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Abstract: ) SanDisk Flash ChipSet Components Model SDCD (Controller) Model SDTB-32 ( 4 MB TSOP) Model SDTB-64 SDTB-64 (8 MB , S a n D i s k F l a s h D a t a S t o r a g e SanDisk Flash ChipSet Introducing the world's smallest ATA/IDE data storage system. The SanDisk Flash ChipSet (FCS) is the world's , the SanDisk Flash Chipset if the "OE" pin is not grounded. This mode provides for a simple , Interface True IDE mode SanDisk Controller Power Supply Data In Data Out Control SClk ... Original

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PCMCIA ATA FLASH CARD HD 4480 SDDK-01-Host sandisk memory controller Seagate BLAZER sandisk memory core sandisk circuit diagram sandisk ata flash SDTB-64 sandisk FLASH SANDISK sandisk SDTB-32 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 94089-9820 408-542-0500 FAX: 408-542-0503 URL: SanDisk ® Corporation general , malfunction of the product may directly threaten life or injury. Per SanDisk Terms and Conditions of Sale, the user of SanDisk products in life support applications assumes all risk of such use and indemnifies SanDisk against all damages. The information in this manual is subject to change without notice. SanDisk , All parts of the SanDisk Flash ChipSet documentation are protected by copyright law and all rights are ... Original

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SDFCSTB-32 PCMCIA Adapter sandisk adapter 56-pin TSOP Sandisk Flash memory TSOP TQFP 14X14 sandisk flash drive 48 pin controller SANDISK 16bit SANDISK Manufacturer ID Sandisk Flash ChipSet PCMCIA FLASH CARD sandisk tqfp 14x14 tray drawing SanDisk datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Semiconductor Directory Manufacturer's Code Log AGT Agilent Technologies DLS Dallas Semiconductor LIT Littelfuse SDK SanDisk ADI Analog Devices Inc. EPC Epcos MOT Motorola Semiconductor SEM SemiKron AMD Advanced Micro Devices FSC Fairchild Semiconductor NSC National Semiconductor SIX Siliconix AVX AVX GIS General Semiconductor NTE NTE Electronics TIS Texas Instruments COL Collmer Semiconductors , SN74AHCT08N SN74AHCT08N 0.35 TIS - SDTB-32 32.79 SDK - SKKT 253/16E 253/16E 602.85 SEM 857 SN74121N SN74121N 1.69 TIS - SN74AHCT138D SN74AHCT138D 0.50 ... Original

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smbj12a general semiconductor 20GH123 74914 SDCFB-15 SDCFB-16 SDCFB-32-101 SDP3B-280-101 SDP3B-8-101 SKB 8500 145GB124D SE555P semikron SK SDCFB-32 300GB datasheet abstract
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