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IP4065CX11/LF,135 NXP Semiconductors IC USB2.0 EMI FILTER ESD 11CSP (Feb 2017) Ameya Holding Buy
IP4065CX11/LF,135 NXP Semiconductors EMI Network Filter Arrays interface compliant EMI filter,0.5mm (Dec 2016) Mouser Electronics Buy
IP4065CX11/LF135 NXP Semiconductors N/A 4,500 from $0.34 (Feb 2017) Rochester Electronics Buy
IP4065CX11/P,135 NXP Semiconductors IC USB2.0 EMI FILTER ESD 11CSP from $0.2159 (Sep 2016) Ameya Holding Buy
IP4065CX11/P,135 NXP Semiconductors EMI Network Filter Arrays IP4065CX11/P/NONE/DONTUSE REEL (Dec 2016) Mouser Electronics Buy
IP4065CX11/P135 NXP Semiconductors N/A 76,497 from $0.27 (Feb 2017) Rochester Electronics Buy

ip4065cx11 Datasheet

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IP4065CX11/P,135 NXP Semiconductors EMI/RFI Filters (LC, RC Networks), Filters, IC USB2.0 EMI FILTER ESD 11CSP

50 pages,
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Original Buy
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Abstract: IP4056CX8/LF IP4056CX8/LF IP4057CX10/LF IP4057CX10/LF 10 ball CSP 1.56 x 1.91 x 0.65 IP4065CX11/LF 11 ball CSP 1.47 x 1.97 x 0.65 ... NXP Semiconductors

8 pages,
810.95 Kb

isp1504 PESD24VS5UD IP4042CX5 IP4049CX5/LF IP4078CX6 IP4047CX6/LF IP4056CX8 IP4055CX6/LF IP4042CX5/LF PESD3V3L1BA IP4043CX5/LF IP4056CX8/LF IP4027CX20 ip4223 IP4058CX8/LF IP4056 IP4302CX2 IP4065CX11/LF ip4065cx11 IP4223CZ6 TEXT
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Abstract: , 0.4 mm pitch CSP IP4056CX8 IP4056CX8 IP4057CX10 IP4057CX10 IP4058CX8 IP4058CX8 IP4158CX8 IP4158CX8 IP4065CX11 IP4368CX9 IP4368CX9 33 , 1.3 k 33 ... NXP Semiconductors

50 pages,
1123.57 Kb

SOT1176 ip4065cx IP4041 IP4058CX IP4048CX5 IP5002CX PESD5V0F1BSF back2back diode integrated circuits equivalents list IP4826CX IP5002CX8 IP4058CX8 micro usb to hdmi wiring diagram SD-Card MMC IP4056CX8 IP4826CX12 ip4065cx11 Hdmi to micro usb wiring diagram SIMCARD Schematic IP4056 TEXT
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Abstract: ip4223 ip4065cx11 IP4223CZ6 lines IP4065CX11/LF Size (mm) Cline (pF) Fully integrated USB low / fullspeed interface ... NXP Semiconductors

31 pages,
3257.9 Kb

Zener diode 1N4148 DO-41 IR BOOST CHARGER BM 125 BAS101S BZA856AL IP4047CX6/LF npn, transistor, sc 107 b DisplayPort Plug 1n4148 sod323 t4 BAS85 Spice KEC SOT-23 bav99 IP4059CX5/LF 1N4148 SOD523 A2 DIODE BAT86 replacement 2 x 40w amplifier IP4056CX8/LF IP4058CX8/LF power one pmp 7.24 TEXT
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IP4065CX11/LF Buy IP4065CX11 Buy Replacement For Discontinued NXP Product