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Abstract: RTL8139B RTL8139B. For the LQFP package, the number is RTL8139BL. 1999/7/26 2 Rev.2.4 RTL8139B RTL8139B(L , RTL8139BL works in 3.3V power still remains off l l signaling environment mainly, and the , efficient power management. The RTL8139BL is suitable for the applications of CardBus or mobile with , I 54 TEST I/O 81, 82 85 For RTL8139BL to generate output 3.3V signaling on PCI interface, this pin must be pulled high to 3.3V. For RTL8139BL to work in a pure PCI 5V environment, this ... Realtek Semiconductor

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TXC10 93C56 EEPROM 93c46 MA12 MA13 MA15 pci realtek programming realtek ethernet programming 9346CR RTL8029 realtek rtl8139 programming realtek rtl8029 mA759 realtek uwb RTL8139B RTL8139B realtek rtl8129 RTL8139B RTL8139B Realtek RTL8029 AS RTL8139B RTL8139B RTL8139BL RTL8139B RTL8139B rtl8139b RTL8139B RTL8139B RTL8139B RTL8139B RTL8139B TEXT
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Abstract: SB3032 MP21D tic154 hbag RTL8139BL PQFP128A PQFP128A_0.5MM X C177 10P 0603 R 173 R TL8139B TL8139B L R TL8139C TL8139C L 1 . 8K X R585 X 0 R ... OCR Scan

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hp 57 Jl-23 rage mobility hitachi ha md50 LTN121X1-L01 ato c148 100 10p QE R633 TL8139C NR134 MX C532 OD80 WQ MP63 fuse MITAC schematic M722 ICS9248-101 H8/3434 RD3153 ICS9248-101 H8/3434 TP535 ICS9248-101 H8/3434 ICS9248-101 ICS9248-101 H8/3434 H8/3434 TEXT
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