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IR-1900-RELAY-CRM/CRF TE's AMP RELAY 4PDT 220VAC visit Digikey
IR-1900-RELAY-1CR/2CR TE's AMP RELAY DPST 220VAC visit Digikey
IR-1900-RELAY-3CR/4CR TE's AMP RELAY DPDT 220VAC visit Digikey

relay 24v omron

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Abstract: tools, or process and temperature control. Partner with a Relay Leader Partner with a Relay Leader Omron leads the world in relay production and quality, assuring reliable performance and ready stock , Solid State Relay's (SSR's) long service life and fast response times for your process control applications. Omron offers industry-standard models as well as slim trackmount models with built-in heat sinks , 200-480 VAC Part number G3PB-215B-VD DC12-24V G3PB-225B-VD DC12-24V G3PB-235B-VD DC12-24V G3PB OMRON
G3PB-245B-VD G3NA-210B G3NA-225B G3NA-240B Y92B-A150NV PFP-100M OMRON G3NA-240B 3-pole signal switching relay 3 phase monitoring relays DC12-24V G3PB-515B-2N-VD G3PB-525B-2N-VD G3PB-535B-2N-VD G3PB-545B-2N-VD
Abstract: Outputs to Force-Guided Relay Outputs · Converts the solid-state safety and auxiliary outputs of one Omron STI safety device to electro-mechanical force-guided safety relay outputs · Available for DC or , monitoring and 24 VDC power · Compatible with Omron STI's MS4600, MS4800, F3SJ, PA4600 and OS3101 · CE , power to the light curtain or scanner. When used in conjunction with Omron STI safety devices, they provide output conversion from solid-sate to a mechanical relay output. These modules carry Omron Scientific Technologies
rm-2ac 24v dc omron relay D74HA2.2A-C rm2-ac LR90200-34 MS4800S-SB1
Abstract: CONTACTORS RELAY SOCKETS MERCURY RELAYS AND CONTACTORS TILT AND TIP OVER SWITCHES FLOAT SWITCHES LIQUID , Sub-miniature DIL pitch,Two styles 5A / 24V DC rating Ultra-Miniature High sensitivity SMD type available Sub-miniature DIL pitch Telecom Relay SPDT SPDT DPDT AgNi 0.15, AgNi 0.15+Au AgNi 0.15+Au (0.2m) Ag + Au (2m) 2A 1A / 2A 120V AC / 60VDC 120V AC / 24V DC 240VA / 48W 120VA / 48W 3A 120V AC / 24V DC, 5A 120V AC / 24V DC 2A 120V AC / 24V DC 1A 120V AC / 2A 24V DC DC American Electronic Components
8 PIN DPDT RELAY 24V dc omron omron 24V 30A SPDT RELAY T78 relay 220V coil 30A SPDT RELAY omron 24V 30A RELAY ac 220v dc 28V -8a IN46516
Abstract: 8A 5mm, 2CO, 230V AC 24V DC From From £1.49 Page 683 See page 676 Low Profile Relay DPCO 1A Ultra-slim Relay SPDT 6A 12V DC, 1028Ω 24V DC From £2.08 £0.88 See page , 5V 12V 24V Operating temperature A reed relay range that is suitable for applications where , Reed relay 24V Reed relay Dropout voltage VDC 0.8 1 2 Coil resistance Ω 140 ±10% 500 , 671 Photomos Relays Surface Mount 24V DC SPCO subminiature automotive relay - SRMA Dual Rapid Electronics Catalog
spdt 6v 1a relay OMRON G2V-2 12V relay 5V SPDT relay OMRON G2V-2 6V relay 12V 30A PCB RELAY spdt relays 12v 1000M
