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ISL8272MAIRZ Intersil Corporation 50A Digital DC/DC PMBus Power Module; MODULE42; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C ri Buy
ISL8272MAIRZ-T Intersil Corporation 50A Digital DC/DC PMBus Power Module; MODULE42; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C ri Buy
PMP2916 Texas Instruments Sync Buck for Metro Ethernet 3.3V@50A ri Buy


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Abstract: CES321G95ECB000 dxw21bn7511 SAYFP1G95CA0B00 SAYFP1G95 LFD181G57DPFC087 SAFEB1G57FM0F00 MKFCC40M0CD0P00 MA300D1-1 SAFEB1G57KE0F00 SAWEN1G84 LFD182G45 SAYFP897MCA0B00 SAYFP1G95AA0B00 DXW21BN7511S (-R) o Piezoelectric Gyroscopes (GYROSTARr) ENC-03R ENC-03R o MEMS Gyro MEV-50A o Rotary ... Original

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MM4829-2702 DXW21B murata enc-03r ck 66 ul94v-0 lcd mev-50a Ceramic Capacitors 104 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: PKGS-90LD-R MA300D1-1 SAYFP897MBA0B00 SAYFP1G95AA0B00 BLM03AX601SN1 LQH32PN1R5 AS-M15SA-R MEDIATEK CA0TB CSR BC5MM ) o Rotary Position Sensors o Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors o Magnetic Switch ENC-03R ENC-03R MEV-50A ... Original

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DXW21B MEV-50C 40KHZ ULTRASONIC Power mev-50a z5v cap MICROCHIP 2012 SMD MARKING ANCL11G57 ANCL11G57SAA165 MM8030-2600 MM5829-2700 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Search Home> Search Engine> Catalog: MEV-50A-R Sensors > Gyro Sensors How to check EU RoHS Comliant of Our Products is here. Product Lifecycle Stage in Production Recommended Rank Preferred Specification Global Part Number Previous Part Number Supply Voltage Current Consumption (max.) Maximum Angular Velocity Output (at Angular Velocity=0) Scale Factor Resolution Temp. Coefficient of Scale Factor Linearity , -40°C 95°C 1.5g ? ? Details MEV-50A-R ? Part Numbering Appearance Dimensions ... Original

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mev-50 MEV50AR mev-50a MEV-50A-R MEV-50A-R abstract
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