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HAA9-50151 Harris Semiconductor N/A 64 (Feb 2017) Rochester Electronics Buy
HAA9P-51123 - N/A (Aug 2016) Rochester Electronics Buy
HAA9P-51123 Rochester Electronics LLC - (Feb 2017) Rochester Electronics Buy
HAA9P-51123R3493 - N/A (Aug 2016) Rochester Electronics Buy
HAA9P-51123R3493 Rochester Electronics LLC - (Feb 2017) Rochester Electronics Buy
HAA9P-51123R3493-96 - N/A (Aug 2016) Rochester Electronics Buy
HAA9P-51123R3493-96 Rochester Electronics LLC - (Feb 2017) Rochester Electronics Buy
HAA9P-52278R4763 Intersil N/A 1,000 (Feb 2017) Rochester Electronics Buy
HAA9Q-51018R3328 Intersil - 868 from $0.09 (Feb 2017) Quest Components Buy
HAA9Q-51385R3566 - N/A (Aug 2016) Rochester Electronics Buy
HAA9Q-51385R3566 Rochester Electronics LLC N/A (Feb 2017) Rochester Electronics Buy
HAA9Q-53091ZR5141 Intersil ITSHAA9Q-53091ZR5141 SIEMENS MEDICAL, RM (Alt: HAA9Q-53091ZR5141) from $12.15 (Feb 2017) Avnet Buy


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Abstract: 5962-87539013 5962R0051501VHA 5962-8757001QA mtlt1085 ad8561al 5962-98A2201QXC ut28f256lvqlec 5962-8864801E MMDP65656GV-40MQ SNV54LVTH162245WD RTAX250S-CQ208 sl1053 5962-8768401MQA - ^3(- yf-irh'iWBBtalKiiSLTV>5. gckil^y h«A!999999«5 0 7 0 , 995959ÌD5 0 7 11fbh 15V ns ai ... Cypress Semiconductor

581 pages,
2275.93 Kb

TLC16C552 5962-04221 UT63M125BB SMD TSMC 0.25Um LDMOS 0.18um LDMOS TSMC M38510 10102BCA TSMC 0.18 um MOSfet QML-38535 MIL-PRF-38535 MIL-STD-790 MIL-STD-690 MIL-STD-1835 MIL-M-38510 MILPRF-38535 M38510 TEXT
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Abstract: -51714R4829 -51714R4829 135992 CA0324M96 CA0324M96 HAA4-51715R4126 HAA4-51715R4126 135995 CA0339E CA0339E HAA9-51712R4120 136030 CA0339M CA0339M HAA9-51716R4858 136032 CA0358AE CA0358AE HAA9P-51177R3491 136036 CA0358E CA0358E HIN202EIBNS2357 HIN202EIBNS2357 ... OCR Scan

2 pages,
49.65 Kb

TC5072P 6-digit counter dip 6 digit counter 5072 d 5072 6-Digit BCD Counter segment TEXT
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Abstract: 1.5-inch (38.0 mm) Single Digit LED Display H—A9150, H—C9150 C9150, HEGA9150 HEGA9150, and HEGC9150 HEGC9150 Series The 1,5-inch digit display is available in single color and bi-color versions. It is a convenient size filling in between the 1.2 or the 1.8-inch sizes. It is a good choice for a larger size display at a slight incremental cost over the 1.2" size if the slight segment brightness is satisfactory for the application. SELECTION GUIDE: E-Red 635 nm 8.0 HEA9150 HEA9150 HEC9150 HEC9150 Color Wavelength Iv (mcd/seament ... Intel

388 pages,
2698.72 Kb

E8501 TEXT
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Abstract: CM82C59A-12 CM82C59A-12 DG406DY DG406DY DG406DY-T DG406DY-T DG406DY-TS5001 DG406DY-TS5001 DG407DY DG407DY DG506ACJ DG506ACJ DG506ACY DG506ACY DG507ACY DG507ACY HA5024IB HA5024IB HAA9P-51123R3493-96 HAA9P-51529R3563 HAA9P-51529R3563-96 HAA9P-51529R3563A HAA9P-51529R3563A-96 HAA9P-51635R2869 HAA9P-52181R4641 , -9X96S2534 -9X96S2534 HA9P5195-5 HA9P5195-5 HA9P5221-5 HA9P5221-5 HA9P5320-5 HA9P5320-5 HA9P5320-9 HA9P5320-9 HA9P5340-5 HA9P5340-5 HAA9P-50595R3171 HAA9P-50652R2845 HC75810IB HC75810IB ... Original

5 pages,
11.24 Kb

100334 100334N CDP65C51E2 LM723CN LM741N ICM7226AIJL HAA9 ICM7226BIPL ICM7217IJI HAA2-10729 CA3292AQ96 CDP65C51M4 CDP65C51M4S2357 CDP68HC68R2E ISL706 HIP0050IP CA3262AER4374 CDP65C51AE2 LM324N HIP9011ABR4682 TEXT
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Abstract: 5962-9562501NXB 5962-0422102QNA 5962H0820301VXC MD8253 5962-9310504QXA 5962-8771401PA 5962R9466311VYC RH-LVDS31K 5962P0622601KXA 5962-9762101Q2A 5962R0250401KXA UT28F256QLET-45UCC UT54ACS164245SEIUCCR MOH0268D 5962-9069204QXA + t" 3 I T A 0.635 65 ± 1,2 A I 10 30 mm 3 h«—9—»H2* 3 *2 20 1 11 A 0.635 40 ... DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE

923 pages,
5348.3 Kb

ATMEL 503 24C04 ATmel 730 24c04 UT9Q512E-20YCC ATMEL 302 24C16 5962L0053605VYC MIL-HDBK-103AJ MIL-HDBK-103AH TEXT
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SGS-Thomson 12/05/1995 350.67 Kb PL 30021-v1.pl
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SGS-Thomson 12/05/1995 348.95 Kb PL 30022-v1.pl
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/datasheets/files/kaleidoscope/cad/mccad - schematics - pcb-st/mac/mccad_eds_for_macos.hqx
Kaleidoscope 10/04/2005 22278.99 Kb HQX mccad_eds_for_macos.hqx
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/download/2709085-996018ZC/xapp660.zip ()
Xilinx 10/02/2004 165.48 Kb ZIP xapp660.zip
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SGS-Thomson 12/05/1995 1498.14 Kb PL 30879.pl
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Motorola 12/09/1996 5721.56 Kb HQX 860umsea.hqx
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SGS-Thomson 07/08/1995 2388.6 Kb PL 30977.pl
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/datasheets/files/kaleidoscope/cad/capilano - designworks 4.3.1/mac/dwm_installer.hqx
Kaleidoscope 10/04/2005 16069.24 Kb HQX dwm_installer.hqx