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TIL601 Texas Instruments TIL601 N-P-N Planar Silicon Phototransistors visit Texas Instruments
TIL604 Texas Instruments TIL604 N-P-N Planar Silicon Phototransistors visit Texas Instruments
TIL603 Texas Instruments TIL603 N-P-N Planar Silicon Phototransistors visit Texas Instruments
TIL604HR2 Texas Instruments Photo Transistor, PHOTO TRANSISTOR DETECTOR visit Texas Instruments

sic phototransistor

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8pin 7 segment common anode pin configuration

Abstract: optical interrupter darlington July 2001 Infrared Components · Phototransistor Optical Interrupter Switch · Miniature Reflective , , visit our Web site. www.fairchildsemi.com/optosolutions Phototransistor Optical Interrupter Switch , QVE00832 phototransistor optical interrupter switch features a 5 mm wide slot and 0.5 mm aperture width , non-contact object sensing. Applications Phototransistor Optical Switch 0.024 (0.60) 0.016 (0.40 , Yellow-Green 575 Water Clear 120° 2.0 2.4 10 20 QTLP610C-IG InGaN/SiC True Green
Fairchild Semiconductor
8pin 7 segment common anode pin configuration optical interrupter darlington optical interrupter PS2701 Optocouplers for rs232 hma121 MAN3H10 MAN3H40 MAN3R10 MAN3R40 MAN3Y10 MAN3Y40


Abstract: optocoupler 817C -Pin Phototransistor Output, GaAs Input Optocoupler Schematic and Electrical Characteristics Package CATHODE 2 , 3/2.8 3.0 kV 4-Pin Phototransistor Output, GaAs Input Optocoupler Schematic and Electrical , Function 1 Not connected 2 Phototransistor collector 3 Phototransistor emitter 4 , 0402 Single Color Dual Color GaAsP/GaP GaAsP/GaP GaP AlGaAs GaN/SiC GaN/SiC GaAsP/GaP , AlInGaP InGaN/SiC InGaN/SiC InGaN/SiC AlInGaP AlInGaP AlInGaP AlInGaP 635 nm 585 nm 565 nm
Fairchild Semiconductor
817B OPTOCOUPLER 4-PIN optocoupler 817C optocoupler 817a optocoupler 817b 817C optocoupler OPTOCOUPLER 817c data sheet


Abstract: BB49 reflective object sensor which consists of an infrared emitting diode and an NPN silicon phototransistor mounted on a common cathode-emitter lead frame and encapsulated in a plastic package. Phototransistor , Phototransistor Collector-Emitter Voltage .30 V , design and to supply the best product possible. _â'"_â'"_ Qpll"cs D;-sic" IHW Electronic Components
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7500B BB49 IF-20 PL000 4j13 D0DG440 PL0003 0PM101 01STANCE 671B0
Abstract: Si bliaUMQ 0000^02 4 El NPI M EE D niCROPAC INDUSTRIES INC SILICON PHOTOTRANSISTOR 61058 (TYPE GS 4021) G E N E R A L D E S C R IP T IO N ( R E P L A C E S T IL 81) HIGH SENSITIVTY TO-46 HERMETIC PACKAGE Mii 61058 is an N-P-N Silicon Phototransistor in a lensed TO-46 three-lead package. It is , n V cc * 5V tr lc = 0 4 ma N ote H it shown 1 V CE (sit) 0 u SIC VOLTS , PHOTOTRANSISTOR A B S O L U T E M A X I M U M R A T IN G S 25-c free air temperature unless noted -
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Abstract: RPM-670CBR classified as follows: Product series Infrared LED SIR, SIC, SIM RPT, RPM RPM RPM, RPI RPR , actuator Table 5 Table of products by use- Photointerrupters (Phototransistor output) Package Absolute , (Phototransistor output) Package Absolute max ratings Detection limit (mm) Part No. Feature f (mA) VCEO (V
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SIR-56SB3 RPM-670CBR optical communication LED RPI-574 SIU-5000 RPI-1133 RPR-359F


Abstract: 1116t : R ED - IRED Anode W HITE - Phototransistor Collector BLA CK - IR ED Cathode G R E E N - Phototransistor Emitter Other wire lengths and/or colors differing from the standard series are available. R , Front of Sensor 5 = .050" 1 =0.10"* Phototransistor Output Family Aperture Width In Front of , (SOS Duty Cycle! i i » 1 - Rìsa T im e -Fall F im « -1 00 1K SIC R i -L O
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J380 1116t OPB802W OPB810W QPB800W OPTEK slotted OPB800W/OPB810W 200IS H00SJNGS

piezo injector driver

Abstract: piezo injector with Dust Cover (Focused) QRB1113 40 5 0.150 0.20 30 Phototransistor 940 QRB1114 40 5 0.150 0.60 30 Phototransistor 940 Phototransistor 940 , Sensor PCB Mount QRD1113 20 5 0.050 0.30 30 Phototransistor 880 QRD1114 20 5 0.050 1.00 30 Phototransistor 880 QRD1313 20 5 0.050 10.00 15 Photodarlington 880 Phototransistor 940 Reflective Surface Mount (Non-focused) QRE1113GR 20 5
Fairchild Semiconductor
piezo injector driver piezo injector QRB1134 car ignition coil Driver Fuel injection piezo injector voltage 247TM

visible communication LED

Abstract: 1900nm ,Visible LEDs of GaN on SiC,430nm, and super bright AlInGaN on sapphire,470nm, for medical sensors and , Temperature (°C) Epitex Incorporation Photodiode & Phototransistor Planer type Silicon photodiodes and
PD023F00 PD032P00 visible communication LED 1900nm vics Beacon Epitex L940 PT008-SM PD043P00 PD010-SMP PT008-SMC

