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raychem JOINT KIT

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Abstract: conductor and providing the insulation for the more complex geometry of a branch joint, Raychem's solution , R Features · Shear bolt connector · Connector and insulation in one kit · Range taking kit · , can be connected in this branch joint. A table with available sizes and Many of the joint's basic components are voltage classes can be obtained by In response to these demands Raychem has developed a range of easy to already used in Raychem's heat-shrink- your local Raychem representative. install, medium Raychem Interconnect
11 kv raychem JOINT KIT raychem flexible cable JOINT KIT Raychem joint raychem JOINT KIT Heat-shrinkable raychem medium voltage cable branch joint
Abstract: Raychem kit. As soon as sufficient heat has been applied to shrink the outer joint sleeve and activate , repair technique for such cables, Raychem developed a joint system which is slim and flexible enough to , . Ease of Installation Moisture sealing The connector insulating sleeves and outer joint sleeve are made of tough, flexible polymers specially developed by Raychem and cross-linked to give them an 'elastic memory`. This enables the joint to be supplied as a kit of ready-expanded components. When -
raychem cable jointing kit Raychem Connectors raychem repair kit size of raychem insulation raychem cable jointing kit 3 core PPS 3013
Abstract: General Information Splice Kit Description The Raychem D-150 Series shielded cable splice kits consists , Raychem Products Devices Installation Procedure No: Rev: Date: Page: RCPS-150-02 C , dimensions are in between brackets. Installation Procedure For Raychem Shielded Cable Splice Kits With , resistant 1 to 1 in-line splices in shielded and jacketed cables listed in Paragraph 5.0 using Raychem D-150 Series shielded cable splice kits. 2.0 References Raychem Specification Control Drawing (SCD Tyco Electronics
TG-135 raychem AD-1377 RAYCHEM thermogun CV-5000 RCPS 150-02 raychem JOINT procedure KIT ad 1377 crimp tool cv-5000 AD-1377 CV-5000 CV-5300
Abstract: kV heat-shrinkable branch joint for 4-core PVC-insulated cables without armour using multi-core connectors Modern jointing Raychem has introduced a filled branch joint for low-voltage PVC-insulated cables as a revolutionary alternative to two-component filler systems. Based on Raychem's outstanding , heat-shrinkable branch joint for 4-core PVC-insulated cables without armour using multi-core connectors , non-toxic, rugged and environmentally friendly material to fill the whole joint area. This Raychem
simel CONNECTORS raychem JOINT procedure raychem epp simel mastic components raychem CABLE ACCESSORIES
Abstract: range of Raychem joints is intended for the flexible rubber cables used in tough environments such as , sealing are achieved by simply heating the joint components. These then shrink to tightly fit the cable at the same time as pre-installed adhesives melt and flow to block interstices. Each kit comes complete with full illustrated installation instructions. Raychem EMKJ joints are designed to perform to the highest electrical and mechanical standards, and meet Raychem specification PPS 3013, which -
D-8012 emkj-2201 raychem raychem emkj 2201 raychem heat shrinkable sleeve RAY 3013
Abstract: armour. The Raychem Armarap joint case has been developed and fully tested for earth faul carrying , information Raychem joint kits are available for paper insulated cables with wire or steel tape armour , paper insulated cables up to 1 kV Raychem heat-shrinkable materials have been widely used to insulate , of the heatshrinkable technique led Raychem engineers, in close collaboration with electrical utilities, to develop a series of cable joints based on these materials. The Raychem system eliminates the -
Raychem joint high voltage heat-shrinkable tubing Raychem Raychem joint high voltage procedure raychem high voltage joint raychem ground clamp accessory kit heat shrinkable sleeve
