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Gate drive PSU aimed at SiC mosfets

Recom is aiming at powering silicon carbite mosfet gate drives with its latest 2W dc-dc converters. “High-frequency and high-voltage switching are the main challenges of driving SiC mosfets,” said the firm. “A typical DC/DC isolation voltage should normally be at least twice the working voltage, but the high ambient temperature and fast switching edges generated ...

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Single-layer capacitors for high frequency

DLI’s V Series, single layer ceramic capacitor series has been designed to provide higher capacitance in a smaller footprint at high frequency compared with multi-layer (MLCC) types. They are wire-bondable and have a 0.77 x 0.77mm footprint, allowing for high density mounting. “Excellent in high frequency characteristics compared with general purpose MLCC’s, the impedance of ...

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NI offers remote control of PXI systems using Thunderbolt 3

National Instruments has introduced a remote control module for laptop control of PXI systems using Thunderbolt 3. The PXIe-8301 offers PCI Express Gen 3 connectivity through two Thunderbolt 3 ports this will support up to 2.3 Gbyte/s of data throughput. The second port can be used to daisy chain additional Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C devices. ...

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MLCCs work at 200ºC for tough projects

Novacap and Syfer Technology have jointly announced a range of high-temperature multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) for projects in oil exploration, geothermal, military, under-hood automotive and avionics. The ‘HiT’ range has an operating range of -55 to +200ºC, and offers tin-over-nickel terminations that had not been previously available in the companies’ other high-temperature MLCCs. Both C0G ...

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NI adds PCI Express Gen 3 remote control

National Instruments has announced a family of PXI remote control and bus extension modules with PCI Express Gen 3 connectivity. “PCI Express Gen 3 technology delivers increased bandwidth that is critical for data intensive applications like 5G cellular research, RF record and playback, and high-channel-count data acquisition,” said the firm. “This family augments our existing ...

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Mouser boosts IoT range with Digi XBee embedded modem range

Mouser has added to its IoT-focused product line after starting to stock the Digi XBee Cellular 3G global embedded modem. According to the distributor, the modem is designed to help OEMs avoid time-consuming and expensive FCC and PTCRB end-device certifications and it enables engineers to quickly and easily integrate 3G (HSPA/GSM) with 2G fallback connectivity ...

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Mini 3 and 5W encapsulated ac-ac power for household appliances

Minmax is aiming at household appliances with 3W (AAF-03) and 5W (AAF-05) encapsulated power modules safety approved for EN60950-1 (ITE) and EN60335-1 (household appliance). Size is ~ 26 x 26 x 16mm for the PCB-mount version, and there is chassis-mount option with terminal strips available on 5W models. “Their small size offers designers the opportunity ...

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Aluminium case mounts to walls and machines

Rolec has released a vertical holding bracket accessory for its mobilCase aluminium electronic enclosures. The holder can be fitted to walls or machines, and is moulded from black polyamide. MobilCase was designed primarily for IP65 handheld instruments and controllers, but there are IP54 versions for desktop and wall mounted applications. Two versions of the case ...

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LDOs drop

Toshiba has announced a family of CMOS low drop-out (LDO) regulators. Called TCR4DG, they have an on-off control input and come in in fixed output voltages between 1.0 and 4.5V, at up to 420mA. Typical drop-out is 193mV (420mA, 3.3Vout). Low output noise voltage is claimed, and as befitting a Japanese company, the claim is ...

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Microchip’s fourth-generation in-circuit debugger

Microchip has announced MPLAB ICD 4, an in-circuit programming and debugging tool for PIC microcontrollers and dsPIC digital signal controllers. All headers from the earlier MPLAB ICD 3 are supported, and inside is a 300MHz 32bit microcontroller. “MPLAB ICD 4 includes all the features of the MPLAB ICD 3 debugger while a faster processor and ...

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