2GB SDCZ4-2048-AB10 OK OK Centon 1GB PDU01 ZF Micro Solutions
SanDisk Cruzer Micro SanDisk cruzer controller Sandisk Cruzer USB Flash Drive usb sandisk cruzer micro sandisk usb flash drive sandisk cruzer ZFMS-EN-0003 SDCZ4-256-A10 20SEP2007
Abstract: . Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. August, 2004 Agenda PC Technical Trends SiS649/965 Architecture , /DDR Max. 1GB per DIMM PCI-EX Graphic x16 PCI-express MuTIOL® 1G 8 USB 2.0/1.1 Dual IDE , Active State Power Management Support Enhanced Configuration Mechanism Support Advanced Error Reporting , Port Active State Power Management (ASPM) PCI ­Express Link Power States L0 State 35% Saved L0's state 0 20 40 60 80 100 Save More Power!! Estimated Power(%) Allow Silicon Integrated Systems
SiS662 SiS964 SiS Mirage 3 SiS965L sis 965 giga Ethernet PHY RGMII S649/965 DDR2-533/DDR400 ATA133/100 10/100/1000M S965L 800/533MH
Abstract: , 2 devices to a more advanced 50nm process technology node. For customers, this means lower power , 576Mb RLDRAM 3 1Gb 2011 2012 2013 2014 Ecosystem Micron is reinforcing and expanding , Silicon Northwest Logic T-Pack Tilera Xelerated Xilinx - -
RLDRAM DDR3 Infineon cosmo 1010 817 micron ddr3 1Gb Broadcom product roadmap micron ddr3
Abstract: 8Mb 16Mb 32Mb 64Mb 128Mb 256Mb 512Mb 1Gb 2Gb 4Gb GL FAMILY Leading , only a single 3.0V power supply for read and write functions and is entirely command set compatible , initial access time of 70ns, the AS family offers low power consumption and a fast program speed which is , -40°C to +85°C Security Secured Silicon Region, 256-byte OTP sector for permanent, secure , Silicon Region, 256-word OTP sector for permanent, secure identification Packages . 44-ball, 64 Spansion
S25FL129 S98GL064 S98GL064NB0 s29gl256p90 S70FL256 S98GL064NB S71PL127NB0 S71PL127NC0 1-866-SPANSION 43715B
Abstract: e s n RAM-Less Operation ­ Shares host memory at sub 1Gb/s ­ no directly attached RAM , /66 MHz LSI also provides: ­ A family of other silicon chips for your own designs ­ , 9000) production boards The LSI Tarari® T1000 series of silicon implements LSI T10 technology for , memory chip operation and provides scalable solutions at 250Mbps, 500Mbps, 1Gb/s and 2Gb/s , . Manufacturers can add content inspection while dramatically reducing power, space and bill of material costs -
356-pin PCIE1 Tarari video server PB07-040
Abstract: DC-to-DC power supply, accept DC 12V~24V power input source, ATX supported Allow one PCI-104 card or one , harsh environment. The EBPC-3500 series advanced Embedded PC system chassis allows for wide range power , excellent power management for various embedded application environments. Universal, Comprehensive and , of DC Power Input, ATX Supported The EBPC-3500 series advanced Embedded PC system chassis allows for a wide range power input of DC 12V~24V, and it also supports ATX which offers system integrators Advantech
96SD-1G333NN-TR 96SD-1G400NN-TR MHV2100AT DB15 connector male DB9 female socket dimension PCM9375E PC-104 RH80536GC0332M 96SD-256M266NN-TR 200PIN
