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Sur-Seal solves sealing problems. We are experts in sealing materials and applications, and provide design, manufacturing and supply chain management and integration services to leading OEMs around the world. - Sealing materials, applications

Electronics Solutions, HVAC Solutions, Lighting Solutions, Industrial Solutions, & more.

Sur-Seal Supplier Quality Manual (English) - Supplier Portal Sur-Seal-Supplier-Quality-Assurance-Manual : Sur-Seal Supplier Quality Manual (English) (PDF)
Sur-Seal Supplier Quality Manual (普通话) - Supplier Portal Sur-Seal-SQAM-Mandarin-Initial-Issuance-10-16-update : Sur-Seal Supplier Quality Manual (普通话) (PDF)
Supplier Contact Designation Form - Supplier Portal SSQA-043-Supplier-Contact-Designation-Form : Supplier Contact Designation Form (PDF)
Part Inspection Standard - Supplier Portal SSQA-044-Part-Inspection-Standard : Part Inspection Standard (PDF)
Part Submission Warrant - Supplier Portal SSQA-045-Part-Submission-Warrant : Part Submission Warrant (PDF)
SSQA-048-Process-Control-Plan - Process Control Plan - Supplier Portal SSQA-048-Process-Control-Plan : Process Control Plan (PDF)
SSQA-046-Process-Flow-Chart - Process Flow Chart - Supplier Portal SSQA-046-Process-Flow-Chart : Process Flow Chart (PDF)
SSQA-047-Process-FMEA - Process FEMA - Supplier Portal SSQA-047-Process-FMEA : Process FEMA (PDF)
Supplier Deviation Request - Supplier Portal SSQA-050-Supplier-Deviation-Request-Form : Supplier Deviation Request (PDF)
Supplier Notice Of Shipment Of Nonconforming Product - Supplier Portal SSQA-051-Supplier-Notice-of-Shipment-of-Nonconforming-Product : Supplier Notice of Shipment of Nonconforming Product (PDF)
Supplier Corrective Action Request - Supplier Portal SSQA-052-Supplier-Corrective-Action-Request : Supplier Corrective Action Request (PDF)
Sur-Seal Supplier Diversity Program - Supplier Portal Supplier-Diversity-Program Approved-JDA-130701 : Sur-Seal Supplier Diversity Program (PDF)
Conflict-mineral - Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Compliance Statement Conflict-mineral : Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Compliance Statement (PDF)
Sur-Seal-Spreadershield - Download Here - GrafTech EGraf Spreadershield Sur-Seal-Spreadershield : Download Here (PDF)
Sur-Seal-SurCool-SFRSeries - Download Here - Sur-Cool SFR Series Sur-Seal-SurCool-SFRSeries : Download Here (PDF)
Sur-Seal-SurCool-TSGap-Filler - Download Here - Sur-Cool Thermal Silicone Gap Filler Sur-Seal-SurCool-TSGap-Filler : Download Here (PDF)
Sur-Seal-HITHERM - Download Here - GrafTech EGraf HITHERM Sur-Seal-HITHERM : Download Here (PDF)
Sur-Seal-SurSil - Download Here - Sur-Sil Sur-Seal-SurSil : Download Here (PDF)
SurFlexDataSheet9F - Download Here - Sur-Flex SurFlexDataSheet9F : Download Here (PDF)
Sur-Seal-SurOptik - Download Here - Sur-Optik Optically Clear Silicone Sur-Seal-SurOptik : Download Here (PDF)

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