Abstract: Omron's power supply with system back-up options The ZEN is a modular, expandable, programmable relay , control applications. With the G2RS relay Omron sets new standards in feature design and reliability , reliability Omron's best-selling industrial relay Omron's range of industrial relays They cover a , component products from Omron Omron manufactures a very wide range of industrial components and each , . · Product comparison table Contains all available product variations from Omron's wide selection OMRON
OMRON E5CN omron zen 10c1dr-d-v1 Omron SPEED sensor 12v m16 OMRON H5CX programming manual omron zen 10c1ar-a-v1 sv 120 230 liquids dual level relay E5GN-Q03TC-FLK-500ACDC24 ACDC24 E5GN-Q03TC-FLK-500
Abstract: Models with Standards Certification Nov. 2012 Consult your OMRON sales representative for , '50 ã'64 ã' 100 LR62678 2A AC 300V XC5A XC5B XC5CXC5D XC5E *omron's specified , Nov. 2012 Consult your OMRON sales representative for specific models with standard approvals , '64 ã'96 LR62678 2A AC 300V XC4 UL Approved Models (Recognized) Omron's specified , part numbers XM3A UL/C-UL Approved Models (Recognized) 9ã'15ã'25ã'37 (Omron's specified OMRON
E103202 UL1977 XN2D-44 E41515 UL508 E87929
Abstract: Omron A5 Catalogue 2006 1-294 14/10/05 9:39 am Page 135 PCB Power Relay ­ G5RL-AC Power Relays A Single-pole 16A Power Relay AC-coil Type ROHS compliant L 29.0 x W 12.7 x H 15.7 , VAC 3. Enclosure Ratings None: Flux protection 135 Omron A5 Catalogue 2006 1-294 14/10/05 9:39 am Page 136 PCB Text Power Relay ­ G5RL-AC Specifications Coil Ratings , .), DC 24V 16A (N.O.), AC 250V 5A (N.C.), DC24V 5A (N.C.) Contact material AgSnIn Rated carry -
omron 24V 5A RELAY omron g5r relay 24v and 230 v omron A6-62 24V 5A VDE RELAY pcb ac in 250VAC 24VDC
Abstract: ) 16 DC inputs 24V DC, 7mA CJ1W-OC201 (SL) 8 relay outputs 250V AC, 2A, (max. 16A total , 's why Omron now introduces a new range of screwless I/O units for the CJ1 PLC series. Advanced Industrial Automation Designed and manufactured in Europe according to Omron's high quality standards , their control wiring. Versatile and reliable Easy to use Omron's screwless I/O terminals accept , Omron's screwless I/O, the contact pressure Because the spring-loaded clamps secure the wires in OMRON
CJ1W-MAD42 CJ1W-TS561 CJ1W-TS562 CJ1W-OC211 CJ1W-ID211 CJ1W-OD212 OMRON CJ1W-DA041 CJ1W-TC00 INT01
Abstract: be wired to a single channel on the safety monitoring relay or control unit. Omron Scientific , monitoring relay or control unit must accept 1 NC/ 1 NO inputs. See wiring diagram example. A N Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. USA Tel. 1/888/510-4357 Canada Tel. 1/866/986-6766 G98 For the , contacts of the Omron STI switches are described as normally closed (N/C)â'"i.e., with the guard closed , page G241 be used with this for details. Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. USA Tel. 1/888 Omron Scientific Technologies
EN292 EN60204 EN954-1 EN1088 EN60947-5-3 SR131A
Abstract: R Relay I/O Blocks G7jj Consolidate Wiring and Reduce Installation Time H Omron relay I , G79-A500C 306 Relay I/O Blocks Relay I/O Blocks R OMRON ELECTRONICS, INC. OMRON CANADA , Product Appearance Standards Specifications Part number Relay I/O Blocks UL CSA , Relay Block Bases UL CSA Input base, 16 points, NPN AC coil Input base, 16 points, NPN, DC coil , .) 305 Relay I/O Blocks Product Appearance Relay I/O Blocks Standards Specifications OMRON
