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rxpe 42 relay rk 511

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Abstract: RXPE40 Catalogue RK 51-10 E edition 2 January 1976 File Ft, Part 1 Directional relay type RXPE 4 -7 I r- f=! ! îi I tei * i'- L I: I i: - Directional relay RXPE 4 operates accurately, down to 0.15% of the , a power relay. RXPE 42. Here the characteristic angle « = -30°, The lowest voltage required to , voltage to operate, refer-ence is made to Pamphlet RK 51-200 E. RXPE 42 with scales of < 105-400 mA has , 4 -KD -KD -KD -KD -KD -KD Catalogue RK 51-10 E Type RXPE 42 with OC = ^30' Table 3 Curr«r>[ scale
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directional static overcurrent relay

Abstract: RXPE 42 rk 511 ABB ASEA BROWN BOVERI ABB Relays Type RXPE 42 â'"30° directional overcurrent relay B03-3011E Page , and hand-reset target â'¢ Insensitive to dc offset Application The RXPE 42 relay provides an , 30) l>0-135 V ASEA Type RXPE 42 -30° directional overcurrent relay B03-3011E Page 2 Design s The RXPE 42 relay is a static, single-phase, voltage-polarized ac directional overcurrent relay module , angle. The RXPE 42 relay consists mainly of 1 input auxiliary current transformer and 1 input voltage
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RK511-300E directional static overcurrent relay RXPE 42 rk 511 RXPE 42 rk 511 253 EA asea directional relay RXPE asea directional relay B03-3003E 231-EA B03-9301E B03-3020E B03-9312E


Abstract: RXPE 42 rk 511 's Guide No. Directional relay data table B03-3003E Type RXPE 41/40 B03-3010E Type RXPE 42 B03 , â'¢ High-speed reed-type output relay Application The RXPE 47 relay provides an instantaneous or , relay in the conventional sense. The insensitivity to dc offset diminishes transient overreach. The RXPE , a number and letters for current scales); example: RK 511 701 -CE Mounting and connection: â'¢ See , voltage EL 24 V 48-55 V 110-125 V 220-250 V No. RK 511 701- 702- 703- 704- Letter selection table for
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B03-3012E RXPE47 BROWN BOVERI HE brown boveri overcurrent relay Boveri voltage regulator asea directional relay RXPE 40 RAEPA B03-5003E B03-9382E S-721