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MC1466L Motorola The European Selection Data Book 1976 Scan
MC1466L Motorola 30Vdc 750mW precision wide range voltage and current regulator Scan
MC1466L N/A Historical semiconductor price guide (US$ - 1998). From our catalog scanning project. Scan
MC1466L N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
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Abstract: , therefore, powered from the 25 Vdc supply that powers the MC1466L. 4 â'¢T 25 Vdc .L- 12 Bias , by a current source in the MC1466L. The output of the MC1406L, current ¡2, is programmed from 0 to 1 , pin 12 of the MC1466L. The output voltage is established by the current through the 57.6 kohm, 1 , voltage with the MC1466L regulator. The digital word is coupled into the DAC with Motorola 4N28 , , in this case up to 63 V. MC1466L Operation The MC1466L regulator is unique in that it operates from -
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MCI723 MC1466 MLM309K high voltage regulator using ic 723 low voltage regulator using ic 723 MLM309 AN-703 MCI406 MCI408 MCI4009
Abstract: - J 74 â'" MC1466L, MC1566L «JÅ'/^tu* ^ MOT ili t * Å', iti ti iE S n j ® 1J - X â  > SJ » 0 Hi X-. * Hi / « ffi. M iff cj -yj >) # a i ± a Wi ff-i i ; fr i n s. wwc í %*u£, «¡¡tiinff t+o-y y â'" X- ]- -7 > y X 7'Cfci. Z>. o ¡tiXl?5£g-0.01%±lmV o *SEt£5glS; "0.1%±lmA o , -9 IHID05 ON I0UIV IltVlc (3) H-^'^n INTERNAI. VOIT»« mciraio* "HIRIHCI c«»l>(»t JOüBCI MC1466L, MC1566L - 175 â'" MOT (K,â'ž = 25V, Tâ'ž=25°C) m s * ft- MC1466L, 1566L # It m ')> H  -
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MC1566 650D MC156 MC1466 L MCI566
Abstract: MC1466L integrated circuit voltage and current regulator is designed to give "laboratory" power-supply , DEVICES 3-99 MC1466L MAXIMUM RATINGS |Ta = +25°C unless otherwise noted) Rating Symbol Value Unit , /INTERFACE DEVICES 3-100 MC1466L NOTE 1: The instantaneous input voltage, Vaux. must not exceed the , CURRENT CONTROL AMPLIFIER MOTOROLA LINEAR/INTERFACE DEVICES 3-101 MC1466L FIGURE 6 - TYPICAL CIRCUIT , such that: R2 R4 = â'" and 10 VqeO of Q2 ^ V0 MOTOROLA LINEAR/INTERFACE DEVICES 3-102 MC1466L -
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MC1466L equivalent schematic of mc1466 MJE340 REGULATOR 1E75 ITT 1N4001 DM 0265 R pin EQUIVALENT O-TO-15 10-AMPERES 0-TO-40 O-TO-25 CMH30HO
Abstract: A C E D E V IC E S 3 -9 9 MC1466L M A X IM U M R A T IN G S (T/\ = + 25°C unless otherw ise , ctio n M O T O R O L A L IN E A R /IN T E R F A C E D E V IC E S 3 -1 0 0 MC1466L NOTE 1: Th , O R O L A L IN E A R IN T E R F A C E D E V IC E S 3 -1 0 1 MC1466L FIG U R E 6 - T Y P I , REG U LATO R M O T O R O L A L IN E A R /IN T E R F A C E D E V IC E S 3 -1 0 3 MC1466L be , O T O R O L A L IN E A R 'IN T E R F A C E D E V IC E S 3 -1 0 4 MC1466L T iansisto i Q 9 and -
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O-TO-40 MJE340 O-TO-250 MPS6S65
Abstract: Device Temperature Range Package MC1466L MC1566L 0°C to +70° C â'"55°C to +125°C Ceramic DIP Ceramic , m Ade Vdc mAdc yAdc mW mVdc mV % mV % %/°C mVdc % mAdc MC1466L, MC1566L NOTE 1: The , CURRENT CONTROL AMPLIFIER OR OUTWIT AMPLIFIER MC1466L, MC1566L FIGURE 6 - TYPICAL CIRCUIT CONNECTION ? is , selected such that: R2 R4 « â'": and 10 V , «9VIà VS2 vz-VBE ,R * R1 8.55 _ MC1466L, MC1566L be at least two orders of magnitude above the largest -
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1466 HO Transistor B 1566 MC 1466 L B 1566 Transistor ic, mc1566 equivalent components of diode 1n4001 MC1466/MC1566 MO-001AA 2M922 1N4001 IN4005
Abstract: Iq Max. Input Voltage (Vln) "V Min. Max. Line Regulation °/o Vq MC1566L MC1466L 0 0 20 -
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MC79L03C MC79L05C MC79L12C MC79L24C MC79L03AC MC79L05AC MC1468L MC1468R MC1568R MC1468G MC1568G MC1568L MC79L15C MC79L18C
Abstract: POWER SUPPLY CIRCUITS Linear Voltage Regulators Device LM109 LM117 LM117L LM123,A LM137 LM140.A Series LM150 LM209 LM217 LM217L LM223,A LM237 LM250 LM309 LM317 LM317L LM317M LM323.A LM337 LM337M LM340,A Series LM350 LM2931 Series LM2935T MC1466L MC1468 MC1568 MC1723,C MC7800 Series MC78L00.A Series MC78M00 Series MC78T00 Series MC7900 Series MC79L00,A Series MC79MOO Series MC33160 MC34160 TL780 Series Function Page Positive Voltage Regulator -
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AN920R2 application notes mc34063 MC34063 Application Notes mc34063 flyback flyback MC34063 tl494 "Current Mode Controller" r3302 AN703 AN719 AN1040 AN976 AN983
Abstract: MOT MOT MOT MOT .75 5.63 2.65 2.93 2.55 - MC1463G MC1463R MC1466L MC1468G MC1468L MOT MOT MOT MOT MOT Accel Technologies
7805CT MOC5010 ip1717 UA741CN op amp TL081P LM3524N A11-7 68881R A11-8 P1-13 A11-6 146805E2
Abstract: Iq Max. Input Voltage (Vln) "V Min. Max. Line Regulation °/o Vq MC1566L MC1466L 0 0 20 ON Semiconductor
SPICE model for UC3844 UC3843 spice model tl494 spice model EB407 Basic Halogen Converter MTP2N10 180V - 240V igbt dimmer BR1522/D