G7TC-IA16-5 G7TC-IA16 G7TC-OC16 G70D-SOC16 G70D-SOC16-1 G79-A200C omron p7tf-OS16-1 P7TF-OS16 omron relay omron G7T-1112S omron p7tf G70D-V G7TC-ID16 AC100/110V AC110/120V
Abstract: compatible with Omron slim G2R Power Relay · Semi-multi supply voltage · Large transparent time setting , compatible with Omron slim G2R Power Relay · Time limit operation with automatic resetting · , Power Relay H3RN The H3RN is 133 mm wide, 46 mm high, and 29 mm deep, and has a terminal arrangement compatible with the plug-in type of the G2R Power Relay. Therefore, the G2R Relay can either be , Range AC 24V 240V DC 125V 24V H3CR-G Star-delta Timers with a wide star time range up OMRON
VDE0435 relay 12VDC omron h3g omron omron h5cr Omron h5br omron h5cn OMRON H5CL 222675-U X205-E1-1-SN 0897-1B
Abstract: Omron A5 Catalogue 2007 419-518 11/9/06 11:03 am Page 455 General Purpose Relay ­ G2RS Slim and Space-saving Power Plug-in Relay Lockable test button models now available. Built-in , 457 Omron A5 Catalogue 2007 419-518 11/9/06 11:04 am Page 458 General Purpose Relay ­ , . Omron A5 Catalogue 2007 419-518 11/9/06 11:04 am Page 463 General Purpose Relay ­ G2RS 5 , 3 4 5 6 General Purpose Relays G2R 7 1. Relay Function Blank: General purpose -
G2R1S OMRON OMRON 24v relay dc 11 pin omron g2r-2 RELAY omron g2r-1 omron g2r-1 omron G2R-2-SNI PFP-100N PFP-50N PFP-100N2 J114-E2-02
Abstract: : 12 x 40 x 22.3mm Retroreflective: 12 x 42.3 x 22.3mm · Slim, space-saving · Relay outputs with , . Control Output · Light on/Dark on selectable · Relay: AC 250V 3A or DC SSR: DC 48V 100mA max. · Light on/Dark on selectable · Relay: AC 250V 3A or DC SSR: DC 48V 100mA max. · NPN or PNP · Light , 100mA max. · Relay: 30ms max. · DC SSR: 5ms max. · Relay: 30ms max. · SSR: 5ms max. 0.5ms max , , consult OMRON representative · NPN or PNP · Light on/Dark on selectable · DC 26.4V 100mA max OMRON
E32-S15L-1 E32-T84S E3J2 omron E3S-CL1 relay 220V 3M Philippines E3X-NT E32-S15L-1/2 E32-L25A/L25L E32-T12F/D12F E32-T51/T61/D51/D61/D73
Abstract: only 24: 24V 50/60Hz, 24VDC 48: 48V 50/60Hz, 48VDC 110: 110-120V 50/60Hz, 110VDC 230: 220-240V 50 , Side mounting contact configuration 1NO+1NC Overload Relay (thermal) Single phase protection , - 1NO + 1NC - Overload Relay (thermal) Single phase protection Temperature compensation , Type Pack Weight Coil Voltage*1 24 24V 50/60Hz 110 110V 50Hz 230 220-240V 50Hz J7KN , 24 48 60 110 125 220 Type Pack 24V DC 48V DC 60V DC 110V DC 125V DC 220V DC pcs OMRON
AC380-415V 230V 5A OMRON Auxiliary RELAY 220-240v varistor 230V 5A OMRON RELAY NC Contacts J73KN-b-01 3phase winding data 3.7 kw to 110 kw J74KN-LG-9030 380/415V AC24V 50/60H AC48V AC100V AC110V
Abstract: control. The streamlined G8ND twin coil automotive relay from Omron has been designed with a high , Automotive Solutions Think Omron for Automotive Solutions Omron designs and manufactures a wide range of , , office automation and medical products. Omron's commitment to quality is demonstrated by its latest production techniques and QA procedures and its ISO9002 & 14001 certification. Established in 1933, Omron has , Customer Care and Value Added Services. These Services are an integral part of Omron's total supply OMRON
