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CORDIC-E2-U1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, IP CORE CORDIC ALGO EC/ECP CONF Original
CORDIC-E2-UT1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, SITE LICENSE CORDIC ALGO EC/ECP Original
CORDIC-E3-U1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, IP CORE CORDIC ALGO ECP3 CONF Original
CORDIC-E3-UT1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, SITE LICENSE CORDIC ALGO ECP3 Original
CORDIC-P2-U1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, IP CORE CORDIC ALGO ECP2 CONF Original
CORDIC-P2-UT1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, SITE LICENSE CORDIC ALGO ECP2 Original
CORDIC-PM-U1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, IP CORE CORDIC ALGO ECP2M CONF Original
CORDIC-PM-UT1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, SITE LICENSE CORDIC ALGO ECP2M Original
CORDIC-SC-U1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, IP CORE CORDIC ALGO SC/SCM CONF Original
CORDIC-SC-UT1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, SITE LICENSE CORDIC ALGO SC/SCM Original
CORDIC-X2-U1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, IP CORE CORDIC ALGO XP2 CONF Original
CORDIC-X2-UT1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, SITE LICENSE CORDIC ALGO XP2 Original
CORDIC-XM-U1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, IP CORE CORDIC ALGO XP CONF Original
CORDIC-XM-UT1 Lattice Semiconductor Software, Programmers, Development Systems, SITE LICENSE CORDIC ALGO XP Original


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Abstract: width fractional number used by the CORDIC. When the input and output width differ care must be taken , www.xilinx.com 17 CORDIC v4.0 Table 14 and Table 15 demonstrate the CORDICs output value being , 0 CORDIC v4.0 DS249 April 24, 2009 Product Specification 0 Introduction The Xilinx LogiCORETM IP CORDIC core implements a generalized coordinate rotational digital computer (CORDIC) algorithm. For use with Xilinx CORE GeneratorTM and Xilinx System GeneratorTM v11.1 or later Xilinx
CORDIC v4.0 FIX16 CORDIC in xilinx CORDIC system generator xilinx IC BA 3812 DATASHEET SPARTAN-3E
Abstract: '" Synthesis and map log file. â'¢ _gen.log â'" IPexpress IP generation log file. The \ and subtending directories provide files supporting the CORDIC IP core evaluation. The \ , CORDIC IP core. The parameter settings are specified using the CORDICI IP core Configuration GUI in , . cordic_params.v This file provides parameters necessary for the simulation. _bb.v This file , . The \cordic_eval directory is created by IPexpress the first time the core is generated and updated Lattice Semiconductor
IPUG81 LFXP20E-5F484C D-2009 12L-1 MULT18X18 LFXP2-30E-7F484C
Abstract: Parameter Component Name Functional Selection Default Value cordic_v5_0 Rotate XCO Values XCO , , but is not relevant to the CORDIC. The facility to pass TLAST and/or TUSER removes the burden of , for each input channel is optional. When present, each can be passed through the CORDIC. When more , LogiCORE IP CORDIC v5.0 DS858 October 19, 2011 Product Specification Introduction The Xilinx LogiCORETM IP v5.0 core implements a generalized coordinate rotational digital computer (CORDIC) algorithm Xilinx
vhdl code for rotation cordic LogiCORE IP CORDIC cordic design for fixed angle rotation CORDIC divider CORDIC v5.0 XC7K325T TM-7000
Abstract: Figure 3 · CORDIC-Based System The negative nGrst signal resets the CORDIC engine and, optionally, the , , "CORDIC FAQ," http://www.dspguru.com/info/faqs/cordic.htm. 12 v2.0 CoreCORDIC CORDIC RTL , http://www.fpga-guru.com/files/crdcsrvy.pdf, 1998. Norbert Lindlbauer, "The CORDIC-Algorithm for , : module_name Cordic_test architecture 0 mode 0 bit_width 16 iterations 16 , CoreCORDIC CORDIC RTL Generator Product Summary · ­ Intended Use · COordinate Actel
cordic sine cosine generator vhdl vhdl code for cordic algorithm vhdl code for cordic vhdl code for vector cordic verilog code for cordic verilog code for cordic algorithm
Abstract: /source/verilog/cordic_inc_p2.vh and cordic-/test/verilog/tb/cordic_tb_inc.vh. 1 , . cordic_gain_corr.v Altera Corporation Top level CORDIC module. cordic_core.v Gain compensation block , directory. Table 1. sourcebuild Directory Files File Name Description cordic.psf cordic.quartus , outputs from algorithm. cordic_inc.v Contains the static parameters. cordic_inc_p2.v Contains , Directory Files File Name Description cordic_gui.fig MATLAB file for GUI. cordic_gui.m Altera
cordic algorithm code in verilog cordic algorithm in matlab code for cordic AN 263 CORDIC Reference Design altera CORDIC ip matlab gui 3T144C6 4F324C6 12F324C6 800-EPLD
