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Abstract: A5 A4 A3 A2 A1 PT3983 74AC86 74AC86 U1C 10 TxDDel P1 U2A TxD+ Pol U2 - quad , Valor FL-1057/1020 FL-1057/1020 filter/ transformer (U2) the transmit path of the Valor PT3983 Common Mode Choke , connector together with impedance matching resistors (P1) the receive path of the Valor PT3983 Common Mode , Technology, contact number 1-408451-1400 PT3983, FL1057-002 FL1057-002 - Valor Electronics Inc., contact number ... Original

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VALOR network 74AC86 74HC74 ethernet transformer Application Note 1-800-31VALOR RCVI820 RXNX Valor Electronics st 42 valor Valor Electronics pt3983 fl1020 FL1057 FL1057-002 GT-48001 AN-002 Valor Electronics FL1020 GT-48001 AN-002 26LS32B GT-48001 AN-002 PT3983 GT-48001 AN-002 pulse TRANSFORMER valor GT-48001 AN-002 GT-48001 GT-48001 AN-002 AN-002 TEXT
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Abstract: AM79C981JC smd fd12 5408-37 Pulse Engineering Bel Fuse A556-2006-DE A556-2006-DE 0556-2006-00 0556-2006-01 PT3877 PT3877 PT3983 FL1012 FL1012 NP6612 NP6612 NP6581 NP6581 ... Advanced Micro Devices

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Valor pt3877 AM79C94 AM79C960 AMD AM79C987 PALCE16V8 Pulse Transformers tp 12 valor fl1012 pt*3983 "aui transformer" AM79C900 78z1122b-01 PT3983 Valor Electronics pt3983 Am79C981 Am79C981 Am79C980 Am79C980 TEXT
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Abstract: EPM7032LC44-10 EPM7032LC44-10 PAL 1 U3 80 MHz Oscillator 8 U5, U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12 PT3983 1 ... OCR Scan

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AM79C960 Am79C981 Am79C980 Am79C987 10BASE-T 10BASE-5 10BASE-2 TEXT
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Abstract: Pulse Engineering Bel Fuse P art# A556-2006-DE A556-2006-DE 0556-2006-00 0556-2006-01 PT3877 PT3877 PT3983 FL1012 FL1012 NP6612 NP6612 ... OCR Scan

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HIM3000 Am79C100 TEXT
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F-1535 Buy PT3983 Buy 8 PIN DIL CMC Choke