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TPD3S044DBVR Texas Instruments Current-Limit Switch and D+/D- ESD Protection for USB Host Ports 6-SOT-23 -40 to 85
LPV324ID Texas Instruments Quad, Low-Voltage, Low Power, RRO 14-SOIC -40 to 125
MSP430FR69271IPMR Texas Instruments MSP430FR69271 16 MHz ULP Microcontroller featuring 64 KB FRAM, 2 KB SRAM, 52 IO, ADC12, LCD, AES 64-LQFP -40 to 85
SN761666DGK Texas Instruments AGC Amplifier 8-VSSOP -20 to 85
SNJ54122J Texas Instruments Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrators 14-CDIP -55 to 125
TMS320C51PQA57 Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processors 132-BQFP -40 to 85

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Part : ELECTRONIC BENCHTOP KIT Supplier : Tektronix Manufacturer : Newark element14 Stock : - Best Price : - Price Each : -
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electronic ballast for fluorescent lightings bulk

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Abstract: Lighting · Under-counter Lighting · Media Illumination G · Lighting for Large Channel Letters · Backlighting for Light Boxes · Point-of-sale Displays G G G G G G G G G The self-contained Power Line , designer to configure LED placement as needed for uniform illumination in his application. Mfg. Part No. G , Stock No. 1-24 40K0019 0.24 0.09 (2637) T- 13/4 (5mm) G G G G G G (196526) 1306 Go Online for , -3651 SUBMINIATURE HIGH PERFORMANCE LAMPS Features: · HLMX-PXXX Flat Top Lamps Ideal for Backlighting and Light Element14 Catalog
A 69157 scr HCPL 1458 TRANSISTOR SMD 431H SMPS 666 VER 2.3 SMPS 666 VER 2.1 acsl 086 s 11N5698 MC20159 83K9059 T-13/4 HLMP-K600 HLMP-K640
Abstract: Analyzer Electronic Ballast, Neon Lighting Air conditioning systems Access control Mobile , V V V V V v v v v v v V V V V V Control for LED, Fluorescent Lamp, Back light and Power supply Control for LED, Fluorescent Lamp, Back light and Power supply Control for LED , Inverter Controller MCUs 640 MCUs with LCD Controllers and Drivers 662 Ethernet MCUs MCUs for , but also on creation of a prosperous future for the entire planet with them. By making full use of Renesas Electronics
R8A77343DA00BG MINI DX3 READER HEAD WIRING DIAGRAM R5F61725 R5F64218 R4F2113 HD6412240FA20V R01CS0001EJ0201
Abstract: Enclosure for Duemilanove or Mega w/ Ethernet Shield Stock No. 13T9285 13T9286 13T9275 13T9277 13T9279 , example projects with step-by-step instructions and includes a PSoC CY8C29 family processor module for , ® programmable system-on-chip design methodology and architecture. PSoC® CY8C29 for PSoC 1 and PSoC® CY8C38 for , Segment Drive Expansion Board for CY8CKIT-001 53R1331 -PSoC 1 - CY8C29 Family Processor Module 26R2366 65.17 -PSoC 3 - CY8C38 Family Processor Module 26R2367 65.17 - MICROCONTROLLERS OPTIMIZED FOR USB Element14 Catalog
Arduino Mega2560 13001 S 6D TRANSISTOR arduino uno rev 3 agilent optical encoder 9988 MZ 13001 TRANSISTOR arduino mega 2650 A000046 A000047 A000005 A000010 MEGA2560 13T9280