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drm receiver

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Abstract: DIGITAL RADIO MONDIALE (DRM) DRM - progress on the receiver front Peter Jackson VT , test receivers Thales The first receiver produced for monitoring DRM test transmissions was designed , - Figure 1 Thales TSW 1002D DRM receiver face. In addition to providing the primary reception functions , , enables post reception analysis to be carried out. As this receiver was the earliest available to DRM , demodulation functions. This Thales DRM receiver provides analogue-to-digital conversion of the incoming VT Merlin Communications
Schematic of the DRM chipset DRM chipset receiver QAM schematic diagram DIGITAL FM RADIO as project work broadcast fm radio tuner DRM DRM Demodulator IBC2002 BS1514 BS1514-1 WRC2003 IST-1999-2013 IST-2001-33307
Abstract: IP 100M/1G MAC Ethernet PHY PCIe bridge DRM receiver Within a home network, a media , control Trans-coder MPEG2/4 Nios II processor GIO control User I/O DRM playback PCIe To TV Monitor CODEC: DRM: DTV: HDD: AV CODEC SATA control 802.11 WLan HDD WiFi Altera
RTL8201cp Reference Designs RTL8201CP reference Design JAECS-IRDC370EM altera PCIe to Ethernet bridge RTL8201cp Design RTL8201CP SS-01014-1
Abstract: major standards, plus HD Radio & DRM Specifically designed for background reception, these single-chip solutions support all the major global background receiver standards and, when combined with a coprocessor, also support HD Radio and DRM. KEY FEATURES `` Alignment-free digital receiver with tuner and softwaredefined radio processing `` FM background receiver with a tuning range of 65 to 108 MHz to cover Eastern Europe (OIRT), Japan, Europe, and US bands `` AM background receiver (TEF7018) receiver covering LW NXP Semiconductors
SAF775 SAF775x TEF701 TEF7016 TEF665 TEF668 SAF360
Abstract: www.honeywell.com/magneticsensors or contact us at 800-323-8295 ITAR Restricted HMR3600, DRM - 5 , Magnetoresistive (AMR) denied environments. Our advanced DRM® technology, provide significant advan , small size make DRM netic fields, from 27 micro-gauss to 6 products very effective in critical man , advanced DRM® technology, provide significant advan- technology for personnel on foot utilizes , sensor man- direction and magnitude of Earth's mag- consumption and small size make DRM netic Honeywell
HMC2003 HMC1021S HMC1041Z HMC1043 HMC1512 HMC6052 Honeywell HMR3600 HMC6343 DRM4000 N61-0074-000-006 6A996 HMC1001 HMC1002 HMR2300
Abstract: DRM®-5 Dead Reckoning Module Advanced Information The Dead Reckoning Module (DRM®) is a , , dead reckoning takes over. Unlike strapdown inertial systems, the DRM® error characteristics are , information when the user is upright or prone. The low power consumption makes DRM® -5 practical for , altimeter provides vertical position accurate enough to identify the floor of a building. The DRM® -5 unit , reprogrammable in place by a host system. Successful systems integration of DRM® in past programs has Honeywell
Header 2x5 Pitch 2mm kalman filter baro altimeter azimuth digital compass kalman filter Barometric altimeter wearable computers
Abstract: from Host Computer to DRM Data to Host Computer from DRM Power and Data Return not used not used Data from GPS receiver to DRM 8 EGPS TXD Data to GPS receiver from DRM 9 10 4 BAT+ 2 3 4 5 6 7 EVENT +3.3V, 50mA max Optional Event Marker Input To external GPS receiver , DRM input to the output plus the DRM unique commands and responses. DRM4000L Basic Dimensions , plastic enclosure with an internal I/O adapter board with a USB interface, GPS receiver, and a Honeywell
4000L DRM4000L-N00-232 RS-232 DRM4000L-N00-USB-DEMO