Abstract: Instructions Suggested Installation Equipment (not supplied with kit) · Cable preparation tools · Raychem P63 , : December 4, 1996 Installation Instructions Kit Selection for use with Crimp Connector Table 1 Raychem , only. Check your Raychem kit, Burndy connector, tool and die/die adapter against the following Selection Guide: Raychem Kit and Connector Selection Guide Raychem Kits Required HVSY-1522S HVSH , cable. For 133% insulated cable, check actual cable dimensions. Table 2 Raychem Kit Required HVSY Raychem
HVSH-1520-MOD raychem splice instructions raychem stress control tube PII-54815 C28538 FH-2609 FH-2629 FH-2616A1
Abstract: . Installation Instructions Raychem Kit / UL Listed Selection Guide UL Listed up to 600V/75C Note: For , Product Installation Instructions RVS Rayvolve Insulating Joint Cover for up to 1000V Solid Dielectric Cable Qualified to ANSI C119.1 (600V/90°C) UL Raychem Tyco Electronics - Engery 8000 Purfoy , 600V/75C R R55143 600V/90oC Raychem GmbH Electrical Products Division Haidgraben 6 D-85521 Ottobrunn Munich, Germany PII-54907, Rev AG PCN 650355-000 Effective Date: November 20, 2000 Kit Raychem
UL 486d PII-549 RVS-11 RVS-12 RVS-13 RVS-14
Abstract: Cable Note: This kit does not allow cross-phasing Energy Division Raychem Tyco Electronics - , 31, 2001 General Instructions As a minimum, the following items should be included in this kit , kit) · Cable preparation tools · Tyco Electronics P63 cable preparation kit or cable manufacturer , Kit, to clean the cable. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions. Failure to follow these , . Product selection. Check kit selection with cable diameter dimensions in Table 1. 2. Check ground braid Raychem
HVS-3-1590S PII-54860
Abstract: information is provided with each S1125 adhesive kit. Tyco, Raychem and Convolex are trademarks. Raychem , Raychem S1125 High performance, chemical and heat resistant adhesive Service temperature range -75oC to +150oC Raychem S1125 high performance adhesive has been developed to match the superior , parts. Supplied in a unique `bipack' to eliminate mixing ratio errors and air Raychem S1125 , life after mixing is approximately 1.5 hours. Although developed for the Raychem System 25 cable Tyco Electronics
RT876 RK6619 raychem s1125 raychem s1125 adhesive rt-876 RT876 raychem DR-25 RNF100 2000N O-149
Abstract: Raychem low voltage joint kit for small flexible cables utilizes the outstanding flexibility, abrasion , causes the tubing Raychem expertise in the technology of heat-shrinkable materials, gained to shrink in , and one of the largest cable accessory manufacturers, Raychem supplies a the tubing shrinks. wide , ensures a close-fitting seal over regularly or irregu- growing world of energy. Raychem FCSM , avoid oncoming trains. This problem is overcome by insulating the catenary wires with Raychem FCSM -
ICEA-S-19-81 raychem low voltage jointing kit fcsm ISO 1817 IEC-93 volume resistivity excavator 68/22-1000/U
Abstract: Raychem Tyco Electronics Corporation 300 Constitutional Drive Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA No , -150-0708-5, D-150-9708-5, D-150-L708-F1 2.0 Twinaxial Cable Accommodation Splice Kit max Jacket O.D , tubing over the same cable end. Slide the Flexible SolderShield joint over same cable or the other cable , Raychem No: Rev: Date: Page: RPIP-600-12 A Dec. 16, 2003 2 of 4 4.4. 4.4.1 4.4.2 Cable , pre-tin. 4.5 Crimp one ferrule on shorter wire of each end as shown using Raychem AD 1377 crimp Tyco Electronics
D-150-9133 HL-1802E RAY5104 PR25A steinel hl 1802e cv-1981 steinel Steinel hl1802e MIL-STD-1553B D-150-0708-5 CV-1981 PR25D
Abstract: application. MICRON DCR NUMBER: REPLACES: ANGLES: N/A TITLE: Raychem SHIELDED CABLE SPLICE KIT , SPECIFICATION CONTROL DRAWING 1) SOLDERSHIELD: Qty./kit: 1 2) SEALING SLEEVE, Qty./kit: 2 Product Name D-150-0330 D-150-0331 D-150-0333 SolderShield L1 3) CRIMP, Qty./kit: 2 Sealing Sleeve , [0.170] 2.8 [0.110] 2.8 [0.110] Color Code Blue Red Red MATERIALS 1. SOLDERSHIELD: Qty/kit: 1 , SLEEVE: Qty/kit: 2 INSULATION SLEEVE: Heat-shrinkable, transparent blue, radiation cross-linked modified Tyco Electronics
raychem control cable splicing kit Sheet RAY5104 Shield Cable Splicing raychem splice kit raychem copper cable JOINT procedure SHIELD SOLDER SLEEVE J-STD-006 J-STD-004 26AWG D-150-0330/-0331/-0333 D060208
