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Integrated Manageability with Maximum Flexibility LT430TX

The LT430TX motherboard offers the latest manageability and hardware features for the corporate environment, while allowing maximum flexibility for a variety of applications.

A built-in hardware management ASIC provides temperature, voltage and fan monitoring when used with Intel's LANDesk® Client Manager software. When combined with next-generation operating systems and a wake-on-LAN network interface card (NIC), the LT430TX can even be managed remotely over a LAN to provide lower total cost of ownership.

This high-performance motherboard offers the benefits of the Intel 82430TX PCIset, which provides faster access times for up to 256 MB of synchronous DRAM or EDO system memory. The chip set also supports the fast UltraDMA/33 hard drive protocol. The LT430TX makes the most of the entire Pentium® processor family, including Pentium processors with MMX" technology, and includes 512 KB of onboard pipeline burst cache.

The ATX board layout allows all six expansion slots to support full-length add-in cards, and helps reduce integration and servicing costs.

Standard configurations include:

  • Hardware management ASIC, 512 KB pipelined burst L2 cache, 3 PCI, 2 ISA and one shared slot, USB connectors.

To get technical assistance for a motherboard manufactured by Intel, first check with your place of purchase or the system manufacturer. They'll know the most about your exact configuration and will have the latest information that is specific to your product.

Intel is able to provide only general technical support information for its standard products. Your motherboard or configuration may be different and, as a result, the information and files included here may not work with your hardware.

This motherboard product may contain design defects or errors known as errata. Current characterised errata are available on request.

Updated: Wednesday, December 17, 1997

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