Abstract: AN1061 Efficient Fixed-Point Trigonometry Using CORDIC Functions For PIC16F Author: Jose , ) · ATAN(X) CORDIC is an acronym for COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer and was first developed by Jack Volder in 1959. The CORDIC transforms are a collection of iterative, shift-add algorithms used , can be found in a paper titled, "A Survey of CORDIC Algorithms for FPGA-Based Computers" by Ray Andraka. The structure of the CORDIC transform lends itself to hardware implementations. Typical Microchip Technology
EMBEDDED C BOOKS IN PIC16F877A PIC16F877A cordic pic16f877a c code programming example PIC16F877A circuit diagram PIC16F877A Microcontroller with LCD pic16f877a DS01061A-
Abstract: 8000 FLEX 6000 - EAB ROM ROM ESB - EAB ESB Coordinate rotation digital computer CORDIC - , ROM CORDIC ROM sine/cosine ROM ROM 90 ROM sine cosine 90 ROM sine cosine 2 ROM CORDIC CORDIC sine cosine CORDIC NCO sine cosine CORDIC x y cosine sine , CORDIC ROM CORDIC sine cosine CORDIC ROM 1 ROMNCO 1NCO , Accumulator precision Angular precision Magnitude precision CORDIC architecture ROM Altera
CORDIC vhdl altera CORDIC QAM modulation 16 QAM modulation matlab vhdl cordic CORDIC "vhdl" nco verilog 20KACEXTM 10KFLEX 160MH 20KFLEX
Abstract: . CORDIC Architecture A CORDIC algorithm calculates trigonomic functions such as sine and cosine. The CORDIC-based NCO function computes the sine and cosine of an input phase value by iteratively shifting the , Coordinate rotation digital computer (CORDIC)-based implementation using logic, EABs, or ESBs Variable , both ROM and CORDIC architectures. ROM Architecture The ROM containing the sine/cosine wave can be , CORDIC iteration, the x and y coordinates of an angle represent the cosine and sine of that angle Altera
vhdl code for cordic cosine and sine verilog code to generate sine wave vhdl code to generate sine wave CORDIC to generate sine wave qpsk modulation VHDL CODE verilog code of sine rom
Abstract: : predistort/source/verilog/dpd_inc_p2.v predistort/ip/cordic/source/verilog/cordic_inc_p2.v predistort/source/verilog/cordic_convert_inc.v predistort/source/software/predistort.h. MATLAB Results for , as the Nios processor. Thus the conversion is hardware accelerated using a CORDIC. CORDIC Block , CORDIC_COMP_FP. 9 Preliminary Digital Predistortion Reference Design 6. Functional Description , simulation Verilog HDL source code for Nios processor, co-ordinate rotation digital computer (CORDIC Altera
adaptive algorithm dpd verilog code for dpd CORDIC MAGNITUDE matlab code for half adder verilog code for half subtractor digital Pre-distortion AN-314-1
Abstract: = cordic_rotate CSET pipelining_mode = Maximum CSET compensation_scaling = No_Scale_Compensation , 0 CORDIC v2.0 DS249 (v1.5) March 28, 2003 0 Product Specification Features · , range of CORDIC operation to the full 360 Degrees · Fully synchronous design using a single clock , compensation for CORDIC algorithm's amplitude scale factor · To be used with v5.2i and later of the , / Neg Infinity and Round to Nearest Even · · Input Stage CORDIC Engine Output Stage Xilinx
code for scale free cordic cordic algorithm CORDIC tanh fpga polar architecture sincos
Abstract: WWW http://www.nova-eng.com CORDIC Algorithm for accurate Sine/Cosine Generation 16-bit Quadrature , Worst Case Spurs < -90dBc Includes 16-bit Microprocessor Interface General Description The CORDIC , values are calculated by a CORDIC engine to minimize spurious frequency components. A Phase Offset , output in either two's complement or offset binary format. BLOCK DIAGRAM - CORDIC Based Numerically , CORDIC Engine Sin[15.0] Cos[15.0] Nova Engineering, Inc. CORDIC Based NCO Megafunction Nova Engineering
EPF10K100A EPF10K100E EPF10K50V NOVA STROBE Numerically Controlled Oscillator
Abstract: ] cordic_clk_by2_1 [2] cordic_clk_by2 [3:0] cordic_clk_by2 Figure 8 shows the complex CORDIC block and , via a CORDIC-based Jacobi processor. The EVD computation processor for MUSIC DOA uses a CORDIC-based , data_sel_pass1 reset bank_sel done_reset vec_rot_sel_pass1 cordic_clk rd_wr_x load_enable vec_rot_sel_pass1 Controller global_ress done cordic_clock_by2 read_address_out[5:0] The register transfer , multiplex between the vector and rotation modes of the complex CORDIC. 3. address signal for writing Altera
music algorithm for antenna array cordicbased EP1S10F780C6ES CORDIC altera DSASW00106208 Types of Radar Antenna
Abstract: elements can be added. Figure 3 shows an example of the same FM radio that uses a CORDIC (COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer) coprocessor. The CORDIC co-processor implements a vector rotation engine that , : Processor Based FM Radio NCO Low Noise Amplifier CORDIC Co-processor Filter VCO Switch , Figure 3: FM Radio with Digital IF functions [1]. In the case of FM, the CORDIC provides the arctangent , CORDIC co-processors. Table 1: FM Radio Components Function Soft Core NIOS) CORDIC (Altera Altera
