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Texas Instruments

TI members worldwide to design, manufacture, and sell analog and embedded processing chips, we are challenged to change the world through technology reflect. - analog, embedded processing chips

Amplifier, Audio frequency, Clock and Timing, Data Converters, Mold technology and wafer services, DLP ® products and MEMS, interface, Isolation devices, logic, Motor Driver, RF and Microwave, Sensor Products, Aerospace and high reliability, Switches and Multiplexers, Wireless connections, Power Management, Embedded Processor, & more.

Spry281 - DSP 简介 - 数字信号处理器 (DSP) Spry281 : DSP 简介 (PDF)
Sprabf2 - 如何进行 DSP 编程 - 数字信号处理器 (DSP) Sprabf2 : 如何进行 DSP 编程 (PDF)
Sbfc030 - 噪声源 - TINA-TI™ - 电路仿真 Sbfc030 : 噪声源 (ZIP)
Sbfc031 - RTD 仿真器 - TINA-TI™ - 电路仿真 Sbfc031 : RTD 仿真器 (ZIP)
Ti Hspice - (ti hspice) - SPICE 模型库 (ti Hspice) : SPICE 模型库 (ZIP)
Ti Pspice Models - (ti pspice models) - (ti pspice models.zip) - SPICE 模型库 (ti Pspice Models) : SPICE 模型库 (ZIP)
Ti Tina Ti Spice Models - (ti tina ti spice models) - (ti tina ti spice models.zip) - SPICE 模型库 (ti Tina Ti Spice Models) : SPICE 模型库 (ZIP)
Ti Tina Ti Ref Designs - (ti tina ti ref designs) - (ti tina ti ref designs.zip) - SPICE 模型库 (ti Tina Ti Ref Designs) : SPICE 模型库 (ZIP)
Ti Spice Models - (ti spice models) - SPICE 模型库 (ti Spice Models) : SPICE 模型库 (ZIP)
LICENSE-AGREEMENT - 评估、开发和演示软件许可协议 - 使用条款 LICENSE-AGREEMENT : 评估、开发和演示软件许可协议 (PDF)
Factsheet 2016 CN FINAL - 公司简介 - 公司信息 Factsheet 2016 CN FINAL : 公司简介 (PDF)
Tpa3251 Oa - Zhcsdt9c oa - 下载产品说明书 Tpa3251 Oa : zhcsdt9c oa (PDF)
Tpa3251 Pm - Zhcsdt9c pm - 下载产品说明书 Tpa3251 Pm : zhcsdt9c pm (PDF)
Tas2555 Oa - Zhcsfy2a oa - 下载产品说明书 Tas2555 Oa : zhcsfy2a oa (PDF)
Tas2555 Pm - Zhcsfy2a pm - 下载产品说明书 Tas2555 Pm : zhcsfy2a pm (PDF)

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