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TEKCON Electronics

Since TEKCON was established on December 1st, 1984, we have continuously adhered to the management philosophy "Create value and pursue total satisfaction for all customers."Our products are mainly focused on diversified connectors for more than 3 decades, serving the applications spanning all of IoT market segments, for requirements of all wired connection devices. - wired connection devices

USB Type-C Plug for USB 2.0/Power Cord USB Type-C Cable Paddle Card, USB Type-C Test Conn. with PC Board, USB Type-C, USB 3.1, USB 3.0, D-SUB, DVI Connector, Modular Jack, HDMI, PIN Header, Box Header, Female Socket, FPC Connector, Wafer Connector, Cable Assembly, Wireless Module, Motorola Mesh Software, & more.

16. 5423-042-HG9FRA 16. 5423-042-HG9FRA (PDF)
OHSAS18001(2007) - About Tekcon OHSAS18001(2007) : About Tekcon (PDF)
1.5423-XX2-HA8A1X 1.5423-XX2-HA8A1X (PDF)
5411-12-010-A2 - Special Offer 5411-12-010-A2 : Special Offer (PDF)
7. 5423-X11-HFX-H2 7. 5423-X11-HFX-H2 (PDF)
17. 5423-042-HG9FRB 17. 5423-042-HG9FRB (PDF)
540501501101-1 - Special Offer 540501501101-1 : Special Offer (PDF)
2.5423-XX2-HA8B1X 2.5423-XX2-HA8B1X (PDF)
8. 5423-X1A-HFX-H2 8. 5423-X1A-HFX-H2 (PDF)
5427-30F-211T11 5427-30F-211T11 (PDF)
1210P 1210P (PDF)
18. 5423-022-HG9FR1 18. 5423-022-HG9FR1 (PDF)
12.5423-XX2-HB8D1X 12.5423-XX2-HB8D1X (PDF)
5405311021H1-1 - Special Offer 5405311021H1-1 : Special Offer (PDF)
10. 5423-XX2-HA8AR2 10. 5423-XX2-HA8AR2 (PDF)
9. 5423-X1B-HFX-H2 9. 5423-X1B-HFX-H2 (PDF)
1210S 1210S (PDF)
19. 5423-022-HG9FR6 19. 5423-022-HG9FR6 (PDF)
15. 5423-XX2-HA8C2X 15. 5423-XX2-HA8C2X (PDF)
5405S09032H1-1 - Special Offer 5405S09032H1-1 : Special Offer (PDF)
11. 5423-XX2-HA8B2X 11. 5423-XX2-HA8B2X (PDF)
1211P 1211P (PDF)
20 5412-X00-01XFA1 20 5412-X00-01XFA1 (PDF)
20 5412-X00-01XFA1 20 5412-X00-01XFA1 (PDF)
540601103101-1 - Special Offer 540601103101-1 : Special Offer (PDF)
13. 5423-342-HA8ER2 13. 5423-342-HA8ER2 (PDF)
1211S 1211S (PDF)
B 5427-X06-014-H1 B 5427-X06-014-H1 (PDF)
21. 5423-022-HG9FR2 21. 5423-022-HG9FR2 (PDF)
16. 5423-042-HG9FRA 16. 5423-042-HG9FRA (PDF)
5418313A2201-1 - Special Offer 5418313A2201-1 : Special Offer (PDF)
14. 5423-342-HA8E21 14. 5423-342-HA8E21 (PDF)
5435-X01-0X1-XX 5435-X01-0X1-XX (PDF)
1212P 1212P (PDF)
5427-X02-0XX-H1 5427-X02-0XX-H1 (PDF)
