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Telebox Industries

Telebox founded in 1987 at Hsichih-Taipei (also known as Sijhih or Xizhi),10 Km from Taipei city center, grew from a Telephone accessories plant to a turn-over US$10 millions annum connector developer and manufacturer. Since then, we believe in honesty, improvement and cooperation. We emphasize personnel training and education to enhance each professional skill and knowledge in order to serve our customers. - annum connector developer

Data & Voice Cablings, Keystone Jacks & Outlets, Modular Plug (RJ45), Patch Panels, Adapters & Couplers, Patch Cords, Surface Mount Boxes, Structure Wiring, Multi-Media, Media Converters, Cabling Tools, Lan Cables, Telecom Accessories, Plug Cover / Dust Cover, ADSL, ISDN, Faceplates-USA, Faceplates-European, DIN Rail, Connectors, Modular Jacks (RJ45), IDC (110-Krone LSA type), Miniature DIN, Standard DIN, Multi-pole Connector, Baluns, & more.

Taxi&routemap Taxi&routemap (PDF)
Conflict - About Telebox Conflict : About Telebox (PDF)
IPR - About Telebox IPR : About Telebox (PDF)
950921-e - About Telebox 950921-e : About Telebox (PDF)
950921-c - About Telebox 950921-c : About Telebox (PDF)
TA34-20150517 - Modular Plug (RJ45) TA34-20150517 : Modular Plug (RJ45) (PDF)
20160422 TB97XX - Keystone Jack 20160422 TB97XX : Keystone Jack (PDF)
LA246A-20150210 - Patch Panel LA246A-20150210 : Patch Panel (PDF)
Installation060912 FC13 - Fiber Converter Series Installation060912 FC13 : Fiber Converter Series (PDF)
950921-e 950921-e (PDF)
Instruction20101230 TA33U - Modular Plug (RJ45) Instruction20101230 TA33U : Modular Plug (RJ45) (PDF)
TB916AUD-20121025 - Keystone Jack TB916AUD-20121025 : Keystone Jack (PDF)
Installation040114 FC15 - Fiber Converter Series Installation040114 FC15 : Fiber Converter Series (PDF)
Patch Panel Installation110901 ConnSTPPanel : Patch Panel (PDF)
950921-c 950921-c (PDF)
Modular Plug (RJ45) Installation20120202 TA336A-DS : Modular Plug (RJ45) (PDF)
TA90STP-20121108 - Keystone Jack TA90STP-20121108 : Keystone Jack (PDF)
Installation040521 FC46-1p - Fiber Converter Series Installation040521 FC46-1p : Fiber Converter Series (PDF)
MLP246XSX 2010-1223 - Patch Panel MLP246XSX 2010-1223 : Patch Panel (PDF)
2016-DM 2016-DM (PDF)
Catalog-20130718 Catalog-20130718 (PDF)
InstallationTA80U-20121213 - Keystone Jack InstallationTA80U-20121213 : Keystone Jack (PDF)
STPPlugTermi 2008-0926 - Modular Plug (RJ45) STPPlugTermi 2008-0926 : Modular Plug (RJ45) (PDF)
MLP246XUX 2010-0804 - Patch Panel MLP246XUX 2010-0804 : Patch Panel (PDF)
Installation040521 FC56-2p - Fiber Converter Series Installation040521 FC56-2p : Fiber Converter Series (PDF)
2014-DM 2014-DM (PDF)
Catalog-2010 Catalog-2010 (PDF)
Installation20120920 TA80S - Keystone Jack Installation20120920 TA80S : Keystone Jack (PDF)
UTPPlugTermi 2007-0205 - Modular Plug (RJ45) UTPPlugTermi 2007-0205 : Modular Plug (RJ45) (PDF)
Patch Panel Installation070518 C6UTPPanel-KroneIDC : Patch Panel (PDF)
2012-ClassEa 2012-ClassEa (PDF)
C6A-Computex-0605 C6A-Computex-0605 (PDF)
Installation080620 C6TA87U - Keystone Jack Installation080620 C6TA87U : Keystone Jack (PDF)
Installation070518 C6VP50 - Patch Panel Installation070518 C6VP50 : Patch Panel (PDF)
TA196BSS-20120613 TA196BSS-20120613 (PDF)
2008-1029 2008-1029 (PDF)
Installation20101202 TA876ASX - Keystone Jack Installation20101202 TA876ASX : Keystone Jack (PDF)
Balun-C 2012-04 Balun-C 2012-04 (PDF)
2007-0907 2007-0907 (PDF)
Stpkj - Keystone Jack Stpkj : Keystone Jack (PDF)
DM 2011-0321 DM 2011-0321 (PDF)
Installation040521 UTPKJ - Keystone Jack Installation040521 UTPKJ : Keystone Jack (PDF)
C6A-Computex-0605 C6A-Computex-0605 (PDF)
TA19 2010-0201 TA19 2010-0201 (PDF)
TA896AUC 2010-0211 TA896AUC 2010-0211 (PDF)
TA906ADX 2011-03 TA906ADX 2011-03 (PDF)
TA0968U 2010-0211 TA0968U 2010-0211 (PDF)
TA33 TA33 (PDF)
TA80 TA80 (PDF)
TA87 TA87 (PDF)
CP486x-TA19DS CP486x-TA19DS (PDF)
BL3295 BL3295 (PDF)
BL3285 BL3285 (PDF)
PH1621 PH1621 (PDF)
Cs112676-TA8762Sx - Special Deals Not To Be Missed! Valid Till September 28th, 2012.... Cs112676-TA8762Sx : Special Deals not to be missed! Valid till September 28th, 2012.... (PDF)

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