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Abstract: SILICON SG3183 HIGH-CURRENT NPN TRANSISTOR ARRAYS FEA TU R ES · * · · High voltage capability , SG3183 A B S O L U T E MAXIMUM RA TIN G S (Note 1) Maximum Collector Current , PER A TIN G CONDITIONS (Note 2) Operating Ambient Temperature SG3183 (J-Package) . -55 C to 125 C SG3183 (N, C to 70 C , T fl s 125°C for the S G 3183 (J-package) and 0°C s T , s 70°Cfor the SG3183 (N & D - packages). Low -
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SG3183J SG3183N SG3183D 6 "transistor arrays" ic MIL-STD-883 16-PIN SG3183J/883B
Abstract: , and thyristors. HIGH RELIABILITY FEATURES - SG3183 Available to MIL-STD-883 SG level "S" , 5 4 4 4 April 19S0 10-55 I Û253ÔÔG DDB7t iS T O I « S G L SG3183 , RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS (Note 2) Operating Ambient Temperature SG3183 (J-Package) . -55°C to 125°C SG3183 (N, D -Package). 0°C to 70°C Note 2 , Forward Current Transfer Ratio (hF E ) Test Conditions Min. 40 40 30 5.0 SG3183 Typ. Max. 70 70 -
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Abstract: MAX5018 HI20203 H SG3183 CA3183 P MAX5140 HI20203 H SL3045 CA3045 H -
AD870 ULN2083 AH8308T Cross Reference Harris CA3046 MAXim cross reference MAX232CPE AD770 HI3026A AD775 AD9483 HI5630 HI1175
Abstract: SG3183N SG3183AN SG3741T SG741CT SG747CT SG747N SG747T SG748CT SG748T TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Tea -
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MC7805G SG3525 equivalent 748DC SN72555P SN52710L SN52107L 523/3523A 741/741C
Abstract: SG2845N SG298D SG3045J SG3046N SG3081N SG3082N SG3083N SG3086N SG3146N SG3173P SG3183N SG3525AJ -
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M5L8042 induction cooker fault finding diagrams 955 100 12 LAO zilog 2089 SN29764 NEC 78m12 J26487 S-17103 54070Z CH-5404