17. 5423-042-HG9FRB 17. 5423-042-HG9FRB (PDF)
1. 11361R-C - Special Offer 1. 11361R-C : Special Offer (PDF)
E 5418-X13-K12-01 E 5418-X13-K12-01 (PDF)
1212S 1212S (PDF)
A 5405-X01-0X1-XX A 5405-X01-0X1-XX (PDF)
2.1210XXXXXSXE(F)X-A - Special Offer 2.1210XXXXXSXE(F)X-A : Special Offer (PDF)
13. 5423-342-HA8ER2 13. 5423-342-HA8ER2 (PDF)
15. 5423-XX2-HA8C2X 15. 5423-XX2-HA8C2X (PDF)
1215S 1215S (PDF)
B1 5405-X11-0X1-XX B1 5405-X11-0X1-XX (PDF)
1 5427-X01-012-H1 1 5427-X01-012-H1 (PDF)
3. 1210XXXXXSXE(F)X-A - Special Offer 3. 1210XXXXXSXE(F)X-A : Special Offer (PDF)
1.5423-XX2-HA8A1X 1.5423-XX2-HA8A1X (PDF)
1216S 1216S (PDF)
7. 5423-X11-HFX-H2 7. 5423-X11-HFX-H2 (PDF)
1814001 1814001 (PDF)
1.1241-X4X-X0X-XX 1.1241-X4X-X0X-XX (PDF)
A 5427-X0F-XX2-H1 A 5427-X0F-XX2-H1 (PDF)
1216-004-15S-AAF - Special Offer 1216-004-15S-AAF : Special Offer (PDF)
10. 5423-XX2-HA8AR2 10. 5423-XX2-HA8AR2 (PDF)
1280P 1280P (PDF)
5405-X01-011-XX 5405-X01-011-XX (PDF)
8. 5423-X1A-HFX-H2 8. 5423-X1A-HFX-H2 (PDF)
1815188 1815188 (PDF)
2.1241-X4X-X5X-XX 2.1241-X4X-X5X-XX (PDF)
C 5427-X0F-XX2-H1 C 5427-X0F-XX2-H1 (PDF)
1216XXX15SXXX-M - Special Offer 1216XXX15SXXX-M : Special Offer (PDF)
21. 5423-022-HG9FR2 21. 5423-022-HG9FR2 (PDF)
1280S 1280S (PDF)
B2 5405-X11-2X1-XX B2 5405-X11-2X1-XX (PDF)
9. 5423-X1B-HFX-H2 9. 5423-X1B-HFX-H2 (PDF)
18161011 18161011 (PDF)
3.1241-X4X-XBX-XX 3.1241-X4X-XBX-XX (PDF)
2 5427-X0A-XX2-H1 2 5427-X0A-XX2-H1 (PDF)
1216XXD15SXXX-E - Special Offer 1216XXD15SXXX-E : Special Offer (PDF)
18. 5423-022-HG9FR1 18. 5423-022-HG9FR1 (PDF)
B3 5405-X11-4X1-XX B3 5405-X11-4X1-XX (PDF)
1285S 1285S (PDF)
18191011 18191011 (PDF)
3 5427-X0B-0XX-H1 3 5427-X0B-0XX-H1 (PDF)
4.1241-X4X-XFX-XX 4.1241-X4X-XFX-XX (PDF)
4.1216XXX15SXXX-N - Special Offer 4.1216XXX15SXXX-N : Special Offer (PDF)
19. 5423-022-HG9FR6 19. 5423-022-HG9FR6 (PDF)
1221P 1221P (PDF)
D1 5405-XD1-2XX-XX D1 5405-XD1-2XX-XX (PDF)
18161018 18161018 (PDF)
5.1241-X4X-XCX-XX 5.1241-X4X-XCX-XX (PDF)
1221-004-09P-LAU - Special Offer 1221-004-09P-LAU : Special Offer (PDF)
4 5427-X0C-XX2-H1 4 5427-X0C-XX2-H1 (PDF)
14. 5423-342-HA8E21 14. 5423-342-HA8E21 (PDF)
1221S 1221S (PDF)
D2 5405-X21-312-XX D2 5405-X21-312-XX (PDF)
18191018 18191018 (PDF)
5300-XX9-01X-XX 5300-XX9-01X-XX (PDF)
5&6. 1226XXX15SXXX-P - Special Offer 5&6. 1226XXX15SXXX-P : Special Offer (PDF)
6.1241-X4X-XGX-XX 6.1241-X4X-XGX-XX (PDF)
