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DMD-DISCOVERY-1100-BOARD Texas Instruments Discovery 1100 Development Board ri Buy
DMD-DISCOVERY-3000-BOARD Texas Instruments Discovery 3000 Development Board ri Buy
HERMES-DEMO-BOARD Intersil Corporation Eval Board for EL4543 Triple Differential Twisted-Pair Driver with Common-Mode Sync Encoding ri Buy

radikor board

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Abstract: Number of Contacts 8 8 8 8 8 Termination Tail Design THT w/board lock SMT w/board lock SMT , insertion direction 4,15±0,3 Card entry PCB Layout CCM01-2065 CCM01-2065 (8 contacts SMT with board lock) 52 , · Four snap in board locks to lower stress on soldered terminals and improve interconnect PCB , 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 Termination PCB Tails Design Locating Through Hole 4 Board Lock (PCB 1.6 mm thick) SMT 4 Board Lock (PCB 1.6 mm thick) SMT 2 Pegs Through Hole 4 Pegs SMT 4 Pegs ... Original

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CCM01-1NF CCM01-2065 CCM01-2253 CCM0301 CCM030N01 CCM04-1814 Deltron M series Wes-Garde Components Group diode marking code 4n SONY 20111 CCM03-3013 751768 CCM01-6201 CCM04-1889 datasheet abstract
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