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K8000-04 Alcoa Fujikura - 21 (Feb 2017) Bisco Industries Buy
K8000-08 Alcoa Fujikura - 94 (Feb 2017) Bisco Industries Buy
K8000-3 Alcoa Fujikura - 17 (Feb 2017) Bisco Industries Buy
K8000-420 Alcoa Fujikura - 155 (Feb 2017) Bisco Industries Buy
K8000-5 Alcoa Fujikura - 10 (Feb 2017) Bisco Industries Buy


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Abstract: Transistor k161 K8000) () K 1481K7521 1481K7521 K 8000) ( K 8000) 2 ( K 8001) 3 R() K0 K15000 K15000 R() K320 K15900 K15900 1 , () K 1001K5001 1001K5001 K8000) () K 1481K7901 1481K7901 K 8000) ( K 8000) 2 ( K 8001) 3 / 700ms ... Texas Instruments

373 pages,
1388.1 Kb

XDS510 cmps a13 codebook transistor PAR16 SPRU131 TMS320C541 TMS320C542 TMS320LC548 451H TEXT
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Abstract: FX3U-232ADP JY997D16701 JY997D16601 JY997D16901 pid temprature controller a6tbxy36 LSB. Reserved It is used to set the GAIN value of CH~CH4. The setting range is K-1600 K-1600~K8000. The ... Mitsubishi

476 pages,
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mitsubishi melsec FX3U FX2N-32ER The Japanese Transistor Manual 1981 fx2n 8eyt ess FX3U-16M FX3U-232-BD FX3U-128M FX2N-16EX FX3U-80M FX2N 64mr manual FX3U-64M FX3U-32M FX3U-48M TEXT
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Abstract: range is K-1600 K-1600~K8000. R/W To adjust GAIN value of CH1 The factory setting is K2000 K2000 and unit is LSB ... Original

16 pages,
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FP0-A80 AFP0807 AFP8532 FP0-C16 FP0E16X AFP02123 FP0R-T32 plc FP0-C16 FP0-E32 FP0-E16X k4001 AFP0420 FP030 AFP8670 AFP0RT32CP RS485 AFP0RC14RS RS485 AFP02223 RS485 FP0-A21 RS485 AFP15402 RS485 AFP0480 RS485 RS485 RS485 TEXT
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Abstract: Q15-format 54DSPLIB k875 is used to set the GAIN value of CH1~CH4. The setting range is K-1600 K-1600~K8000. The factory setting is ... Texas Instruments

79 pages,
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XDS510 Architecture and features of TMS320C54X k2561 SPRU103 two butterflies matlab code Viterbi Trellis Decoder texas block diagram of of TMS320C54X speech scrambler time division speech scrambler GSM modem M10 SPRU147 Architecture of TMS320C54X with diagram SPRU538 SPRU518 SPRU538 SXM 08 SPRU538 SPRU538 SPRU538 TEXT
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Abstract: m51544al STRD6108 L123CB sab3013 SO41P UAA190 rca 40673 BC417 STR451 stk5392 SN16880N transistor mosfet k4004 MB8719 mosfet k4005 U664B k4005 and unit is LSB. The setting range is K-1600 K-1600~K8000 Data register stores the error status. Refer to ... Original

168 pages,
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sn29764 k2645 equivalent TDA4100 k2645 TEXT
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