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Part : AMICUS18-COMPANION-SHIELD Supplier : Amicus Manufacturer : Newark element14 Stock : - Best Price : - Price Each : -
Part : AMICUS18-COMPANION-SHIELD Supplier : Amicus Manufacturer : element14 Asia-Pacific Stock : 305 Best Price : $12.56 Price Each : $12.56
Part : AMICUS18-COMPANION-SHIELD Supplier : Amicus Manufacturer : Farnell element14 Stock : 305 Best Price : £4.85 Price Each : £4.85
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pani Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
PANIC18 Bluebird Electronics 18 pin PIC Panic Module Original
PANIC18 Bluebird Electronics 28 pin PIC Panic Module Original
PANIC28 Bluebird Electronics 18 pin PIC Panic Module Original
PANIC28 Bluebird Electronics 28 pin PIC Panic Module Original


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Abstract: , the system sends the pseudo-ANI (pANI) and Mobile Directory Number (MDN) to the PSAP. To support full , PSAP using the existing CAMA trunk - The pANI, MDN, and Call ID to the ALI controller using an RS , database sends the pANI and MDN data to the PSAP to identify the caller and the cell sector where the call , . The DMS-500 E911 Access Tandem sends the pseudo-ANI (pANI) and Mobile Directory Number (MDN) to the , queries the ALI database using the MDN 5. The ALI database sends the pANI data to the PSAP to identify -
TR-TSY-000350 E911 benefits TR-350 E911 DMS-500 power NT1x89 ENS00011 FPG--NCS11/NCS12 ENS00005 AIN00002 AIN00006 AIN00007
Abstract: Strings Piaaicato Strings Harp Tim pani Marcato String Section Legato String Section Synth Strings 1 Synth , Castanets Snare Drum 2 Tim pani F Tim pani F# Tim pani G Tim pani G# Timpani A Tim pani A * Tim pani B Tim pani C Tim pani C# Tim pani D Tim pani D# Tim pani E Tim pani F Tim bourins Splash Cymbal Cowbell -
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KS0174-1M KS0164 78L05A DISTORTION PEDAL DIAGRAM bass drum sound ic TR-808 KS0174 roland piano 0174-1M KS0174-2M KSQ164 16M-M
Abstract: elodies pani Envelope Intend External OreDynamic Piezo- Binary Serial (notes) speaker buzzer code triaaer , , customization is not available. o P art num ber O scillator Play mode Accom M elodies pani Envelope -
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SVM7571C SVM9300C SVM9300 hemal SVM7570M SVM7570C DIP-24 DIP-16 SVM9300COA
Abstract: unn 1 7 RMn PM« 3 4 PM7 PK7 5 IT 6 S /BFRFT 7 PH3 a 1 R RH? PH1 11 17 OHR /I STPR13 ^ ^ 14 O/U /TPQ IR 16 /VTD(3 PAR 17 z. 18 PA1 PA? 13 70 PAS PA4 71 77 PAR PA« 73 j: z" 74 PA7 PAnRR 75 76 PAnHR PAnRi 77 j: z" 7R PAnHR PAna? 73 i? 3t) PAnid PAnas 31 j: Z, 37 PAni 1 PAnd4 33 34 PAni ? PAnflR 35 36 PArns PAnns 37 38 PAni4 PArw 33 j* 4B PAniF unnA 41 Ì* *T 47 NPH pynn 43 J: 44 Txnn pxni 45 JZ ~ 46 Txni MTSn 4 7 j: z. 48 MDRT snK 43 5R /SR Xé mi K 1 7 MnnA MnnR 3 4 /ym -
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CARDS12 PR79 PT131 ScansUX7 PA73 ph45 MC9S12D64CPU O2003
Abstract: ) .180(4.57) ®â'"« â 105(2.67) .085(2.16) Dimensions in inches and (millimeters) PANI JIT RATING , CHARACTERISTICS Fig. 4-NON-RECURRENT SURGE RATING PANI JIT -
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E111753 2KBP005M 2KBP01M 2KBP02M 2KBP04M 2KBP06M 2KBP08M 2KBP005M/3N253 2KBP10M/3N259 MIL-STD-202
Abstract: SYMBOL PAGI PAOI PAHI PAJI PANI functional block diagram IN EN Current Limit Vref + Thermal Sense , PAGI PAGI PAGI PAOI PAOI PAHI PAHI PAHI PAHI PAJI PAJI PAJI PAJI PANI PANI PANI Addendum-Page 1 , (RoHS & no Sb/Br) Level-1-260C-UNLIM PANI (1) The marketing status values are defined as Texas Instruments
TPS76030 TPS76032 TPS76033 TPS76038 TPS76050 SLVS144D
Abstract: foro« - Mating end Axial Pore« - opposite ond Torquo (Min) RECOMMANDED TORQUES Mating Pan«I nut Clanp -
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l 9113 906C23 102DIA 12-MAR-90 11-MAR-91