Abstract: MP3/WMA mini audio system SANDISK Cruzer Micro 1GB Power Amp MVSILICON AU7842 512k Bit , Rev 1.0 June 10 , 2007 Shanghai Mountain View Silicon Technology Co Ltd http , this publication, Shanghai Mountain View Silicon Technology Co. Ltd.("MVSILICON") does not assume , written permission of Shanghai Mountain View Silicon Technology Co. Ltd. Shanghai Mountain View Silicon , Silicon Technology Co Ltd http://www.mvsilicon.com ii MVSILICON AU7842 USB HOST MP3/WMA Shanghai Mountain View Silicon Technology
sandisk micro sd card circuit diagram sandisk micro sd card pin 48 pin mp3 decoder with fm mvsilicon wma player circuit diagram sandisk 1Gb sd
Abstract: OE = Unbuffered ECC MiniDIMM HN = 32 Bit DIMM D 2 C R 256 = 256MB 512 = 512MB 01G = 1GB , requirements. Registered DIMMs ­ 1.181" Capacity Part Numbering (PT# - Speed) Rank 1GB x8 , 2 Capacity Org Part Numbering (PT# - Speed) Rank 1GB x8 WD3RE01GX809V - 800I , WD3UN512X808 - 800I, 1066J, 1333K, 1600L 1 1GB x8 x8 WD3UN01GX808 - 800I, 1066J, 1333K, 1600L , , 1333K, 1600L 1 1GB x8 x8 WD3UE01GX809 WD3UE01GX818 - 800I, 1066J, 1333K, 1600L 800I Wintec Industries
16GB Nand flash dual channel hynix nand flash samsung 8Gb nand flash Hynix 64Gb Nand flash nand flash HYNIX MLC dms-59 24-OEM
Abstract: Certification d Highest Quality Assured hest Qualit Industry-leading Low Power Consumption and Rich Feature Integration VIA Silicon Solutions VIA Processor Platform Ultra low power consumption , architecture and platform-centric design for higher performance-per-watt Industry-leading low power , fabless supplier of market-leading core logic chipsets, low power x86 processors, advanced connectivity, multimedia, networking and storage silicon, and complete platform solutions that are driving system VIA Technologies
VT8237S VIA vt8237S S3 Graphics 4300E vt8237r VT8237R PLUS vx800 VB8001 VB7002
Abstract: Dept. Integrated Product Division Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. Agenda · SiS 648FX System , Support Up to 2 un-buffered DIMM DDR400 or 3 unbuffered DIMM DDR333/DDR266 Max. 1GB per DIMM AGP 8X/4X Interface AC'97 Codec MuTIOL 1G, 16 Bit @ 533Mhz 1GB/s Dual IDE ATA133/100 USB , ? SATA vs. PATA · Narrower/ Longer Cabling - · Lower Power Requirement - · 7-pin with , (DT+NB) Design-in models - Most DT models will be mass production before 5/E Silicon Integrated Silicon Integrated Systems
SIS648 SiS180 963L SiS chipset AC97 pata S648FX/963L/180 1/10M
Abstract: Preliminaryâ'¡ 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb StrataFlash Memory Features Micron StrataFlash Embedded Memory MT28GU256AAA2EGC-0AAT, MT28GU512AAA2EGC-0AAT, MT28GU01GAAA2EGC-0AAT Features â'¢ Power â , '" Automatic power savings mode â'" 16-word synchronous-burst read current: 23mA (TYP) @ 108 MHz; 24mA (TYP , , 512Mb, and 1Gb â'" Address-data multiplexed interface â'" 64-Ball TBGA â'¢ High-performance read , '" 256KB erase blocks â'" 1Gb device: Eight 128Mb partitions â'" 512Mb device: Eight 64Mb partitions â Micron Technology
Abstract: redundancy and failover protec7on Can be 8Gb/s FC, 6Gb/s SAS or 1Gb/s iSCSI 10 , more than one server ·Redundant hardware: Dual Power Supplies; Simplex or , Feature Set: ­ Can be configured with 6 Gb/s SAS, or 1Gb/s iSCSI or 8Gb/s FC , Content, Medical Product built on LSI technology ­ LSI Silicon, LSI Firmware , , includes redundant power supplies, 6Gb/s backplane Chassis, 24 drive bays For LSI Logic
CTS2600 CTS2600-12 LSI2008 CTS2600-24 Santricity SSD controller LSI
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