Abstract: Simple fixed channel DRM1 receiver Abstract Direct conversion receiver with 12 kHz IF frequency. This receiver has no AGC and no image rejection. Application is only for reception of DRM signals where the image frequency band is not occupied by a stronger signal. Basic receiver The whip antenna , mA 25 uV rms. for usable DRM reception >25 mV rms.; nominal 100 mV rms (in central Europe , : transformer without internal resonance capacitor! 1 2 DRM: Digital Radio Mondiale, see www.drm.com -
IF transformer IF transformers 10.7 mhz Direct conversion receiver circuit diagram for simple receiver utc-2003 ANTENNA-FILTER HC49/U
Abstract: infrastructure or network is required. Used in the U.S. Army Land Warrior program. OEM Module (actual size) DRM , 'S receiver and Windows" test software for convenient evaluation. â'¢ Unaffected by urban canyons, nearby , proven, award-winning Dead Reckoning Module (DRM") developed for the U.S. Army. â'¢ Third generation , Reckoning Module (DRM') is a miniature,self-contained, electronic navigation unit that provides the user's position relative to an initialization point.The DRM* is the first commercially available practical -
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pedometer reckoning magnetic compass microprocessor GPS NMEA0183
Abstract: Single-tuner AM/FM receiver for automotive applications supporting analog AM/FM and HD/DRM reception High-end , performance. Key features All-in-one digital receiver with tuner and software-defined radio processing Easy to control with high-level user interface FM receiver: 65 to 108 MHz, covering OIRT, Japan, Europe, and the US AM receiver: LW, MW, and full SW bands Baseband I²S output for support of HD Radio and DRM with external digital radio co-processor supported by TEF6642 and TEF6646 Fully integrated tuning NXP Semiconductors
TDF8546 TEF664 AEC-Q100 HTQFP64 TEF6644
Abstract: : Principle of DRM Demonstration Receiver AF Out Christoph Petermann DF9CY Start: 7 August 2003 C28 4 3 C25 C30 10n R7 2.2k DRM Demonstration Shortwave Receiver V0.2 C29 , 1st IF 10,7 MHz with 10 kHz bandwidth Downmixing to 12 kHz out center frequency DRM Demonstration Shortwave Receiver V02-Rev1 C21 47n R4 10 R5 1.5k - -
SFE107 BF245 10M15 DIP8-PHILIPS-SA612A shortwave receiver 10,7mhz 7808 C4270 DIP8-NSC-LM386 LM386
Abstract: combined with a coprocessor, it offers additional support for HD Radio and DRM. KEY FEATURES `` Alignment-free digital receiver with tuner and softwaredefined radio processing `` Full worldwide band coverage , Radio and DRM with digital radio coprocessor (SAF356x or SAF360x) `` Blending function for HD Radio , Premium automotive applications that support analog AM/ FM, HD Radio, and DRM reception `` Aftermarket , multi-layer PCBs. The radio receiver includes an AM/FM front-end, a tuning synthesizer, channel filtering NXP Semiconductors
TEF6686 TEF6688 SAF356 HVQFN32
Abstract: 0.47u R8 3 BW = +/-15 kHz POT2 B B Principle of DRM Demonstration Receiver DRM Demonstration Shortwave Receiver Antenna 30 MHz Lowpass UpMixer 30 MHz Quarzfilter DownMixer , Oscillator 0 . 30 MHz July 2003 30 MHz Oscillator A A Title Range 30 kHz . 30 MHz DRM Demonstration Shortwave Receiver External oscillator required Size Upmixing to 1st IF 30 MHz with 15 kHz -
SA612A 2 pin 4 MHz Oscillator Quarz DIP8 socket 12 Mhz in crystal oscillator
Abstract: DRMTM4000 Dead Reckoning Module The Dead Reckoning Module ( DRM TM ) 4000 is a miniature , over. DRM TM4000 When GPS data is unavailable, dead position error characteristics are , system. The DRM TM4000 unit can be directly interfaced to many GPS receivers and man-pack computers, and includes capabilities for accurate field calibration. The DRM TM4000 is a reliable GPS supplement for , board with a USB interface, GPS receiver, rechargeable lithium battery, WindowsTM Host software Honeywell
DRM4000-N00-232 DRM4000-N00-USB-demo dRm-4000 NMEA-0183 egps compass DRM4000-N00-USB-