ECG semiconductor book free

Abstract: ST7511 phototransistors. One phototransistor is typically used in a servo feedback mechanism to control the LED d riv e c , tu re c h a ra cte ristics. The o th e r o u tput phototransistor is used to provide the galvanic , , the incident optical flux on the servo phototransistor causes a current I, to flow. For detailed , generated by the LED is also incident on the output phototransistor and generates a current l2 which is , it in fig u re 1 is c o n fig u re d w ith the phototransistor collector to base reverse biased. This
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ECG semiconductor book free ST7511 lm358 4-20mA 0-10v to 4-20ma ecg book of electronic parts 1-800-CPCLARE 901-B


Abstract: 7 segment s511 . Optocouplers with Phototransistor Output MKP 1848 DC-Link Film Capacitors Device in SOP-4L long , SiC choice for maximum efficiency â'¢ Off-the-shelf solution integrating MPPT tracker and inverter stage â'¢ Technology: 650 V high-speed MOSFET, Trench IGBT, SiC Schottky diode, FRED Pt® diodes â , ® Resistors Inductance range up to 10 µH IR emitter and 2 phototransistor detectors Low resistance , '™s Device Standard Phototransistor LED Drivers TEMP6200FX01 17 ResistorS
Lucky Light
a21sc 7 segment s511 smd a21sc LED 5mm bi-color 3 pin common anode KW5-401asb 204HD1F 204ID1F 204GD1F 204YD1F 204HD2L 204ID2L

60 SMD 5050 Ultra Bright LEDs

Abstract: Number Description Part Number Description 2NXX Transistors OP7XX PhotoTransistor with low signal reduction 3NXX Opto-Isolators OP8XX PhotoTransistor & PhotoDarlington , OPF3XX Fiber Optic Light Emitting Diode (LED) OP5XX PhotoTransistor & PhotoDarlington OPF4XX , Isolators OP6XX PhotoTransistor - Pill Pack OPVXXX Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser , Mount Diode OP5XX PhotoTransistor & PhotoDarlington HCTXXX Surface Mount Transistor
Vishay Intertechnology
60 SMD 5050 Ultra Bright LEDs VMN-MS6495-1011


Abstract: marking code ny SMD Transistor npn Phototransistors An 0603 phototransistor that is mechanically and spectrally matched to the Kingbright range of infra-red emitting diodes. â'¢ Manufactured using NPN silicon phototransistor chips â'¢ Water clear lens , 2.1 2.1 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.8 ICEO nA max. 100 Type 0603 Phototransistor TR μs typ. 3 , VCE (SAT) V min. V min. V max. 30 5 0.8 Type 0805 Phototransistor Type Red SMD Led , View angle 120° 120° 120° An 0805 phototransistor that is mechanically and spectrally
OPTEK Technology
OPB960N55 marking code ny SMD Transistor npn OPB840L51 E23 SMD Transistor A1 Package TO-78 MEXICO TRANSMISSIVE SENSOR


Abstract: 7028 SMD Transistor /counter: 4 channels q 8-bit timer/counter: 4 channels q Clock timer q Serial interface UART/SIC: 4 , for these mechanisms. Toshiba offers a lineup of photointerrupters having a photo-transistor output
Rapid Electronics Catalog
WG12864A 7028 SMD Transistor wh1604 WH1602B cree 3535 RGB 5050 IP65 L-934 24AC/DC 1511A35 1511A35W3 1511A35W3D 1511A35UY3

5252 F led driver 4pin

Abstract: tc35301bp MOSFET, which is electrically isolated from the rest of the die by a very thin layer of SiC>2, may be , opto-coupler and their magnitudes are affected by the phototransistor's output load impedance. If this
5252 F led driver 4pin tc35301bp RTC BASED AUTOMATIC STREET LIGHT CONTROLLER free TCD1208P TC35133 TC35306p TLP832 TLP833 TLP1241

an913 Motorola

Abstract: AN913 TMOS POWER MOSFETs phototransistor. All of this results in present CMOS cameras being worse than the best CCDs in aspects like
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an913 Motorola AN913 TMOS POWER MOSFETs mosfet base inverter with chargers circuit MTM8N10 TDT102 CI sn74LS05 AN-913 AN913/D

cadmium sulfide photoresistor

Abstract: heat sensor with fan cooling using LM741 include optocouplers with phototransistor output, digital and analog output, high speed and high gain , replacement ACPL-P346 ACPL-W346 â'¢ Power & SiC MOSFET Gate Drive â'¢ Rail-to-Rail output voltage â
cadmium sulfide photoresistor heat sensor with fan cooling using LM741 circuit diagram of incubator ACD0831 DC FAN CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE USING IC LM741 circuit diagram of pipe climbing robot 14-DAY 2N3904 BS170MOSFET ULN2003A
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