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Abstract: , 0.4 mm pitch CSP IP4056CX8 IP4056CX8 IP4057CX10 IP4057CX10 IP4058CX8 IP4058CX8 IP4158CX8 IP4158CX8 IP4065CX11 IP4368CX9 IP4368CX9 33 , 1.3 k 33 ... Original

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ip5002 sot1059 IP5002CX power one pmp 7.24 back2back diode IP4048CX5 IP4058CX PESD5V0F1BSF IP4058CX8 micro usb to hdmi wiring diagram IP4826CX IP5002CX8 IP4826CX12 SD-Card MMC datasheet abstract
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Abstract: IP4056CX8/LF IP4056CX8/LF IP4057CX10/LF IP4057CX10/LF 10 ball CSP 1.56 x 1.91 x 0.65 IP4065CX11/LF 11 ball CSP 1.47 x 1.97 x 0.65 ... Original

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IP4049CX5/LF PESD24VS5UD IP4042CX5 IP5002CX8 isp1504 IP4043CX5/LF IP4047CX6/LF IP4042CX5/LF IP4056CX8 IP4055CX6/LF PESD3V3L1BA IP4056CX8/LF IP4058CX8/LF IP4027CX20 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: NXP has fully embraced ecological and environmental issues, from maintaining certified environmental management systems General Applications selection guide 2008 to communicating our environmental policy to employees and other stakeholders. Extending this `profitable green' ideal to our package portfolio means that NXP is committed to providing our entire range of packages lead-free, ahead of upcoming legislation. The general application discretes products are offered in about 40 p ... Original

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Zener diode 1N4148 DO-41 BAS101S IR BOOST CHARGER BM 125 BZA856AL IP4047CX6/LF 1n4148 sod323 t4 npn, transistor, sc 107 b DisplayPort Plug BAS85 Spice IP4059CX5/LF KEC SOT-23 bav99 1N4148 SOD523 A2 DIODE BAT86 replacement datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Dark Green - NXP`s transfer to halogen-free products Why Dark Green? We as NXP are deeply committed to developing eco-friendly products and integrating environmental safety aspects in all manufacturing processes. For our packaging technology this meant a shift to lead-free and halogen-free "Dark Green", years ahead of upcoming legislation. 2008 we have taken concerted action to transfer all remaining packages to "Dark Green". What is Dark Green? Dark Green products are fully RoHS compli ... Original

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ip4065cx11 footprint BSP19 BSS123 spice zener diode reference guide SOD523 land pattern semiconductors cross reference semiconductors cross index PESD24VS5UD SOD87 footprint diode 1n4148 smd transistor GY IP4280CZ10 BV 9y transistor smd 2002/95/EC 2002/95/EC abstract
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Abstract: Discrete Semiconductors Selection Guide 2010 Diodes, transistors, ESD and signal conditioning devices Excellence in portfolio and performance Diodes Introducing new package technology Page 7 Portable and increasingly smaller end products fuel the race towards more sophisticated functionality in smaller form factors. To support system designers manage this challenge we as NXP develop products that fulfill requirements regarding space constraints, boosted performance and environm ... Original

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smd led 7020 PESD9V semiconductors cross index 4440 IC 5.1 audio amplifier board IP3219CZ6 IP4234CZ6 npn smd s1a Vishay BZX384 "BAT17" PMEG3030 1n4148 sod323 t4 KYS 30-40 TRANSISTOR S1A 64 smd datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Discrete Semiconductors Selection Guide 2011 Diodes, protection and signal conditioning devices, bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, thyristors SOD323 (SC-76 SC-76) SOD323 (SC-76 SC-76) SOD882D / SOD882 SOD882D / SOD882 SOD123F SOD123F SOD80C SOD80C SOT663 SOT663 SOT1061 (HUSON3) SOT1061 (HUSON3) SOT883 (SC-101 SC-101) 0603 mm / 0201 inch footprint, only 0.3 mm high SOT416 (SC-75 SC-75) SOT416 (SC-75 SC-75) SOT323 (SC-70 SC-70) SOT323 (SC-70 SC-70) Low VCEsat transistors ( ... Original

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phe13009 SC-88A footprint bt138 equivalent ld6805 NXP BAV199 date code SOD962 smd transistor p-96 TRANSISTOR SMD CODE PACKAGE SOT89 gy WG F 200D 10 SSOP14 land pattern IP4058CX8/LF sot1194 cd player amplifier double ic 4440 datasheet abstract
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