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SubRosaSoft specialized in privacy related and system utilities. SubRosaSoft's design philosophy revolves around easy-to-use yet extremely powerful software. Our software range includes security, file and device management, home security, forensics, and data and device recovery. Our users range from entry-level Mac users and hobbyists to system administrators, consultants, and forensics professionals. - Software company

OS X Software, Copying, Freeware, Law Enforcement, Parents, Recover lost files, & more.

CopyCatX - Frequently Asked Questions CopyCatX : Frequently Asked Questions (ZIP)
FileNameExtreme.dmg - Download SubRosaSoft FileName Extreme Here - Download SubRosaSoft FileName Extreme Here. FileNameExtreme.dmg : Download SubRosaSoft FileName Extreme here (ZIP)
DasBoot.dmg - Download The Free Software Here - Download DasBoot Free Here. DasBoot.dmg : Download the Free Software here (ZIP)
CacheDetective.dmg - Download SubRosaSoft Cache Detective Here - Download SubRosaSoft Cache Detective Here. CacheDetective.dmg : Download SubRosaSoft Cache Detective here (ZIP)
DasBoot103 - If You Are Using Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Please Download DasBoot 1.0.3 Here. DasBoot103 : If you are using Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, please download DasBoot 1.0.3 here. (ZIP)
CopyCatX - Download CopyCatX Here - Download SubRosaSoft CopyCatX Here. CopyCatX : Download CopyCatX here (ZIP)
TextCryptOSX - TextCrypt For Apple Mac OS X TextCryptOSX : TextCrypt for Apple Mac OS X (ZIP)
MacImager.dmg - Download MacImager Here - Download MacImager Disk Imaging Tool Here. MacImager.dmg : Download MacImager here (ZIP)
TextCryptWin - TextCrypt For Microsoft Windows TextCryptWin : TextCrypt for Microsoft Windows (ZIP)
FileSalvage - Download The SubRosaSoft FileSalvage Free Trial Here. - FileSalvage 9.1 Upgrade FileSalvage : FileSalvage 9.1 Upgrade (ZIP)
CopyCatX - CopyCatX 5.2 Upgrade CopyCatX : CopyCatX 5.2 Upgrade (ZIP)
FileCopier.dmg - Download File Copier Here - Download SubRosaSoft File Copier Here. FileCopier.dmg : Download File Copier here (ZIP)
WriteController.dmg - Download Write Controller Here - Download SubRosaSoft Write Controller Here. WriteController.dmg : Download Write Controller here (ZIP)
MacEntry.dmg - Download MacEntry Here - Download SubRosaSoft MacEntry Here. MacEntry.dmg : Download MacEntry here (ZIP)
SpeedImager.dmg - Download SpeedImager Here - Download SubRosaSoft SpeedImager Here. SpeedImager.dmg : Download SpeedImager here (ZIP)
DDConverter.dmg - Download DDConverter Here - Download SubRosaSoft DDConverter Here. DDConverter.dmg : Download DDConverter here (ZIP)

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