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elektor loop antenna

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bf494 TRANSISTOR equivalent

Abstract: elektor loop antenna Elektor Electronics. In a one-to-one comparison, the active loop antenna proved to perform just as well , RADIO, TELEVISION & VIDEO wideband active loop antenna for general-coverage receivers There , space. The active loop antenna described in this article can be an excellent alternative to a , WINDOW A loop antenna is a good indoor alternative for a long-wire antenna. Some people may respond to the term `loop antenna' with aversion, since they have the idea that the only place for such


Abstract: Varicap bb112 magnetic-loop antenna such as the superb DJ8IL design described in the September 1998 issue of Elektor , 18 Elektor Electronics 1/99 The receiver we're about to describe is the product of many , antenna used: in fact, anything ranging from a simple telescope antenna to a full-blown `beam' (with a , ) is well above the highest receive frequency. The antenna signal is first taken through a preselector stage whose Elektor Electronics 1/99 Figure 1. Block diagram of the general coverage