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LW - 6052 Clock Display LED 2N3819 equivalent 92693 2073D 92693 wpct200 Mallory Capacitor 50-60 MFD 220 VAC jtag s29gl128p sod323 diode marking code 2E CF2-12V atheros AR5BXB63 Mifare PLUS X command reference varistors ve07 2750 Mifare PLUS X command reference CU026 stepping motor EM 326 KUAN HSI S1A050000 78M05 jrc P 721 OPtOCOUPlER 5adp1 16cn10n Intel socket 1366 PIN LAYOUT KA3S0680R 5adp1 VT82C595 tda 2750 EMMA3TL M3-12H BIP373 C4073 2sc1093 HVR-1X 7 diode VARISTOR 58819 C4073 PTC B754 30F132 HVR-1X TMS27256 2SC1347 sharp LM161 transistor 2sc4242 C502 Zener diode SN74AS888 NDP505A AT89S52 INSTRUCTION SET SN74AS888 AT89S52 INSTRUCTION SET B/transistor chn 534 COAXIAL CABLE 5D-2V AT89S52 INSTRUCTION SET ALI chipset Ali 3516 L5618X2508-M6x1 M54475P Z0410MF IMSG171P BN27 Diode Melcher dc-dc converter bm 1000 M32150F4TFP SD1417 ULN3810A FTC S211 pfcb-w14 Wheatstone Bridge operational amplifier lm324 nec pc4574 UM61256FK-15 74147 OXUFS936 7805 smd OXUFS936 SC11390 SN54HC534 SC11390CV RTL8111E pic18f4550 example C18 codes mmc card STR W 5453 A diagram inverter ynv-c01 uc3854 Application Note e13005 2 UC3854 Duracell dr30 EQUIVALENT bts 2140 viking b-2 class b transformer STR-F6654 EQUIVALENT Philips TdA3619 DMBSPC67F MCS-85 TS8121C Honeywell DBM 01 sine wave generator using ic 555 tda7088 an 555 timer sine wave BUZ350 VARTA v280r Amplifier Research field monitor MCS-85 Amplifier Research field monitor M8071 AY-3-0215 TYN412 equivalent NEC 2501A AY-3-0214 Millennium Board PIC M5673 A1 PD-332 LS1241 SANYO Replacement list stk403-130 421000-70 LS1241 8133A LED 1n4037 MB87086 IC BOSCH 30344 SONY APS 172 power supply transformer 220V to 9V MA27W NDF480-6 cy630 CAPACITOR cp5 94v-0 XM773 fuze sec 222M se 378R33 74ls610 OZ965R DM74LS173AN PC MOTHERBOARD ibm rev 1.3 SERVICE MANUAL free SMD CA6 CK 77-1 3 94V-0 MJE13009g SMD CA6 SMD C5D METRAHit 14 SICK D-79183 lcd 1602a