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CAR0812DC GE Critical Power CAR Series, Input: DC, Input Range: 85 - 264V, Vout: 12V, Iout: 70.8A, Efficiency: 93% visit GE Critical Power
CAR2548FP GE Critical Power CAR Series, Input: AC, Input Range: 90 - 264V, Vout: 48V, Iout: 52A, Efficiency: 92% visit GE Critical Power
EHHD015A0A GE Critical Power Hammerhead series, 48V (18V-75V) 5V 15A 90% visit GE Critical Power
EBVW025A0B GE Critical Power High Power Barracuda, PMBus equipped DC-DC bus converters, 48V (36V-75V), 12V, 25A, 0.95 visit GE Critical Power
ESTW015A0F GE Critical Power Low Power Barracuda, 48V (36V-75V), 3.3V, 15A, 0.91 visit GE Critical Power
SSTW001A3B GE Critical Power Low Power Barracuda, 48V (36V-75V), 12V, 1.3A, 0.88 visit GE Critical Power

electronic balast

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Abstract: 37E D SENELAB LTD Ã1331Ã? 0 0 0 0 2 7 3 T-39-11 SEMELAB ¡qoo £ 0 / >S//¿ g BUZ 74 MOS POWER MECHANICAL DATA N-Channel Enhancement M ode Dimensions in mm _10.3_ mux. A .5 m o x 1.3 -W 3.6H- J L . 2. 8 5.9 TÏ mi n. APPLICATIONS 5.1 15.8 X max. ÌQ L J .J â'¢ SMPS 1 â'¢ ELECTRONIC BALAST 12.7 â'¢ DATA MONITORS min. 2 .4 PIN 1 - Gate P IN 2 & T A B -D ra in P IN 3-S o u rc e TO 220 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM -
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Abstract: BUX98PI antisaturation and protection network, specifically designed for Electronic Lamp Balast = 277V AC mains * = , /Lighting Lighting/SMPS Lighting/SMPS CTVs Electronic Ballast Design-in Guidelines [A] [W
BUL39D ST1803DFP BUX98PI BU808DFI equivalent BUV48FI electronic balast ST1803DHI equivalent BD433 BD435 MJE521 BD135 BD437 BD235

cp clare reed relay

Abstract: ECG transistor replacement guide book free electronic devices are the following CP Clare product families: Circuits, Switches and Sensors, Reed Relays , telephone line system from the modem's more sensitive electronic components. Switch and Sensor Products
CP Clare
cp clare reed relay ECG transistor replacement guide book free sip 1A05 12V 40W Fluorescent Lamp Driver circuit Diagram CP Clare Prme 15002 cp clare u prma 2a05

MOV 270/20

Abstract: 2322 640 90007 NTC thermistor philips · Communication devices mobile phones electronic exchange devices pagers · Domestic appliance
BC Components
MOV 270/20 2322 640 90007 NTC thermistor philips phct 203 VARISTOR 275 K20 cma 00124 BC 2222 037 71109 RJ-13