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Abstract: 8000 Series D-Subminiature Specifications CCS Introduction: The ECS 8000 Series D-Subminiature Connectors provide an industry standard I/O interface. A wide variety of styles are available including: Press Fit, Thru-Hole, Solder Cup, Right Angle, and Surface Mount terminations in Standard, Low Profile, High Profile, and High Density configurations. ECS D-Subminiature connectors were designed in accordance with all applicable requirements of MIL-C-24308 D, EIA Standard RS-232 RS-232, RS-449 RS-449, and IEC 78-B-106 78-B-106. ... Original

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RS-449 AMP PBT connector 1000MW UL-94 scsi D-Subminiature Connectors MIL-C-24308 RS-232 78-B-106 MIL-C-24308 abstract
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Abstract: 014233 014374 014181 Mil-C-24308 · D-Sub Steckverbinder sind weltweit bekannt als standardisierte I/O Schnittstellen für ... Original

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UL E 194320 014242 134459 134499 154145 23721 470 NR - 100 E47960 E83005 ERNI 594 750 IEC60512 MIL-C-2430 224263 din 7984 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 22 subminiature D connectors dimensionally complying with MIL-C-24308 Section Contents ... Original

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AM29DL323DB-70REIT MIL-C-2430 HD-22 HD-20 5747375-2 5747707 5749374-1 5747144-2 114-13199 Specification-108-40014 Specification-108-40025 5749374-7 HD-20 abstract
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Abstract: contacts are available and designed to meet requirements of Military Specification MIL­C­24308. When ... Original

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408-9404 91285-1 91503-1 91549-1 HD-20 Instruction Sheet 408-8547 litton litton precision 91549-1 instruction maintenance manual 354500-1 hand tools 91503-1 machine maintenance checklist 466422-2 maintenance manual 565435-5 HD-20 abstract
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Abstract: Precision Pin and Socket Contacts Catalog 65910 Revised 1-03 Catalog 65910 Precision Pin and Socket Contacts Revised 1-03 Introduction As the world's leading manufacturer of electrical/electronic connecting devices, Tyco Electronics produces a wide assortment of connector contacts. Included in this catalog is an array of the most popular pin and socket type contacts for signal and power, for coaxial cable, and posted versions for backpanel wiring applications. Also include ... Original

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200893-2 66109-9 9-10-19 coaxial connector connector 91505-16 amp 66507-3 AMP crimper 45740 circular connector crimping tool for 226537-1 contact AMP catalog 82003 114400 TERMI-POINT AMP 66106 daniels* m310 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: any size 22 Subminiature D connector that has dimensions complying with MIL­C­24308. AMPLIMITE HDP­22 , requirements of MIL­C­24308. 2.5. Instructional Material The following list includes available instruction , MIL­C­24308. 5. TOOLING A listing of tooling recommendations covering the full wire size range is provided ... Original

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408-7424 E28476 E81956 extraction tool tyco tyco pull force chart HD22 HDP-22 ferrule crimp pull test 408-9404 90430-1 crimping tool 408-4007 AMPLIMITE 22df tyco crimp height chart HDP-22 abstract
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Abstract: 5745994-4 5747193-2 5747497-4 8-1393480-6 intermateable with any size 20 or 22 subminiature D connectors dimensionally complying with MIL-C-24308 ... Original

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1-1734279-3 1734282-3 1734351-1 5745440-1 5747461-3 TYCO ELECTRONICS 5747840-6 HD22 amplimite 0.050 Dsub 15P HD-22 HD-20 1734357-2 2-5748482-5 5748981-1 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 54-301 747531-9 size 20 Subminiature D connector dimensionally complying with MIL-C-24308 Section Contents , with MIL-C-24308 Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories Inc., File ... Original

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1658683-1 3-747580-1 466901-1 5206514-6 5748634-1 5748677-1 58063 768340-1 748364-1 UL E28476 5745007-1 1658690-1 1658614-3 1-747948-6 UL E28476 748364-1 HDP-20 HDP-20 abstract
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Abstract: 3332-G been designed in accordance with military specification MIL­C­24308. They have cadmium plated steel ... Original

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E2005 HD-22 is 408-7508 is 408-7516 M24308 MIL-DTL-2 204512-2 MIL-DTL-24308 size 6 panel cut out AMP crimper 408-7516 crimping positioners by manufacturer 204351-1 MIL-DTL-24308 panel cut out Customer Manual. 409-5253 HD-22 abstract
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Abstract: 9932-100-6005 m15733 9053-100-0001 MIL-C-38999 MIL-C-38999 series available in compact and extended shells, MIL-C-83723 MIL-C-83723, MIL-C26482 MIL-C26482, MIL-C24308, in ... Original

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SCI-9510-503 ru 94vo NTC 15D airborn radar NI USB 6009 D38999/42 gj series hall effect D38999/24 SCI-2160-013 d38999/20 connector cross reference RTCA DO-160 airborn connector mil-c-81511 datasheet abstract
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D-SUB miniature male or female connectors in accordance with MIL-C-24308. The adapter can be fastened
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