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Abstract: load/store (LDST) cycle. MAD[63:0] MAS [Z] I/O I/O Multiplexed command / data bus. MBus address strobe. Asserted by current master when a valid address/command is present on MAD[63:0], H = A valid address/command is not present on MAD[63:0] L = A valid address/command is present on MAD[63:0 , - Setup and Hold M tsu(MAD) tsu(MB) tsu(MPP) tsu(MSH) th(MAD) th(MB) th(MPP) th(MSH) MADnn setup to CLK Bused setup to CLK Point-to-point setup to CLK MSH setup to CLK MAD hold time from CLK -
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SuperSPARC Mbus master 250 slave circuit STP1091-60 tmx390 STP1091 STP1020 STP1021 STP1090 STP1021A XREQ11
Abstract: ha nge FEh G P C S # G lob al C o n tro l R e g iste r No ch a n g e No c ha nge FFh -
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Opti 82C700
Abstract: SB80C186-16 SB80C186-20 SB80C186-25 â  0257525 00^57=1 LOb â  12 80C186/80C188 Microprocessors -
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1990- 2335 optocoupler BB515 ica v94 display ofw g 3201 OFW G 3352 philips 3139 147 tv tuner BA481 SAA7197 SAA7199B TDA4680 TDA4685 A733C
Abstract: . 4A I 4B 10A [lOB ® C o p y rig h t 7977 G E N E R A L IN S T R U M E N T C O R P O R A T IO N P , lOB 1600 «rubles efficient interlacing between a penphoral and the CP 1603 By the use pi si* B-bil , -bit I/O dala port lOB 1680 40 DIP 10A-3 DUAL DIGITAL TO ANALOG CONVERTER 18 CHANNEL ANALOG -
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80C186/C188 80C188 instruction set N80C188-20 N80C186-16 N80C186-12 N80C188-16 N80C188-12 80C86/C88 25-MH 20-MH 16-MH 10-MH