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PL-PLCC52-S-01 Ironwood Electronics PLCC Plug-in Adapters; Part Description: PLCC Plug Surface Mount; Top Pin Count: 52; Bottom Pin Count: 52; ri Buy
SG-BGA-7008 Ironwood Electronics BGA Socket; Lid Type : Swivel; Interconnect/Media : Elastomer; Pitch mm : 0.4 to 0.75; Socket Speed (GHz): 10; Operating Temperature: -35 to 100 C; Insertions: 1700 ri Buy
PL-PLCC68-S-01 Ironwood Electronics PLCC Plug-in Adapters; Part Description: PLCC Plug Surface Mount; Top Pin Count: 68; Bottom Pin Count: 68; ri Buy

mfrc523 kit

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Abstract: design in kit includes the MFRD710 MFRD710 contactless smartcard reader, a design based on the MFRC523 contactless reader IC. The kit supports the entire MIFARE portfolio: MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE , kit includes a sample SAM-based, secure reader architecture that implements multiple protocols. For , design's hardware interfaces are open for customer extensions. The kit include native support for USB. An , with each kit uses the familiar Windows look and feel and offers a range of features, including ... Original

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LPC1768 NXP IAP mfrc523 driver MiFare DESFIre RD852 mifare classic apdu commands MIFARE SAM AV2 RD710 apdu desfire MIFARE discover MIFARE DESFire Functional Specification native desfire commands ev710 Mifare PLUS X commands MFEV710 EV710 MFEV710 abstract
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Abstract: UM 119221 PCSerial Rev. 2.1 - 07 July 2007 User manual Document information Info Content Keywords PCSerial, MFRD52x development board, MFRC52x, PN51x design-in kit Abstract This document describes the demo program PCSerial. The demo program PCSerial has been developed to test functionality of the designin board MFRD52x which is based on the NXP reader IC MFRC522 MFRC522 or MFRC523. UM 119221 NXP Semiconductors PCSerial Revision history Rev Date Description ... Original

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0X0104 abstract on AT COMMANDS MFRD52x 0x7E03 PN51x Mifare reader mfrc523 kit SAMPLE CODE FOR write to MIFARE Mifare Card Command Mifare protocol mfrc523 mfrc523 development Mifare commands MFRC522 MFRC523 MFRC522 abstract
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