5 5423-X11-H1X-H2 5 5423-X11-H1X-H2 (PDF)
2.5423-XX2-HA8-B1X 2.5423-XX2-HA8-B1X (PDF)
12.A1 5405-X09-011-XX 12.A1 5405-X09-011-XX (PDF)
1226S 1226S (PDF)
1229-01H-15F-ZAD - Special Offer 1229-01H-15F-ZAD : Special Offer (PDF)
5300-XX9-041-XX 5300-XX9-041-XX (PDF)
7.1244-X4X-X0X-XX 7.1244-X4X-X0X-XX (PDF)
6 5423-X11-H2X-H2 6 5423-X11-H2X-H2 (PDF)
11. 5423-XX2-HA8B2X 11. 5423-XX2-HA8B2X (PDF)
14.A2 5405-X09-0XX-XX 14.A2 5405-X09-0XX-XX (PDF)
122915S 122915S (PDF)
7. 5423-X11-HFX-H2 7. 5423-X11-HFX-H2 (PDF)
5300-XX9-051-XX 5300-XX9-051-XX (PDF)
8.1244-X4X-X5X-XX 8.1244-X4X-X5X-XX (PDF)
12290XX15SXXX-J - Special Offer 12290XX15SXXX-J : Special Offer (PDF)
13.B1 5405-XX9-032-XX 13.B1 5405-XX9-032-XX (PDF)
9.1244-X4X-XBX-XX 9.1244-X4X-XBX-XX (PDF)
5300-X19-151-XX 5300-X19-151-XX (PDF)
1241X4XX053NX-F - Special Offer 1241X4XX053NX-F : Special Offer (PDF)
1135r 1135r (PDF)
8. 5423-X1A-HFX-H2 8. 5423-X1A-HFX-H2 (PDF)
15.B2 5405-XX9-132-XX 15.B2 5405-XX9-132-XX (PDF)
10.1244-X4X-XFX-XX 10.1244-X4X-XFX-XX (PDF)
5300-XX9-03X-XX 5300-XX9-03X-XX (PDF)
9. 5423-X1B-HFX-H2 9. 5423-X1B-HFX-H2 (PDF)
1135s 1135s (PDF)
7. 1241X4XXF43NX-B - Special Offer 7. 1241X4XXF43NX-B : Special Offer (PDF)
1131s 1131s (PDF)
1120r 1120r (PDF)
16.B3 5405-XX9-232-XX 16.B3 5405-XX9-232-XX (PDF)
5300-X19-081-XX 5300-X19-081-XX (PDF)
8. 1241-X8X-0F4-3P - Special Offer 8. 1241-X8X-0F4-3P : Special Offer (PDF)
7 5423-X11-H3X-H2 7 5423-X11-H3X-H2 (PDF)
1136r 1136r (PDF)
1131r 1131r (PDF)
1120s 1120s (PDF)
17.B4 5405-XX9-222-XX 17.B4 5405-XX9-222-XX (PDF)
5300-X19-122-71 5300-X19-122-71 (PDF)
1241-440-104-3B - Special Offer 1241-440-104-3B : Special Offer (PDF)
1136s 1136s (PDF)
1123s 1123s (PDF)
20.A 5405-X07-011-XX 20.A 5405-X07-011-XX (PDF)
5300-X19-261-71 5300-X19-261-71 (PDF)
9. 1241X4XX54(XE4)3B-L - Special Offer 9. 1241X4XX54(XE4)3B-L : Special Offer (PDF)
1136-0207r 1136-0207r (PDF)
1140r 1140r (PDF)
1800R 1800R (PDF)
23.B1 5405-X20-222-XX 23.B1 5405-X20-222-XX (PDF)
1137r 1137r (PDF)
5300XX94CXXX-B - Special Offer 5300XX94CXXX-B : Special Offer (PDF)
5300-XX9-13X-8X 5300-XX9-13X-8X (PDF)
1140s 1140s (PDF)
1800S 1800S (PDF)
24.B2 5405-X20-312-XX 24.B2 5405-X20-312-XX (PDF)
10. 5300XX93CXXX-L - Special Offer 10. 5300XX93CXXX-L : Special Offer (PDF)
1137s 1137s (PDF)
1801 1801 (PDF)
22.B3 5405-X20-022-XX 22.B3 5405-X20-022-XX (PDF)
