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irf841r Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
IRF841(R) Toshiba Power MOSFETs Cross Reference Guide Original
IRF841R Harris Semiconductor Power MOSFET Data Book 1990 Scan
IRF841R International Rectifier Rugged Series Power MOSFETs - N-Channel Scan
IRF841R N/A Shortform Datasheet & Cross References Data Scan


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Abstract: RF840 Rugged Power MOSFETs_ IRF840R, IRF841R File Number 2034 IRF842R, IRF843R Avalanche Energy , The IRF840R, IRF841R, IRF842R and IRF843R are advanced power MOSFETs designed, tested, and guaranteed , DESIGNATION DRAIN (FLANGE) 92CS-395Z8 JEDEC TO-220AB Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter IRF840R IRF841R , case for 10s) °C .6-162 Rugged Power MOSFETs IRF840R, IRF841R IRF842R, IRF843R Electrical , BVdss Drain - Source Breakdown VolJage IRF840R IRF842R 500 - - V Vgs = 0 V lo = 250/jA IRF841R
OCR Scan
IRF840 RF840 M2R DIODE 92CS-42659 92CS-42C60


Abstract: IRF840 Harris sillcon-gate power field-effect transis tors. IRF840R, IRF841R, IRF842R and IRF843R types are advanced power , I.C. handling procedures should be followed. Copyright © Harris Corporation 1991 IRF841 IRF841R 450 , , IRF841R/843R Gate Threshold Voltage Gate-Source Leakage Forward Gate-Source Leakage Reverse Zero Gate
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IRF840 Harris ODS40 IRF840/841/842/843 IRF840R/841R/Q42R/843R IRF842 IRF843


Abstract: IRF842R enhancement-mode silicon-gate power field-effect transis tors. IRF840R, IRF841R, IRF842R and IRF843R types are , 14mH, Rq s 25ft, *PEAK * ®A. 5ee Figure 15. ÌRF841 IRF841R 450 450 8.0 5.1 32 ±20 125 1.0 32 510 -5 , HARACTERISTIC Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage IR F840/842, IRF840R/842R IR F841/843, IRF841R/843R Gate Threshold
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f840 F840/841/8 IRF840R/841R/842R/843R


Abstract: 1rf840 1991 4-361 File Number 1582.1 IRF840, IRF841, ÃRF842, IRF843 ÃRF840R, IRF841R, /RF842R, IRF843R , Impedance, Junction-to-Case Vs. Pulse Duration 4-363 IRF840, IRF841, ÃRF842, IRF843 ÃRF840R, IRF841R , , IRF841R, IRF842R and SRF843R types are advanced power MOSFETs designed, tested, and guaranteed to , . Copyright O Harris Corporation 1991 4-366 File Number 2312.1 IRF840, IRF841, IRF842, IRF843 IRF840R, IRF841R , IRF840/842, IRF840R/842R bvdss VG3 = OV,lD = 2SO(iA 500 _ _ V IRF841/843, IRF841R/843R 450 - - V
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IRF820 IRF823 IRF820R IRF821R IRF822R IRF823R 1rf830 1rf840 RF822 IRFB40R IRF830R IRFQ20/Q21/822/823 IRF820R/821R/822R/823R RF821 1RF822

irf460 to-247

Abstract: IRF450R irf833r irf831r irf843r irf841r irfp443r irfp441r irfp453r irfp451r irfd312r irfd310r irfd322r irfd320r
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irf460 to-247 IRF450R IRF331R IRF460 IRF341R irf362 0G0S711