Abstract: integration and lower system costs. NXP has taken our low-IF global receiver approach to the next level with the TEF7000. Fully HD Radio and DRM compatible, this latest digital IF front-end incorporates all , } Global receiver - FM EU/US/Japan/Eastern Europe - Weather band - AM LW/MW/SW (full SW) - HD Radio and DRM compatible } ow power (400 mW with 80 mA current) L using a single 5 V supply voltage } Small , RADIO DSP RADIO DSP FM/AM/HD RADIO/DRM TUNER TEF 7000 low IF -AD PDC MUX RADIO NXP Semiconductors
saf7741 NXP SAF7741 NXP SAF7730 saf7730 NXP tef7000 saf774 SAF7741
Abstract: offers improved receive sensitivity to -86dB, programmable Rx Dense Reader Mode (DRM) filters on chip , applications. Improved receive sensitivity to -86dBm Offering DRM filtering on chip, combined with , . Automatic generation of FrameSync, Preamble, and CRC is supported. The receiver system allows AM and PM demodulation. The receiver also comprises automatic gain control option (patent pending) and selectable gain , strength of AM and PM modulation is measured and can be accessed in RSSI register. The receiver output is austriamicrosystems AG
AS3992 ISO18000-6C as3992-bqfp JEDEC J-STD-033A AS3992BQFP UHF rfid short range reader qfn 44 PACKAGE footprint 9mm ISO180006 900MH AS3990/91
Abstract: TEF701X Scalable advanced background receiver Rev. 1 â'" 30 July 2013 Product short data sheet , specifically designed for background reception. Both devices support all major global background receiver , ), DARC (VICS and RTIC) and optional support of digital radio via a co-processor (HD Radio and DRM). The devices are following the industry-proven background receiver TEF7006 and TEF7007 with improved , HVQFN32 package designed for two- and multi-layer PCB applications. The radio receiver includes the AM NXP Semiconductors
saf77 DRM30 SAF356X SAF360X
Abstract: MITSUMI IP IP-STB IP Set Top Box (IP-STB) ITB-1000x OUTLINE ADSLFTTH A set-top box to connect home-use TV receiver to broadband lines such as ADSL and FTTH, for viewing contents such as movies, music and game in real-time with a TV receiver. FEATURES 1. 2. 3. 4. MPEG-2, -4 CODEC VOD Flash Player Java Script 1. Various , Web browsing DRM DRM Interface Outside dimensions Weight DIMENSIONS 45 -
Java Script ITB-1000
Abstract: receiver approach to the next level with the TEF7000. Fully HD Radio and DRM compatible, this latest , , minimize component count Low-IF digital car audio / radio system solutions www.nxp.com AM/FM receiver , functions and signal interfacing. SAF7741 block diagram Key features } Global receiver - FM EU/US/Japan/Eastern Europe - Weather band - AM LW/MW/SW (full SW) - HD Radio and DRM compatible } #7; ow , co-processors for HD Radio and DRM } Supports co-processors for any digital radio standard such as DAB/DMB NXP Semiconductors
sdars radio tuner TEF6700 SAF7746 TEF7000/ SAF7741/SAF7746 HLQFP144/HTLQFP
Abstract: system costs and, when used in combination with a coprocessor, support HD Radio and DRM. KEY FEATURES `` Alignment-free digital receiver with tuner and softwaredefined radio processing `` Full band , Support of HD Radio and DRM with external digital radio coprocessor (e.g. SAF360x) `` Blending function , AM/FM, HD Radio, and DRM reception `` Aftermarket platforms for mainstream car radios `` High-end , (DRM). Both devices are available in HVQFN packages that minimize PCB real estate and optimize design NXP Semiconductors
TEF6657 TEF6659 TEF661
Abstract: flexibility. In addition, the IPTV reference design supports multiple Digital Rights Management (DRM , system, including all required Audio/Video decoders and DRM blocks implemented in hardware. Combined , . Security and DRM Software Support Microsoft Windows Media DRM N Still Picture Decoding N , input/receiver Mini PCI connector (1x) N Board design - Board schematics - Gerber and Layout Micronas USA
DHM8100A schematic diagram scart to usb schematic diagram hdmi to rca IPTV schematic IPTV diagram toslink To RCA analog MPEG-4 decoder receiver 6251-696-3-3PI
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