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Abstract: CMOS Melody ICs Melody ICs SEIKO EPSON'S melody ICs offers wide range of features and melodies to suit all applications. Custom melodies are easily implemented with the buil-in programmable mask ROMs. T ransdu cer Melody selection P a rt n u m b e r M elodies Dynamic Piezo (notes) speaker buzzer 2 (128) 16 (512) 16 O scillator pani ment P lay m ode Oneshot Power supply voltage IV-tvp , ) speaker buzzer O scillator Play m ode Accom pani Binary Serial Envelope Internal External Level Onement -
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SVM7560 chime generator lullaby melody generator song ic theme song SVM7561 SVM7100 S0P1-24 SVM7570N SVM7570
Abstract: 4.20mm (0.165") PITCH CONNECTOR DIP type Wire-to-Board SMW420 Series DIP Wafer Straight 4.2(PrCH) innnj ⡠1.07 [PÌNI 9.6 7.95 PCB LAYOUT PCB ASSY Material l/NO DESCRIPTION TITLE MATERIAL 1 WAFER SMW420 PA66, UL94V Grade 2 PIN Brass & Tin-Plated Available Pin Specification I PARTS NO. A B C I SMW420-02P 5.4 3.3 _ SMW420-04P 9.6 7.5 4.2 SMW420-06P 13.8 12.7 8.4 SMW420-08P 18.0 15.9 12.6 SMW420-10P 22.2 20.1 16.8 SMW420-12P 26.4 24.3 21.0 SMW420-14P 30.6 28.5 -
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SMW420-16P SMW420-04 SMW420-06 SMW420-20 30m2 SMW420-18P SMW420-20P SMW420-22P SMW420-24P
Abstract: 50, GTS 60) · Supporto per fissaggio a pannello - 1pz. - 2pz. PAN_I per: GTS-T10, GTS-T20, GTS 15, GTS 25 GTS 40, GTS 50, GTS 60 PAN_I per: GTS 90, GTS 120 (*) (*) Nei modelli GTS 90 e GTS , -6 (for GTS 50, GTS 60) · Support for panel mounting - 1pz. PAN_I for: - 2pz. PAN_I for , ) - DIN-6 (für GTS 50, GTS 60) · Halterung für Schalttafeleinbau - 1pz. PAN_I für: - 2pz. PAN_I für: GTS-T10, GTS-T20, GTS 15, GTS 25 GTS 40, GTS 50, GTS 60 GTS 90, GTS 120 (*) (*) Bei GEFRAN
manual gefran 1000 gefran 1000 controller manual gefran 230 gefran 1200 user manual controller gefran 1000 gefran 900 89/336/CEE 73/23/CEE
Abstract: >000001110000111QC not n WWUU1 PANI 01B Package Information MMMF UIMMMMfi.,1 3Q mi coi Lèij t3C rÅ" ccn r -
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DIP20 PAN101BOI-204 PAN101 800CPI PAN101B pan101bsi-204 optical mouse sensor pan 10011K 101BOI-208 PAN101BSI-204 PAN101BS1-208
Abstract: ) e.g NA NA NA NA NA oc/n - Atm.cm3/s NA g i Inoh.oz RECOMMENDED TORQUES Mating Pan«I nut -
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M22520/5-01 M22520/5-03
Abstract: PANI polymer process. As illustrated in Figure 2, a higher BDV was obtained with the new polymer process regardless of the polymer compositions (PEDT or PANI). Figure 2, BDV of polymer anodes using alternative PEDT and PANI process* *BDV test stopped @88V In addition to high BDV, the anodes processed with -
polyaniline 15uF MLCC T521 2001-APEC
Abstract: TECHNICAL DATA SER IES D.197 max pan. thioKn, max sp. pan.Î hex 0.63/flats r'V/'Thex 16/platBj Page 1 / 1 INSULATED BULKHEAD FEMALE-FEMALE ADAPTOR Di r t 0.591 Plastic roatarial R142.723.OOO BNC 75 TPERGA6E PANNEAU!) M5T m g * A DIA MM naxi mini A 12.8 12.7 a 10.9 1Ó.Ò t 12.1 12 INCH maxi mini 0.50-4 0.5 0.42£ 0.425 0.476 0.472 NOMINAL IMPEDANCE FREQUENCY RANGE TEMPERATURE RATING V.S.W.R RF INSERTION LOSS VOLTAGE RATING 75 n 0-1.5 1.30 + GHz CABLES : -65/+165 *C O x -
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Radiall R142
Abstract: «ini 40 N NA lb «ini N NA Inch.oz o b .N RECOMHANDED TORQUES Hating Pan«I nut C U m p nut NA NA NA -
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Abstract: , (j, 'ir}l.jL ^ i'- 3 ' 5- - v - ASSEMBLY DRAWING S.P.D.T. ROCKER STO NON -POLARIZED 1.125 x .550 PANI -
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GRS-2012-2028 8029
Abstract: 14 mm max 0 0,5 mm Horizontal Mounting Montage Horizontal 4 3.5\OS pâ'"ni 12,6 mm max jf -
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8004-1X 8004-2X 8004-3X 8004-5X 8004-9X 8004-30X
Abstract: apposita end TDPQUfl RECQMMEhOEQ TORQUES Mating Pan&I nut Clamp nut FTNTCiW r 1I NJ .ori NICKEL 2 na N Mini -
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r142085 75-GOM VCB75 0808B H2252O/2-O M22520/2-0B M22520/5-13
Abstract: + ' ~r '> w K. A 0/21 -
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179373 179373- GF30X M7S-93
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