sw pushbutton footprint G8ND-2 temperature profile omron omron g series relays omron G8JN OMRON microswitch
Abstract: relay open; 4 g with control relay closed -40 to 60°C (-40 to 140·F) IEC947-5-1, VDE 0660, EN60947 , . Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. USA Tel. 1/888/510-4357 Canada Tel. 1/866/986-6766 For the Latest , Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. USA Tel. 1/888/510-4357 Canada Tel. 1/866/986-6766 For the Latest , has been obtained by using a combination of a relay and auxiliary contact blocks (5 VDC, 1 mA , G9SA-301 (24-V AC/DC) (two limit switch input channels with manual reset) Feedback Circuit Omron Scientific Technologies
J7KNA-AR-40 J7KNA-AR-31 J7KNA-AR-22 J73KN-A-11 J73KN-A-40 J73KN-A-22 omron contactor CONTACTOR J7KNA-AR AC-15 DC-13 EN60947-5-1 14AWG J73KN
Abstract: through RM-3 module Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. C D46 Description A MiniSafe MS4600 , Transmitter AUX START 24V- 24V+ 24V+ 24V- 24V+ 24V- safety light curtains OSSD 2 , 2.95 MPCE AUX 250 VAC 6A 1500 VA Max AUX +24V REF 1 RET 1 RET 13 14 , following relay modules are available to extend the function of the MS4600 series: RM-1: Provides force-guided safety relay outputs using input from MS4600 system. Receives required 24 VDC power direct Omron Scientific Technologies
LR90200 ossd output MS46SR MS46LR relay RM4 D138 MS46 MS4600-30 MS46-X-350-30MS46-X-520-30MS46-X-700-30
Abstract: Power PCB Relay G6C 8 OMRON , Power PCB Relay G6C · Subminiature 20.07 L x 14.99 W x 9.91 H mm (0.79 L x 0.59 W x 0.39 H in , magnet armature (Moving Loop System) reduces relay size, magnetic interference, and contact bounce time , -2117P-US Accessories Back Connecting Sockets Relay G6C-1114P-US Model P6C-06P G6C-1117P-US G6C-2114P-US G6C , -1117P-US G6CK-2114P-US G6CK-2117P-US 1 Power PCB Relay G6C Specifications Contact Data OMRON
G6CU-2117P-US G6C-2117P-US G6C-1117P-US-DC6 G6CU-1117P-US G6CU-1114P-US G6CU-2114P-US
Abstract: Safety Relay Unit (Sensor Connector Type) G9SA-300-SC CSM_G9SA-300-SC_DS_E_2_1 Less Wiring Required with Safety Light Curtain · Sensor connector allows direct connection to OMRON F3SN-A/ F3SN-B , 6. Terminal SC: Connector terminals Ordering Information Safety Relay Unit Emergency-stop , sensor connector using a special OMRON F3SN-A/F3SN-B/F3SH-A Safety Light Curtain Connecting Cable. For , -485 (B) RS-485 (B) 7 0V 0V 8 A2 Test input (TEST) 4 T21 T22 14 24 34 +24V OMRON
F39-JC7C F39-JC F39-JC1C 3M Touch Systems G9SA300-SC F3SN-A
Abstract: G5NB PCB Power Relay A Miniature Relay with 1-pole 3A Switching Capability and 10 kV Impulse , . voltageâ' is the maximum voltage that can be applied to the relay coil. ●Contacts Item Load , PCB Power Relay â Characteristics Contact resistance *1 Operate time Release time Insulation , Switching voltage (V) 2 Contact voltage (V) G5NB PCB Power Relay ●Durability Standard , ' Unit: m/s2 Shock direction X X' Y Z Z' Y' 3 G5NB PCB Power Relay â Dimensions OMRON
EN61010 J143-E1-03
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