4841-501-100-H1 - Special Offer 4841-501-100-H1 : Special Offer (PDF)
1155s 1155s (PDF)
21.B4 5405-X20-012-XX 21.B4 5405-X20-012-XX (PDF)
4841-401-300-51 - Special Offer 4841-401-300-51 : Special Offer (PDF)
1156r 1156r (PDF)
A1 5405-X06-012-01 A1 5405-X06-012-01 (PDF)
1156s 1156s (PDF)
A2 5405-X05-1X1-01 A2 5405-X05-1X1-01 (PDF)
2156r 2156r (PDF)
B 5405-X15-1X1-XX B 5405-X15-1X1-XX (PDF)
C 5405-XD5-4X1-XX C 5405-XD5-4X1-XX (PDF)
A 5405-X08-011-XX A 5405-X08-011-XX (PDF)
B 5405-XB8-0X1-XX B 5405-XB8-0X1-XX (PDF)
D 5405-XD8-1X1-XX D 5405-XD8-1X1-XX (PDF)
A1 5406-X01-011-XX A1 5406-X01-011-XX (PDF)
B 5406-X01-031-XX B 5406-X01-031-XX (PDF)
C1 5406-X11-0X1-XX C1 5406-X11-0X1-XX (PDF)
C2 5406-X11-1X1-XX C2 5406-X11-1X1-XX (PDF)
D 5406-X04-011-11 D 5406-X04-011-11 (PDF)
A 5407-X01-011-XX A 5407-X01-011-XX (PDF)
A 5412-XB0-011-01 A 5412-XB0-011-01 (PDF)
A1 5412-XB0-031-01 A1 5412-XB0-031-01 (PDF)
B 5412-XB0-021-01 B 5412-XB0-021-01 (PDF)
C 5412-XB1-011-01 C 5412-XB1-011-01 (PDF)
A 5415-X01-0X1-XX A 5415-X01-0X1-XX (PDF)
B 5415-X11-0X1-XX B 5415-X11-0X1-XX (PDF)
B1 5415-X11-1X1-XX B1 5415-X11-1X1-XX (PDF)
C1 5415-X10-0X1-XX C1 5415-X10-0X1-XX (PDF)
A 5430-X60-30X-03 A 5430-X60-30X-03 (PDF)
A 5405-X11-511-H5(PD) A 5405-X11-511-H5(PD) (PDF)
B 5415-X11-071-X5 B 5415-X11-071-X5 (PDF)
A 5418-X01-A16-XX A 5418-X01-A16-XX (PDF)
B 5418-X01-A36-01 B 5418-X01-A36-01 (PDF)
C 5418-X13-A22-01 C 5418-X13-A22-01 (PDF)
D 5418-X13-A42-01 D 5418-X13-A42-01 (PDF)
E 5418-X13-K12-01 E 5418-X13-K12-01 (PDF)
A 5420-X14-A12-01 A 5420-X14-A12-01 (PDF)
B 5420-X13-K12-XX B 5420-X13-K12-XX (PDF)
A 5422-C13-KC7-01 A 5422-C13-KC7-01 (PDF)
1139 1139 (PDF)
2500 2500 (PDF)
1159 - 1139 1159 : 1139 (PDF)
2591 2591 (PDF)
4850 - PCMCIA 4850 : PCMCIA (PDF)
3592 - DIMM Socket 3592 : DIMM Socket (PDF)
3701PCI 3701PCI : PCI (PDF)
1500 - IC Socket 1500 : IC Socket (PDF)
3580 - SIMM Socket 3580 : SIMM Socket (PDF)
1701 - ISA 1701 : ISA (PDF)
3701AMR - PCI 3701AMR : PCI (PDF)
1172 - Cd-rom Connector 1172 : Cd-rom Connector (PDF)
1510 - IC Socket 1510 : IC Socket (PDF)
3580C - SIMM Socket 3580C : SIMM Socket (PDF)
1173 - Cd-rom Connector 1173 : Cd-rom Connector (PDF)
3580MD - SIMM Socket 3580MD : SIMM Socket (PDF)
1512 - IC Socket 1512 : IC Socket (PDF)
3580PD - SIMM Socket 3580PD : SIMM Socket (PDF)
3582 - SIMM Socket 3582 : SIMM Socket (PDF)

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