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FingerLoc Overview


Harris' FingerLoc system combines revolutionary biometric fingerprint recognition technology with complete hardware and software support to provide a complete solution for your system security requirements. Unlike current systems that utilize light or ultrasound, FingerLoc sensors use an array of tiny electric field detectors that cannot be fooled by photographs or other finger reproductions. When a finger is placed on the sensor IC, the integrated circuit fingerprint sensor detects the actual physical structure of the skin.


CLEARER IMAGE QUALITY Utilizing our experience in signal processing, the FingerLoc system features Harris' proprietary e-field sensor. On-chip pixel electronics perform complex image processing in real time. The array electronics automatically filter out the majority of temporary skin conditions and artifacts that are typically seen in live scanned fingerprint images. The FingerLoc sensor captures live fingerprint images within 100 milliseconds and an integral image processing circuitry speeds feature extraction. The output is a clean, high-contrast image.

REDUCED COST The cost of the FingerLoc sensor initially will be roughly an order of magnitude, and later, two orders of magnitude less than existing live scan products. The e-field sensor can be manufactured using automated semiconductor manufacturing techniques resulting in this significant cost reduction. Plus, unlike other types of scanners, the electric field fingerprint sensor requires no critical alignment of components, no focusing of lenses and has no moving parts.

COMPACT SYSTEM The size of the FingerLoc component is less than one half of a cubic inch, several hundred to a thousand times smaller than other live scan devices. With this compact size, the FingerLoc sensor can be placed almost anywhere that a button or switch can be placed. It can be integrated into door locks, automobile dashboards, personal computers and many other devices. Power consumption is low, making FingerLoc ideal for portable phones, laptops and other battery powered devices.

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