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60089-2 TE Connectivity Ltd BRASS, TIN FINISH, PUSH-ON TERMINAL visit Digikey
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daq 6008

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daq 6008

Abstract: NI USB-6009 applications. The NI USB-6008 and USB-6009 are lowcost entry points to NI flagship data acquisition (DAQ , Low-Cost, Bus-Powered Multifunction DAQ for USB ­ 12- or 14-Bit, up to 48 kS/s, 8 Analog Inputs NI USB-6008, NI USB-6009 · 8 analog inputs at 12 or 14 bits, up to 48 kS/s · 2 analog outputs at , need to download NI-DAQmx Base for these operating systems. Product USB-6009 USB-6008 1 SE , versatile enough for more complex measurement applications. The USB-6008 and USB-6009 are ideal for a
USB-6008 daq 6008 NI USB-6009 NI USB 6009 daq 6009 usb 6009 National Instruments USB-6008 351378C-01 2008-9621-301-101-D

60 Hz notch filter from ecg

Abstract: PS25101 channel B) A data acquisition (DAQ) card. A USB 2.0 interface The front panel of the box is detailed , acquisition card. This is a National Instruments card, USB-6008. The internal electronics can only be powered by connection of the USB port to a computer with the driver for the DAQ installed
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