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EHM-D-HISS Honeywell Sensing and Control Monitors for pressurized leaks in joints, vessels, seals, and gaskets. Because of the nature of pipework, this device is able to pick up the sonic signature of leaks from several meters away from the source. pdf Buy


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Abstract: may cause heating and leakage. 3. Use within the rated voltage 2.23.8V Use beyond the rated voltage may cause not only reduced lifetime but also heating or leakage in some cases. 4. Operating , excessive heat stress applied, electronic degradation or leakage might occur. Do not solder over solder , , it may cause deteriorating of its performance and leakage by dew condensation. This catalog ... Taiyo Yuden

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LIC1840R3R8107 LIC1840R LIC1235R3R8406 LIC1235R 3R8406 3R8207 LIC2540R3R8207 LIC2540R "Lithium Ion Capacitor" TEXT
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Abstract: Input leakage current I N P U T S 2.2 2.4 10 Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. 2.5 V , . Units 100 nA Test Conditions VSS VIN VDD 1 Input leakage current IIN 2 Input ... Zarlink Semiconductor

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DTMF DEcoder FREQUENCY functional description of mt8870de MT8870D-1 MT8870DN MT8870DN1 MT8870DNR MT8870DNR1 MT8870DS MT8870DS1 MT8870DSR MT8870DSR1 MT8870D MT8870DS1-1 MT8870D/MT8870D-1 MT8870DE1-1 MT8870D/MT8870D-1 MT8870DE MT8870D/MT8870D-1 MT8870DE1 MT8870D/MT8870D-1 MT8870de dtmf decoder MT8870D/MT8870D-1 X-TAL 3.579545 Mhz MT8870D/MT8870D-1 DTMF decoder using MT8870DE MT8870D/MT8870D-1 MT8870D/MT8870D-1 MT8870D/MT8870D-1 TEXT
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Abstract: ZL50031 CH254 from affecting the codecs analog I/O pins. Zeners with low leakage should be used. - Each logic ... Zarlink Semiconductor

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ST012 MT90866AG2 MT90866AG MT90866 MO-151 dom2 lidr-9 TEXT
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Abstract: of isolation and leakage current limits are application, as well as regulatory and safety body , hazardous voltage and hazardous leakage currents. a) dielectric strength of the potential barrier is , the EUT-to-Powerline barrier: 1500Vac applied. Less than 10mA leakage current allowed. The EUT is , R of the interface of the EUT in both On and Off Hook State. b) leakage current of the protection barrier is tested. c) leakage voltage of the protection barrier is tested. 3.0 Description of ... Zarlink Semiconductor

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ZL50061GAG2 ZL50061GAG ZL50061 ZL50060GAG2 ZL50060GAC MT90869 BST04 DTA 2030 BCD8 ZL50060/1 TEXT
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Abstract: R17-2 VSS VIN VDD 1 Input Leakage Current IIN 2 Input Resistance Rin 3 Input ... Zarlink Semiconductor

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ZL50232QC ZL50232GD ZL50232 Canceller ZL50232QCG1 TEXT
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Abstract: . Min. Max. Units Test Conditions 1 Input Leakage Current IIN - 1 uA 2 ... Zarlink Semiconductor

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MT896X MT8963 MT8965 MT8967 MT8960-67 MT8980 MT8980 application TR-TS7-000507 transorb diode transorb diode equivalent MH88610 MT8961 diode in4003 tvs505 equivalent MSAN-131 MSAN-131 MSAN-131 transorb motorola tvs505 CODEC-SLIC TEXT
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Abstract: Units VOHO Output leakage current (IRQ) (Tone) Max. VOLO VRef output resistance O U , uA VIN=VSS to VDD Output high impedance IOZD 10 uA VIN=VSS to VDD Input leakage , M Note 9 mV Note 9 1 Input leakage current IIN 2 Input resistance RIN ... Zarlink Semiconductor

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MSAN-139 MH88632 C503 BS7002 BS6301 barrier network fuse hydro electric power plant file LS HV Cable specification TEXT
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ISE B-E leakage saturation current NE NE NE B-E leakage emission coefficient BR high current roll-off ISC ISC ISC B-C leakage saturation current NC NC NC B-C leakage emission coefficient RB RB RB zero bias base resistance IRB IRB
Siemens 12/07/1993 2.78 Kb TXT usage.txt
Leakage 112 K 08.95 IL 420 High Input Sensitivity I FT =2 mA. Blocking Voltage, 600 V. /dt >2K V/ms. Very Low Leakage RMS. Small 6-Pin DIP Package. Underwriters Lab File #E52744 E52744. VDE 0884 SCRs Provide Commutating dv/dt >10K V/us. Very Low Leakage 32 K 08.95 IL 4116/4117 4118 Inverse Parallel SCRs Provide Commutatlng dv/dt >10 KV/msec. Very Low Leakage 96 K 08.95 IL Commutating dv/dt >2K V/us. Very Low Leakage 32 K 08.95 IL 4216/4217 4218 High Input
Siemens 28/02/1998 42.56 Kb HTM 375.htm
4, the only current flowing will be leakage current, almost nothing. As the voltage on the input
Intel 30/10/1998 13.69 Kb HTM 2536-v3.htm
Leakage Current         0 Output Leakage Current         IIH   Input Leakage Current     200   IIL   Input Leakage Current     -400  
Intel 03/02/1999 140.06 Kb HTM emppel.htm
Handling Precautions 1 Handling Devices 1.1 Transport 1.2 Storage 1.2.1 General Storage 1.2.2 Moisture-proof Packing 1.3 Inspection (on Receipt and during Processing) 1.3.1 Ground 1.3.2 Electrical Leakage 1.3.3 Inspection Sequence 1.3.4 Electrical Shock 1.4 Mounting 1.4.1 Temperature Profiles 1.4.2 Flux Cleaning and Ultrasonic Cleaning 1.4.3 Lead Forming 1.4.4 Circuit Board Coating 1.4.5 Heat
Toshiba 14/07/1998 3.03 Kb HTM hp.htm
Memory Allocation Analysis, Shows Memory Leaks in Progress, Pinpoints Memory Allocation and Free Errors
Intel 05/11/1998 5.24 Kb HTM 6c3ba1ae.htm
Memory Allocation Analysis, Shows Memory Leaks in Progress, Pinpoints Memory Allocation and Free Errors
Intel 10/02/1998 4.72 Kb HTM 49aa21ae.htm
Memory Allocation Analysis, Shows Memory Leaks in Progress, Pinpoints Memory Allocation and Free Errors
Intel 02/08/1998 4.91 Kb HTM 661fe1ae.htm
Unallocated Memory Reports Attempts to Read Uninitialized Memory Reports Memory Leaks
Intel 08/11/1997 4.15 Kb HTM 4259e1ae.htm
, and in well engineering due to leakage constraints. Find out why the use of high dielectric constant
Intel 01/02/1999 11.46 Kb HTM q31998.htm