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DZ2715000L Panasonic Electronic Components Zener Diode, 15V V(Z), 4.52%, 0.12W, Silicon, Unidirectional, HALOGEN FREE, SSSMINI2-F4-B, 2 PIN visit Digikey Buy
DZ2713000L Panasonic Electronic Components Zener Diode, 13V V(Z), 4.8%, 0.12W, Silicon, Unidirectional, HALOGEN FREE, SSSMINI2-F4-B, 2 PIN visit Digikey Buy
1717786-5 TE's AMP MDC-STUD EMBOSS PACKAGE, L=4.2 visit Digikey Buy
PLTT0805Z2711QGT5 Vishay Thin Film RESISTOR, THIN FILM, 0.25 W, 0.02 %, 5 ppm, 2710 ohm, SURFACE MOUNT, 0805, CHIP, HALOGEN FREE AND ROHS COMPLIANT visit Digikey Buy
SMAZ27-13-F Diodes Incorporated Zener Diode, 27V V(Z), 5%, 1W, Silicon, Unidirectional, SMA, 2 PIN visit Digikey Buy
DZ2710000L Panasonic Electronic Components Zener Diode, 10V V(Z), 5%, 0.12W, Silicon, Unidirectional, HALOGEN FREE AND ROHS COMPLIANT, SSSMINI2-F4-B, SC-104A, 2 PIN visit Digikey Buy

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mdc z271

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varistor mdc z301

Abstract: varistor mdc z151 Available with straight tab or formed foot SAFETY RECOG NITIONS ( Footnotes) MDC STYLE (See Note Below , -390UL Z181-630UL Z231-300UL Z231-460UL Z231-730UL Z251-330UL Z251-490UL ! Z251-800UL ! Z271-360UL ! Z271-550UL Z271-860UL Z301-380UL Z301-600UL ; Z301-940UL 1Z321-430UL Z321-640UL Z321-1000UL Z391-550UL Z391 , or formed foot , SAFETY RECOG NITIONS MDC STYLE (See Note Below) NOM SIZE MM MINIMUM
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varistor mdc z301 varistor mdc z151 Varistor MDC Z321 mdc z151 mdc z301 MDC Z131 D7580 D7580ZOV131RA310 D7580Z0V141RA330 D7580Z0V151RA360 D7580Z0V181RA390 D7580Z0V231RA460

MDC Z301 80UL

Abstract: varistor mdc z151 manufacturer's initials " MDC" . For instance, M DC WHERE: Z511 z- Represents " ZO V " 110UL 511-AC voltage , -02 Z121-03UL Z131-03UL Z141-03UL Z151-03UL Z181-03UL 2231-20UL Z251-21UL Z271-23UL Z301-25UL Z 1 21-03U L Z 131-03U L Z141-03U L Z151-03U L Z 1 81-03U L Z231-20U L Z 2 51-21U L Z271-23U L Z301-25U L Z500-03 Z600-03 Z750-03 Z950-03 Z121-04UL Z131-04UL Z141-04UL Z151-04UL Z181-04UL Z231-35UL Z251-40UL Z271 , -06 Z121-09UL Z131-09UL Z141-09UL Z151-09UL Z181-09UL Z231-70UL Z251-72UL Z271-75UL Z301-80UL Z321
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MDC Z301 80UL MDC Z151 03UL MDC Z251 72UL varistor mdc z151 09ul varistor mdc z271 75ul MDC Z151 04UL E86730 E38785

mdc z151

Abstract: varistor mdc z151 abbreviated style designation and, when space is available, the manufacturer's initials "MDC" or the company , example for a disk component, MDC 2XZ511 110UL Where: 2X ­ Dual configuration Z ­ Represents "ZOV" , for a square component, MDC C5S 151UL Where: C5 ­ Represents 25mm nominal ceramic size S ­ , X X S S Z131-210UL Z141-225UL Z151-240UL Z181-250UL Z231-300UL Z251-330UL Z271 , Z231 - 460UL X Z251 - 490UL X Z271 - 550UL X Z301 - 600UL X Z321 - 640UL X Z391 - 800UL X
mdc z271 mdc z181 mdc z321 mdc z621 mdc z251 Z321 110UL 130VAC 1000VAC

MDC Z301 80UL

Abstract: mdc z151 09UL manufacturer's initials "MDC" or the company logo. For example: MDC Z511 110UL Where: Z ­ Represents , Energy (mm) 3 5 7 8 10 12 14 18 20 25 Z271 Z271 -09UL Z271 - 23UL Z271 - 23UL Z271 - 43UL Z271 - 60UL Z271 - 75UL Z271 - 100UL Z271 - 140UL Z271 - 280UL (AC) 270 270 270 270
mdc z151 09UL varistor mdc z301 80ul MDC Z131 20 UL MDC Z301 25UL MDC Z181 04UL MDC Z251 130UL 11VAC


Abstract: 1820N ), and has an optional Fax/Modem MDC module. The main unit of the Model 5100S/5500S Notebook PC has the , /64MB/128MB/256MB Fax/modem module(56K, MDC) x1 DVD-ROM (X8) CD-RW x1 x1 15 pin external video port , Jack Microphone-in Jack YES 2 1 YES YES 2 Modem (RJ-11) port for MDC USB connector speaker-out
T2200P 1820N 78l05 so8 AZ210a gsm modem 2z357 1800N/1820N

DD54 diode

Abstract: TM121SV-02L07 , LID, LED, SW, USB . B-32 Multi B'd, Mini Card, MDC , Page B - 31 Multi B'd, LID, LED, SW, USB - Page B - 32 Multi B'd, Mini Card, MDC, RJ11 - Page B - 33 ,
DD54 diode TM121SV-02L07 STR DD37 BU CLEVO CZ633 evo cn GP 502 S630S 10K/F 18K/B 383K/F 71-51S00-D