Abstract: Tyco Electronics Corporation 300 Constitution Drive Menlo Park, CA 94025 U.S.A. Raychem , Coaxial Cable Splice Kit B-202-81 and B-202-82 1. Cable Dimensions: Part Number B-202-81 B , Park, CA 94025 U.S.A. Raychem Devices No: Rev: Date: Page RPIP-699-00 B August 7, 2007 2 , Park, CA 94025 U.S.A. Raychem Devices No: Rev: Date: Page RPIP-699-00 B August 7, 2007 3 , a good joint. Repeat for the other end of sleeve. - Let the assembly cool down before handling Tyco Electronics
AD-1319 HL1910E HL2010E PR-25D rpip raychem "hot air" cv 1981 rpip699-00
Abstract: Application Equipment Table of Contents Raychem application equipment is designed and engineered specifically for installation of Raychem heat-shrinkable products. These tools provide the optimal heating , . . . . . . . . . . . .10-19 Model 19 Conveyor heater for processing Raychem heat-shrinkable tubing , Boot and tubing tip Mini SolderSleeve reflector Low-flow tip Heating Element replacement kit, 120 V Heating Element replacement kit, 240 V (CE) Stand Input air filter Air hose replacement kit Gun and air Tyco Electronics
AD-5000 IR-1891 Steinel hl1802e manual raychem AD-1377 Calibration RBK-ILS-processor raychem ir-550 ED-7-001-MK2-230V-50HZ raychem AD-1386 AA-400 AD-1319-9 AD-1522 AD-3050-SEAL-TEST-EQUIP RH-396X
Abstract: (Poly/EPR) Power Cables Suggested Installation Equipment (not supplied with kit) · Cable preparation tools · Tyco Electronics P63 cable preparation kit or cable manufacturer approved solvent · Clean , . Check kit selection with cable diameter dimensions in Table 1. 2. Check ground braid. Verify that ground , external ground or shield interrupt. Table 1 Kit HVS-T-1581E-S HVS-T-1582E-S HVS-T-1583E-S PILC/Poly , " (114mm) 5-1/2" (140mm) 6" (152mm) PILC Lead Sheath Cutback C* 15" 16" 17" (381mm) (406mm) (432mm) Kit Raychem
pilc HVS-T-1580E-S FH-2649 FH-2618A
Abstract: interconnect requirements. All Raychem wire termination products are housed inside transparent heatshrinkable , . Most Raychem termination products incorporate a fluxed solder preform, which is essential for a highly , products. Many Raychem interconnect products have earned UL recognition or MIL-Spec approval. Raychem , . Raychem shrink-to-fit technology even helps reduce inventory, because one device size will fit a wide range of wire gauges, cable diameters, and component shapes. Raychem interconnect products are designed Tyco Electronics
Steinel 7500 raychem mtc 100 connector Raychem Connectors dimension DK-621 NAS-1744 termination procedures for D-621 raychem TERMINATION CABLE 36 KV CHA-0301 CHA-0302 CHA-0303 CHA-0304 CTA-0022 CTA-0023
Abstract: Splices Into One 3/C Splice Energy Division Raychem Tyco Electronics - Energy 8000 Purfoy Road Fuquay , Suggested Installation Equipment (not supplied with kit) · Cable preparation tools · Tyco Electronics P63 cable preparation kit or cable manufacturer approved solvent · Clean, lint-free cloths · Non-conducting , Use an approved solvent, such as the one supplied in the P63 Cable Prep Kit, to clean the cable. Be , standard 1/C splice kits to create a 3/C splice kit. Discard the outer rejacketing tube or wraparound Raychem
hvs-5 PII-54797
Abstract: the Most Valued Brand Names Worldwide .ii About Raychem Wire and Cable , September 1999 when Tyco acquired Elcon Products and Raychem Corporation, and integrated them with AMP , Protection Products About Raychem Wire and Cable, Harnessing, and Heat-Shrinkable Products Tyco Electronics, for its Raychem products, pioneered the application of radiation crosslinking and the development of heat-shrinkable polymer tubing. The Tyco Electronics Raychem brand of heatshrinkable polymer Tyco Electronics
RK618 LOCTITE 3623 S-CH00-0157-002 DBAS 970 25 35 PN 059 ANSI-MC-96 LOCTITE 3542
Abstract: with kit) · Cable preparation tools · Tyco Electronics P63 cable preparation kit or cable manufacturer , selection. Check kit selection with cable diameter dimensions shown in Table 1. Table 1 HVSA Kit HVSA-1 For Use With 1/C Kit HVS-501 HVS-502 HVS-821S (5kV) HVS-821S (8kV) HVSA-2 HVS-503 HVS-822S (5kV) HVS , with three standard 1/C splice kits to create a 3/C armored splice kit. Discard the outer rejacketing tube or wraparound sleeve included in each 1/C shielded kit. Do not discard rejacketing tubes in Raychem
raychem hvs1521S
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