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PWI-EP-MASTER-0 Texas Instruments PWI Eval Kit visit Texas Instruments
MSP-EVK430S330 Texas Instruments MSP430x33x Evaluation Kit visit Texas Instruments
TUSB3200FDK Texas Instruments TUSB3200 Firmware Development Kit visit Texas Instruments
CC1101Q1EMK868-915 Texas Instruments CC1101Q1 Evaluation Module Kit visit Texas Instruments
EKI-LM3S1968 Texas Instruments EKI-LM3S1968 Evaluation Kit visit Texas Instruments
DK-LM3S811 Texas Instruments DK-LM3S811 Dev Kit visit Texas Instruments

mfrc523 kit

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Abstract: Mifare plus apdu commands design in kit includes the MFRD710 contactless smartcard reader, a design based on the MFRC523 contactless reader IC. The kit supports the entire MIFARE portfolio: MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE , kit includes a sample SAM-based, secure reader architecture that implements multiple protocols. For , design's hardware interfaces are open for customer extensions. The kit include native support for USB , customization. The GUI supplied with each kit uses the familiar Windows look and feel and offers a range of
NXP Semiconductors
MFEV710_SDS Mifare plus apdu commands ISO 14443-4 programming guide Mifare ultralight apdu commands MIFARE DESFire Functional Specification APDU mfrc523 kit MFEV710 EV710 MFEV852 RS232 RS485


Abstract: MIFARE SAM AV2.6 Documentation and Sample Guide 1. Introduction NXP Semiconductorsâ'™ MFRC523, the well established , able to handle data rates of 106 kBit, 212 kBit, 424 kBit and 848 kBit. The EV710 (evaluation kit for RD710) is based on NXP MFRC523 and can be operated in connection with a MIFARE SAM EV1. A SAM module , readers use the NXP Cortex M3 LPC1768 µController. MFRC523 reader IC is a highly integrated reader IC , implementation. The following application notes help you to make the first steps with the evaluation kit
NXP Semiconductors
AN10994 SAMPLE CODE FOR MIFARE PLUS MIFARE SAM AV2.6 DesFire EV1 confidential MIFARE SAM AV2 document RC523 ISO/IEC14443


Abstract: NXP Pegoda evaluation kit MFEV710 Fast, straightforward development of contactless reader applications This evaluation kit uses an open software concept and PC-based tools to give designers a , Public transport `` PC peripheral terminal Kit contents `` Pegoda reader (CLRD710 based on MFCR523 , ), NTAG21x(F). The NXP Pegoda evaluation kit MFEV710 is built around an ARM Cortex-M3 processor using an , microcontroller, and is accompanied by a free embedded tool chain for firmware customization. This kit includes
NXP Semiconductors
Abstract: Sampling guideâ'™. 1.3 Naming Convention Name of Product MFRC523 Full reference design kit, in card box RD710 MFRC523 Full functional reader in housing RM710 MFRC523 Reader PCB , software or other hardware, based on MFRC523 reader chip in connection with a Cortex M3 LPC1768 , based on NXP MFRC523 and can be operated in connection with a MIFARE SAM EV1. The SAM module can be , Cortex M3 LPC1768 µController. MFRC523 reader ICs is a highly integrated reader IC solutions for NXP Semiconductors
AN10991 AN710


Abstract: MFRC52x UM 119221 PCSerial Rev. 2.1 - 07 July 2007 User manual Document information Info Content Keywords PCSerial, MFRD52x development board, MFRC52x, PN51x design-in kit Abstract This document describes the demo program PCSerial. The demo program PCSerial has been developed to test functionality of the designin board MFRD52x which is based on the NXP reader IC MFRC522 or MFRC523. UM 119221 NXP Semiconductors PCSerial Revision history Rev Date Description
NXP Semiconductors
MFRC52x SAMPLE CODE FOR MIFARE Mifare commands mfrc523 development PN51x Mifare protocol MFRD52 MFRC52