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Q65110A2510 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Photo Transistor visit Digikey
R-78AA2.5-1.0SMD-R RECOM Power Inc 2.5V, PDSO10 visit Digikey
C2534A.25.10 General Cable Technologies Corporation 2C/18 16/30TC OA SH TYPE 500' visit Digikey
C2516A.25.10 General Cable Technologies Corporation 2C/22 7/30TC OA SH TYPE CM 500' visit Digikey
14A-2.5-10B1 Pulse Electronics Corporation Split Bobbin Power Transformer, 2.5VA visit Digikey
C1352A.25.10 General Cable Technologies Corporation 2P/22AWG 7/30TC IND SHIELD 500' visit Digikey

rlx a2510 Datasheet

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RLXA2510 N/A Analog Interpolators Original
RLXA2510DR N/A Analog Interpolators Original

rlx a2510

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Abstract: Ordering information Product order code Package RLX A2510 DR SO16W RLX A2510 - dice Waffle , Reference digital output RLX A2510DR R Vss 9 Agnd RLS merilna tehnika d.o.o., C. II.grupe , 13 Ua +I a 15 0.1m 0.1m Ri 6 Vdd=5V 4V 3Vpp max Agnd=Vdd/2 +I ri RLX , -I b +I ri RLX A2510DR -I ri 13 +5V +5V 8 B 15 -I a Ib 12 +I b A A1 Agnd -
0805 5 smd resister rlx 2510 dr BY105 a2510d resister 1.2
Abstract: Output Voltage: Positive +2.490 ±2.500 ±2.510 V Negative -6.0 -6.4 -6.8 V Temperature Coefficient , and 80. The gain is determined by the formula: G = 2 + (20kn,/Rlx.). Internal gain determining -
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