SDR baseband modulation demodulation wifi 5 watt amplifier circuit demodulator fpga wifi antenna computer smps model hp ipaq
Abstract: HammerCores by Altera White Paper CORDIC Functions CDPP & CDPS Introduction The two HammerCores by Altera® CORDIC macros, CDPP and CDPS, use the CORDIC algorithm to convert rectangular to polar coordinates. This algorithm is also known as the backwards rotation CORDIC algorithm. The CORDIC algorithm is , hypotenuse and angle using multiplies, divides, and square roots. The accuracy of the CORDIC algorithm can , same as the precision of the input. The CDPP macro is a parallel implementation of the CORDIC Altera
Abstract: representation in CORDIC. Set to CORDIC_ITER. CORDIC_ITER 24 Number of CORDIC iterations. Each iteration , the parameterization information: \cordic\source\verilog\cordic_inc_p2.v. , _ sf Bit Width Description cntl.mat_bwidth + 1 + cordic.xy_precision Input data array of , cordic_inc_p2.v file. Testbench writes input data to the ipdata.txt text file. Altera Corporation Design , .(CORDIC_XY_WIDTH ­ 1) number. cfg_forget_x_invgain CORDIC_XY_WIDTH The QRD design signals that it is ready to Altera
matlab code for mimo ofdm verilog code for mimo ofdm RLS matlab verilog code for inverse matrix vhdl cordic code
Abstract: (CORDIC) algorithm. CORDIC Algorithm CORDIC algorithms use shifts and adds to compute a wide range of functions, including trigonometric, hyperbolic, linear, and logarithmic functions. The CORDIC algorithm is , , and digital modems. The CORDIC algorithm uses shifts and adds to perform vector rotations iteratively. In rotation mode, CORDIC converts one vector in rectangular form to another vector in rectangular form. In vector mode, it converts a vector in rectangular form to polar form. CORDIC Rotation Mode -
FSK ask psk by simulink matlab FSK ask psk by matlab FSK matlab verilog coding for CORDIC ALGORITHM EP2C35F672C6 FSK modulate by matlab book
Abstract: White Paper Implementation of CORDIC-Based QRD-RLS Algorithm on Altera Stratix FPGA with , 2004, ver. 1.0 WP-STXQRD-01 (1) 1 Implementation of CORDIC-Based QRD-RLS Algorithm on Altera , ) Altera Corporation Implementation of CORDIC-Based QRD-RLS Algorithm on Altera Stratix FPGA With , y Decomposition Back u c Substitution CORDIC-Based QR Decomposition The QR , , and uses only additions, subtractions and shift 3 Implementation of CORDIC-Based QRD-RLS Altera
LMS MIMO Digital computer design fourth edition ieee paper on alu fpga altera applications of vlsi in antennas cordic processor for alu
Abstract: 1-4 shows the CORDIC-based DDS architecture. Since the CORDIC architecture eliminates the sine/cosine , limitation. In many cases, the CORDIC-based architecture does not utilize the phase quantizer, since the , . CORDIC-Based DDS Architecture LUT Initialization To support the Actel one-chip solution, CoreDDS implements , . CORDIC-generated sine wave samples are approximations of a precise sine wave. In order to store the LUT precise , engine implements three different hardware architectures: · Small LUT · Big LUT · Parallel CORDIC A Actel
CORDIC to generate sine wave fpga vhdl code dds vhdl code for msk modulation VERILOG Digitally Controlled Oscillator vhdl code direct digital synthesizer
Abstract: more regular than a CORDIC. Same for divide. Another problem is the scaling factor introduced for x +y 2 2 type operations by CORDIC. The bottom line is that unless it comes free, why perform QR or other type operations using the CORDIC? It's more expensive than direct arithmetic, and not , CORDIC. When no or too few multipliers are available, as in the case of the EC FPGA, the CORDIC can be , Semiconductor White Paper discussed later how the CORDIC algorithm can replace the complex Givens rotation Lattice Semiconductor
sonar beamforming airplay matrix ultrasound array JTRS sdr on fpga
Abstract: : Parallel or serial CORDIC-based implementation Multiplier-based implementation using DSP blocks , Toolbench interface to implement a variety of NCO architectures, including ROM-based, CORDIC-based, and , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4­4 CORDIC Architecture . . . . . , except the Serial CORDIC algorithm. Release Information Table 1­1 provides information about this , ,440 8 - 320 Large ROM (1) 32 Multiplier-Based (1) 32 Parallel CORDIC (1) 32 Small Altera
vhdl code for FFT 32 point PHASE-MODULATOR PM 101 matlab programs for QFSK UG-NCOCOMPILER-10
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